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October 2019

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the ed zone

Naughty Joker. That’s how Batman’s arch-nemesis was known to everyone in my family. There was an audio cassette of me, aged around six, excitedly shouting this name while regaling my Nana with stories of the Clown Prince of Crime. I have absolutely no idea how I came to be into Batman. Perhaps there were repeats of the ‘60s TV show. I certainly recall a cartoon series, which was possibly reruns of The New Adventures Of Batman. No, you can’t cut me in half and count the rings. Wherever my love of Batman came from – the comics would certainly stay with me for the rest of my life – there was one constant. I was completely captivated by the Joker. Was it Cesar Romero’s faintly-moustached live-action interpretation? Or Filmation’s Lennie…

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red alert

SCI-FACT! Other fantasy franchises to be immortalised in the Barbie range include Star Trek Doctor Who, The X Files and The Addams Family. MAY THE FURS BE WITH YOU You’ve never seen Darth Vader look quite this fierce before… The Star Wars/Barbie collaboration pays a unique homage to Episode IV: A New Hope by putting a high-fashion filter on it and getting the iconic doll to serve some looks. So the Sith Lord is now in a panelled pencil skirt, while C-3PO has become a clutch bag for R2’s bomber jacket ensemble. Oh my goodness! From £149.99, amazon.co.uk THE WINTER (BODY) SOLDIER The latest Build A Figure set from Hasbro’s Marvel Avengers Legends range – that’s Wave Three, incidentally – comes with six different elements to make the Thor figure you never thought you’d own…

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field of screams

SCI-FACT! X-Men’s James Marsden was originally in talks to star as Ross but bowed out due to scheduling conflicts. HOLLYWOOD CAN’T SEEM TO ESCAPE Stephen King’s reign of terror. Ever since the 1976 film adaptation of his novel Carrie, studios and networks have mined the prolific writer’s body of work. This year alone, the Pet Semetary remake and It: Chapter Two haunted cinemas. Now, Splice director Vincenzo Natali is taking a crack at In The Tall Grass, a horror novella written by King and his son, Joe Hill. “This one in particular fits very comfortably in my wheelhouse,” says Natali on the Toronto set. “In fact, so comfortably I was a little bit uncertain as to whether I should do it. I thought I’d walked this twisted path before because I’ve made so…

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SCI-FACT! The Kings’ prior genre series, Brain Dead, saw Washington DC politicians and staffers taken over by parasitic alien bugs. THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL 1 In 2019, what is truly evil? Is it the imagined demon in your closet, or the internet troll that raids your bank account? For married writers/showrunners Robert and Michelle King, the nature of evil has been an ongoing 30-year conversation. “There were all these issues that you could see both sides of that you usually don’t see on TV, and one was religion,” Robert King tells Red Alert. Robert, a devout Catholic, and Michelle, an agnostic Jew, decided to transplant those debates into new series Evil. CHALK AND CHEESE 2 Evil stars Mike Colter (Luke Cage) as David Dacosta, a Catholic seminarian investigator, and Katja Herbers (Westworld) as…

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eternia eternal

SCI-FACT! 1990’s The New Adventures Of He-Man saw him travel into space to battle on the planet Primus. It lasted one season of 65 episodes. We shouldn’t be surprised by Netflix casually dropping relaunches of beloved shows, but they got us again when they announced a new He-Man series at Power-Con 2019. Masters Of The Universe: Revelation will be an animated continuation of the ’80s classic, picking up the journeys of the characters and focusing on unresolved storylines. Kevin Smith – yes, that one – will serve as showrunner and will be joined by writers Eric Carrasco (Supergirl), Tim Sheridan (Reign Of The Supermen), Diya Mishra (Magic: The Gathering) and Marc Bernardin (Alphas). Powerhouse Animation (Castlevania) will be bringing the scenes to life. Fans in need of a new He-Man fix don’t have long…