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Selectus Wines July-September 2017

Special places of unique beauty. Gorgeous, well-designed objects that strike the eye. Lands and seas that offer us their good, honest produce. There are those who know how to find these places, appreciate these objects, and enjoy this bounty of the land and sea. Selectus Wines is aimed at these people and the establishments they frequent. Uniqueness, beauty, distinction, finesse and well-being can also be expressed through wine and the vineyards they hail from. We seek out, select and describe these wines for the enjoyment of these discerning consumers. Lugares con belleza singular, que son especiales. Objetos que destacan por su capacidad de atracción y por su diseño, que son llamativos. Tierras y campos, mares y océanos que ofrecen sus más sinceros y honestos productos. Personas que saben encontrar esos lugares, que saben llevar esos objetos, que saben apreciar esas vituallas. Para todos ellos y para los lugares en los que se sienten cómodos, se escribe Selectuswines. La singularidad, la belleza, la distinción, la finura, el bienestar pueden, también, expresarse a través de los vinos y sus parajes. Los descubrimos, los seleccionamos, los bebemos y los describimos para que la gente con sensibilidad los pueda disfrutar.

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...we invite you, once again, to kick back, relax, and enjoy this latest issue of Selectus Wines. THE MANY FACETS OF THE WINE WORLD... The world of wine is broad, it is universal and it is social... and for this reason it can be approached through a number of different themes and angles. This is what we attempt to do in our humble publication – present views of the wine world through many different prisms. As our loyal readers know, Selectus Wines has a number of regular features, including “the winery”, articles from one or both of our contributing Masters of Wine (Pedro Ballesteros and/or Christy Canterbury), our tasting notes, written in their own inimitable style (and without scores), and the fascinating stories behind the venerable old wine companies, written by Paz Ivison,…

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kavalieros domaine sigalas 2009

Santorini, as well as being a tourist island with fabulous weather and paradisiacal landscapes, is also one of the most interesting areas in the world when it comes to wine... It has a landscape where time seems to stand still, like an emptied hourglass, after the last grain of sand has slipped to the bottom. It has a countryside of striking beauty, which includes the vines pruned according to the “Stefani” technique, their canes interwoven to create a kind of basket, inside which the grape clusters grow, sheltered from the hot winds. The land is comprised of very poor volcanic soils, in which each plant has to dig down deep in search of nutrients and where adversity is part of the DNA of each and every grape. But, as my good…

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el aroma del empordà marca

La uva es uno de los frutos que cuentan con un recubrimiento protector, de aspecto parecido a la cera, que se conoce como pruina y que en determinadas zonas vinícolas, juega un papel especial. Las viñas de Perelada, en pleno Empordà, están rodeadas de gran variedad de plantas mediterráneas: romero, tomillo, hinojo, ciprés y, por supuesto, pino. Plantas que en distintas épocas del año llenan el aire con sus deliciosos aromas. Aromas del Empordà que impregnarán la pruina de las uvas de sus viñas, aportando, de la forma más natural, una variada riqueza de matices que marcarán la personalidad única de los vinos que nazcan de ellas. Y es que, en los grandes vinos, el aroma del Empordà marca. Perelada La marca de los grandes vinos y cavas…

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laurent perrier continues its sports sponsorship

LAURENT PERRIER SIGUE CON SU APOYO AL MUNDO DEL DEPORTE As part of its ongoing sponsorships within the sports world, and for the tenth consecutive year, Laurent-Perrier, Champagne’s bicentenary champagne house, was one of the sponsors of the Mutua Madrid Open, which attracts some of the world’s top clay-court tennis players. Laurent-Perrier’s iconic champagnes - Laurent-Perrier Brut, Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut, Cuvee Rosé Laurent-Perrier, Laurent-Perrier Brut Millésimé 2006, and Grand Siècle by Laurent-Perrier - were served in the VIP areas, and were very much in the public eye, throughout the Open. Rafael Nadal, World number 4 (according to the ATP rankings), won the men’s tournament, beating Dominic Thiem in two sets. In the ladies' tournament, Romanian, Simona Halep, retained the title she won last year. Continuando con su apoyo al mundo del deporte, Laurent-Perrier, marca…

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ramón bilbao lays down roots in rueda

RAMÓN BILBAO ECHA RAÍCES EN LA D.O. RUEDA Ramón Bilbao descorchó su primer verdejo de Rueda en el año 2010. Los inicios fueron prometedores, galardones y críticas muy favorables para un verdejo joven y fresco con alma de Bodega casi centenaria de Rioja. Hoy, siete años después de aquellos primeros pasos en la DO Rueda, y con un bagaje importante y un mayor conocimiento de las variedades autóctonas, de sus suelos, del clima y de la cultura de sus gentes, Ramón Bilbao da el paso definitivo para empadronarse en Rueda: La inauguración de su nueva Bodega. A new winery to produce, age and carefully shape the wines destined for the Ramón Bilbao Rueda brand. A new winemaking horizon with new landscapes and a fabulous 60 hectares of owned vineyards. A “Château Winery”,…

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perelada comercial returns to the hospital de sant pau to present its wines and cavas

PERELADA COMERCIAL VUELVE AL HOSPITAL DE SANT PAU PARA PRESENTAR SUS VINOS Y CAVAS Perelada Comercial recently presented its portfolio of wines and cavas in Barcelona, as it does every other year, and this year the event again took place in the modernist complex of the Hospital de Sant Pau. On this occasion, the Group’s big news was Privat, its recently acquired line of organic cavas. These were presented at an event attended by nearly one thousand members of the wine trade, including restaurateurs, distributors and the specialized press. Perelada also unveiled another new product, a wine produced from Garnacha Negra, a native grape of the Empordà. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR AT THE HOME OF PERELADA IN GIRONA! Como viene haciendo de forma habitual, cada dos años, Perelada comercial presenta en Barcelona, y de nuevo…