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SFX October 2020

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rants & raves

DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES Lovecraft Country had my heart in my throat – for both the fantasy and reality elements. Thoroughly enjoyed the Star Trek: Lower Decks premiere episode that was streamed free on YouTube. I hope someone in the UK picks the show up. RANTS For the first time in seven years I won’t be at the Halloween Horror Nights opening event. Yet people are still flying away on holidays… Stay safe, wear a mask (not a Halloween one). RIP My friend, NME and Guardian journalist Dan Martin passed away last month. Doctor Who events won’t be the same without him. IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES Loved the video of theremin player Carolina Eyck performing the Doctor Who theme: bit.ly/whotheremin. Pleased that the Usborne book reissues are continuing with The World Of The Unknown: UFOs (1 October). Similarly delighted that there’s…

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captain’s log

Things all feel a bit Sapphire & Steel right now. Just how long have I been stuck in this motorway café? It feels as long as the gap following that cliffhanger, back in 1990. Waiting from June until September to discover the fate of Captain Picard felt like a lifetime back then. Little did we know how time would be passing when we looked at celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “The Best Of Both Worlds”, a classic that I’ve revisited yet again during lockdown. Sci-fi with a sense of real danger and consequence has always been my favourite – in the days before the internet and spoilers, how was I to know that Picard would live to be plagued by the Borg for another three…

2 min
first contact

DOOM PATROL IS GREAT! Rob Graham, email Titans and Doom Patrol are up among the all-time great superhero shows and Swamp Thing deserved a lot better than cancellation after just a few episodes. The only real problem is I’m getting bored with all the gritty reboots. Not every superhero needs one. It’s one of the reasons why I enjoy The Flash so much. So light and fun it feels refreshing. The Boys – which isn’t DC or Marvel – is another show I rate up among the all-time great superhero shows. It is very adult and gritty as well, but it works as a brilliant satire and these were original characters originally meant to be adult and gritty. While I am thoroughly enjoying both Titans and Doom Patrol I honestly think…

4 min

LET’S BE HONEST: THE JURASSIC Park universe has never been kind to kids. From Tim and Lex in the very first film to Maisie Lockwood in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, not one of them has had an easy time with the cloned and genetically modified dinosaurs. If you know that, then you can anticipate exactly the kind of wild ride coming in DreamWorks’ new computer-animated series for Netflix, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. It’s the first television series set inside the canon of the film world. And while it’s geared towards kids and tweens, they better be the kind who can handle their scares. Why? Because Steven Spielberg says so. “When I came aboard, I was told that when DreamWorks pitched the idea to Steven, his only comment was basically, ‘Don’t do the…

5 min
crowded house

LAST YEAR AN UNASSUMING COMEDY series named Ghosts became a hit and surprised everybody – much to the delight of the show’s director, Tom Kingsley, who helmed its entire six-episode run and has just done the same for series two. “When we made the first series I thought it was good,” he tells Red Alert, “but then some of my coolest friends liked it, so I knew it was cool.” So cool, in fact, that not only was it given two more series by the BBC, it was also snapped up by CBS for an American remake. “They’ve found a really good spin on everything,” Kingsley reveals, along with a few tantalising across-the-pond changes that we’re not permitted to reveal (yet). Sadly, the filming of the US pilot was postponed by…

4 min
scare home

THERE’S A LOT MORE TO THE haunted house story of Relic than a smattering of sinister shadows, stifled sounds and an ever-growing sense of dread. Sure, there’s an ominous creak or two to be heard inside a crumbling country home – but first-time writer/director Natalie Erika James adds a multi-generational twist to the action, along with an insidious presence and a heartfelt theme of ageing and dementia. “This is a story about a family coping with someone who has dementia,” explains Emily Mortimer, who plays the lead role of Kay. “It’s about the ramifications, as well as the real-life horror, of dealing with an elderly relative who starts losing their grip on reality. “There’s no horror film that’s as scary as the horror of real life,” she adds. “Especially when it comes…