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SFX December 2020

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first contact

DEAD ON ITS FEET Robert Graham, email Do we really need any more Walking Dead spin-offs? The original series is up among the all-time great horror shows and Fear The Walking Dead took it in an interesting new direction. Walking Dead: World Beyond seems like the same old, same old, and anything else will only appeal to Walking Dead fans (The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are even more ruthless with their main characters than Game Of Thrones, though). It might well be time for The Walking Dead to take a rest, at least as a TV franchise. SFX Anyone else agree with Robert? Are we thoroughly zombied-out, or is there life in the old reanimated corpse yet? Let us know. OH MR FRODO SIR! Edward O’Reilly, email Just a slight correction…

2 min
rants & raves

DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES The Haunting Of Bly Manor was perfectly splendid – much better than Hill House. The trailer for Daleks! looks brilliant. What an unexpected pleasure! Thank goodness Star Trek: Discovery is back. Those opening moments! Fantastic. RANTS People – particularly “fans” of franchises – repeatedly being negative online about shows and films. Why not just stick to something you enjoy instead? IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RANTS I really want the new Dawn Of The Dead box set – especially the library music CDs. Forthcoming Vampira book Glamour Ghoul looks interesting – written by the niece of the ’50s horror host, and drawing on her diaries. Looking forward to Shudder doc Leap Of Faith: William Friedkin On The Exorcist (due 19 November). RANTS Can’t begin to imagine why you’d watch 12 hours of stuff like Jude Law digging a hole… JONATHAN COATES…

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captain’s log

I’VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU… Last month we asked if Bond could defeat Covid-19. Turns out he can’t, and the fallout from that has had a knock-on effect with theatrical cinema releases. You know all this, of course, but it’s probably worth mentioning that – Bond aside – quite a few films that were destined for the big screen are now heading to streaming services near you. This means we often miss the opportunity to dig a little deeper into movies like The Craft: Legacy and The Witches, sadly. It also means that our deputy editor Ian is being kept on his toes with the reviews section. That said, there are still quite a few releases making their way to the cinemas that remain open, so it’s good to support them where…

4 min
talk of the toon

WHEN THE STEVEN SPIELBERG produced Animaniacs series vamoosed into the sunset in 1998, there were 99 episodes comprising 274 segments, featuring a host of beloved original characters including Slappy Squirrel, the Goodfeathers, Rita and Runt, Pinky and the Brain, and the show’s superstars: the Warner siblings Yakko, Wakko and Dot Twenty-two years later, the series is back with 13 new episodes under Spielberg’s guiding hand and almost all of the original voice cast reprising the Warners and Pinky and the Brain, in new adventures from showrunner Wellesley Wild (Family Guy) and co-producer Gabe Swarr (El Tigre), who is leading the design and animation. The show’s return is the kind of nostalgic resurrection the Warner siblings would have mocked back in the day. Happily, the animated trio meet the moment by mercilessly lampooning…

4 min
built on sand

EVER SINCE RALPH MACCHIO and Bill Sienkiewicz turned David Lynch’s 1984 film of Frank Herbert’s acclaimed novel into a Marvel mini-series, Dune has been absent from the comic book page. But with Denis Villeneuve’s new big-screen adaptation due next year, Frank’s son Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson have not only scripted a 12-issue mini-series of their 1999 prequel novel House Atreides for Boom! Studios, but have transformed Dune itself into a graphic novel for Abrams Books. “Comics and the Dune canon went in different directions for decades after the 1984 film,” says Herbert. “To me, it always felt like something was missing. I wanted to see how the stories in the Dune universe – especially my father’s great classic – would look in comic book form. Since Frank Herbert wrote…

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aerial assault

Kate Mulgrew reprising Voyager’s Captain Janeway in new CG show Star Trek: Prodigy. Samuel L Jackson toplines Nick Fury solo series for Disney+. HBO Max ordering 10 episodes of Greg Berlanti’s Green Lantern, with Seth Grahame-Smith as showrunner. Netflix developing kaijutastic anime series Godzilla: Singular Point. Paddy Considine to star as Viserys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones prequel House Of The Dragon. Ewan McGregor confirms Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi series aims to start filming in March. Netflix developing liveaction Conan The Barbarian series, by Crom! Marvel casting: newcomer Iman Vellani plays Kamala Khan in Ms Marvel. Amazon fasttracking a spinoff from The Boys. Supergirl to end after season six while Netflix aborts Mars mission drama Away and axes The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance after just one series. Bloody Skeksis!…