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Scootering December 2017

The UK's biggest and best scootering magazine - with over 130 pages containing some of the best examples of customised and restored Lambretta and Vespa scooters in the world, new scooter reviews and test rides, events/ rallies/ show reports, and the massive 48-page pull-out Scooter Trader section - the best place to buy & sell scooters, spare parts and memorabilia! Each month Scootering also has a large Music section with reviews, band news, interviews and event exclusives. It also regularly raids the archives to bring you best scooter stories and pictures from yesteryear, from Maico to Heinkel, Lambretta to Triumph! With the best classified ads in the business, the very latest news (often before anyone else in the UK!), it's a must read for every scooterist of all ages

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welcome to the december edition of scootering

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. When I sat down to this year’s BSRA meeting at Brid, I knew there had been murmurings across the internet recently, in regard to the National Rallies and the need/want for them to ‘bring something new’ to the table. But, what I didn’t know, was that planning was already afoot for said shakeup and VFM head-honcho Steve Foster would put a question mark over Brid 2018. Once the phrase ‘TBC’ was announced at the custom show, it wasn’t long before the conspiracy theories and rumour mills were in full churn as to why this was happening. I watched as the droves of scooterists vented online, swapped theories, and ranted: “But what about my deposit for the B&B I re-booked!” I…

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scootering was brought to you with the help of…

Stu Smith Vespa & Lambretta owner, scooter obsessive, amateur home mechanic, rally goer, Mod sympathiser, music lover and general all round good egg. He writes your rally reports, be nice to him. Nik Skeat Vespa P-range obsessive, well-travelled rally rider since the 80s, and founder of the once notorious Scooterboy World online forum. He’s also a brilliant beer-brewing bearded Scootering feature writer. Jordan Lewis Hard-riding, rally going scooterist representing the Young Guns SC. He might be young in years, but this lad has already covered more miles than most and represents his club at the BSRA meetings. Stuart Owen Life member of the LCGB, 100mph LambrettaClub owner and scooter restoration expert to boot. Scooter rider, rally-goer, racer, restorer and author. Reaches the parts other scooter journalists just can’t reach. Darrell Taylor Two-stroke tuning guru, scooter engine building maestro, technical…

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Scooter World 2018 will not only span four halls at Newark Showground on January 6-7, but will also encompass an outside area developed from the previously popular, ‘Blast From The Past’ bike start-up. So this year will see the introduction of a ‘Sprint Demo’ area (weather permitting), run in conjunction with 100mphscooter and the Robin Hood sprint organisation (limited entry; no bookings on the day). Here spectators can see a variety of bikes in action, as well as listening to Team S Equipe’s John and Norman Ronald commentating on the event and interviewing participants in the new dedicated ‘Sports Pit Hall’. Scooter World is part of the Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic event, run by Scootering’s publisher Mortons Media. There will also be a designated Retro Hall which will,…

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product spotlight

SCREAMER XA7 ALARM DISC LOCK Scooter theft has reached epidemic proportions, so it’s time to fight back! Oxford’s new Scoot XA7 disc lock is not just tough, it’s loud too. If it comes under attack, it will blast out an ear-splitting and disorientating 110dB alarm. It has a USB-rechargeable CR2 battery, a handy lock button and motion and shock sensors. Key features: Loud 110dB alarm siren Three keys included USB rechargeable Press once to lock Hardened 7mm locking pin For more info: www.oxfordproducts.com CRAZY MONKEY – THE SLOTH THROTTLE ROLLER FOR VESPA In addition to the already available and well known quick action throttle rollers of various manufacturers, Crazy Monkey evelopment has reinvented the principles of fastening the hrottle cable by removing any moveable parts like trunnions. he Sloth, as the device is known, combines…

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clothing spotlight

NEW STYLES ADDED TO SCOOTERING CLOTHING RANGE Our new range of Scootering clothing has received a very warm reception we are pleased to say, to the extent that we have added a whole bunch of new garments, styles, designs and colours to the range. The already popular range of hoodies, sweatshirts, polos and T-shirts is still going strong, and are still available to order as long as demand remains high. The new styles are just an extension of what’s already available, and they look good too! If you haven’t checked out the new Scootering clothing range, go online now to: www.scootering.com and click the ‘clothing’ link to see the of garments, styles, colours and designs. Oh, and it’s not just for the blokes, there is a full range of ladies’ and kids’ styles…

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chequebook scootering

During the 1980s scooter scene there was a surge in the number of custom scooters being built. It didn’t matter whether it was a Vespa or a Lambretta, the competition was so intense. The more owners wanted to outdo each other the more money was spent. The rivalry was fierce but it was natural and healthy in developing the custom side of the scooter scene. This was the decade where we first started to see commission scooters built to order. It was also the first time that chequebook scootering was mentioned. What did it mean though and why was the phrase bandied around? At a time when you could buy a good second hand scooter for a few hundred pounds to see some of the high-end custom scooters costing several thousand…