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SFX November 2020

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2 min
rants & raves

DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES Finally! New series of Star Trek and The Walking Dead, with The Mandalorian incoming. Some light in the darker months. Speaking of darker months, I’ve been stocking up on spooky graphic novels for autumn. RANTS No Halloween parties (of over six, at least) this year. Booooo! IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES Rewatching Battlestar Galactica. The “Oh god, not again” vibes of “33” felt very 2020. Finally got round to reading William Hjortsberg’s Falling Angel (filmed as Angel Heart), and loving its Chandler-esque turns of phrase. A sequel is out soon. Delighted to see electronic outfit The Sevateem are following up their Who rock opera with an alternate score for “Resurrection Of The Daleks”. (@TheSevateem on Twitter) JONATHAN COATES ART EDITOR RAVES Cannot wait for The Mandalorian season two! Dune looks incredible – the visuals are spectacular, think Denis Villeneuve is…

1 min
captain’s log

Greetings, mortals! Halloween is my favourite time of year, though some might argue that this whole year has been a bit of a horror. I’m still planning on getting in the mood – I’ve got my old issues of ’80s comic Scream! on standby, a pumpkin patch candle and there’s more scary shows coming our way than you can shake a witch’s broom at. So of course we thought we’d share that with you in a huge horror special, with loads of exclusives as only SFX can! We travelled the world – back when we could, of course – to bring you set reports from The Haunting Of Bly Manor and Truth Seekers, as well as interviews from The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Books Of Blood, Helstrom and so much more. Candyman…

2 min
first contact

HOLM TRUTHS Owen Carpenter, email I was sad to hear of the death of the veteran actor Ian Holm. He brought so much class to the many genre productions he featured in, everything from Robin And Marian to Alien to The Fifth Element to The Lord Of The Rings. I will miss him very much. I was even sadder when SFX failed to pay a proper tribute to him, or even notify their readers of his passing. You do realise that many of us are now over 50 and have fond recollections of when Ian played Bilbo Baggins on BBC radio in the ‘80s? SFX Sadly, as ever it’s a question of available space, Owen. Hopefully your words can stand as a tribute to this great actor, though. NOUGHT OUT OF TENET Paul Baker, email…

4 min
children of the damned

Daimon Hellstrom made his first appearance in issue one of Ghost Rider from 1973. THERE’S SOMETHING STRANGE, even downright unnatural, about Daimon and Ana Helstrom. Daimon is an ethics professor. Ana runs an auction house. Both possess otherworldly abilities that allow them to hunt down the worst of humanity. The estranged children of an enigmatic serial killer, the pair are at the heart of upcoming TV series Helstrom, inspired by the Marvel comic Son Of Satan. The source material originally depicted Daimon shirtless, showcasing a pentagram birthmark on his chest, and wearing a red cape and wielding a pitchfork. The wardrobe of his sister Ana (or Satana, as she’s referred to in the comics), meanwhile, consisted of a snug, revealing purple costume. Showrunner Paul Zbyszewski (formerly a writer on Lost and executive producer…

2 min

Comic book readers know Daimon as the son of Satan, but what’s your take on the character in the series? What’s cool about the show is it drops you in. It’s not an origin story. We don’t start at the beginning of his life. There are a lot of flashbacks, so we learn a lot of information. But the show really drops you in and gets running very quickly. When we first meet Daimon, he’s a guy who is lost. His mom has been incarcerated in this mental facility for almost 20 years. Daimon has spent the last 20 years trying to help her, trying to get her out. He’s completely lost touch with his sister. He’s very much a man who operates alone in many ways in life. The show…

4 min
doing things by the book

Of the 30 stories in the six volumes of Books Of Blood, eight had already been adapted for film or TV. BACK WHEN WRITER/filmmaker Brannon Braga (Star Trek, Threshold, The Orville) was in his early twenties, he read all six volumes of Clive Barker’s Books Of Blood, and his creative world was rocked. “Clive’s work was groundbreaking in its originality and its transgressive subject matter,” Braga tells Red Alert, recalling Barker’s impact on him. “This was not horror that had any traditional recognisable elements like vampires or werewolves or ghosts as we normally imagine them. Every story was just so original and had a huge impact on me.” A lifelong fan of the author going forward, Braga made a name for himself in the genre space, where he often thought about adapting Books…