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2 min
first contact

COR BLIMEY, IF IT AIN’T A GHOST! Keith Tudor, email The Haunting Of Bly Manor has been a seasonal treat. The plot was engaging, it was atmospheric, and the characters were good. Unfortunately the attention to detail and English stereotyping wasn’t that great. Everyone isn’t obsessed with drinking tea in England, and we don’t usually say “math” as a shortened version of mathematics, opting for “maths” instead. Niggles aside, it was still a fun nine-episode series; just not as good as the previous Hill House series. SFX It could have been worse: a spectral Dick Van Dyke doing the Lambeth Walk while dressed as a Pearly King. Fancy another cup of ectoplasm, me ol’ china? A VOYAGE(R) OF DISCOVERY Rob Graham, email I can’t help feeling that Star Trek: Discovery should have been set…

2 min
rants & raves

DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES Daleks! gave me chills – what an absolute treat for a dark winter evening. Freaky is great. Hopefully it’ll still get a UK theatrical release (though I realise I’ve tempted fate now). RANTS I enjoyed the remake of The Witches, but I just don’t really know why it was needed. The original is perfection. IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES Current reading: The Trials Of Koli, book two of Mike Carey’s latest series, and Canongate’s new translation of Yegveny Zamyatin’s We. ’60s strip The Daleks looks immaculate in Panini’s new reprint. David Cronenberg’s in Star Trek: Discovery! Here’s hoping it gives him a taste for making more genre movies again… Sorry To Bother You is now on Netflix. Watch it! One of my favourite films of 2018. JONATHAN COATES ART EDITOR RAVES Started reading the Tiffany Aching series to the family…

1 min
captain’s log

At the time of writing, in an ever-shifting sea of changes, there’s been some (potentially!) good news and very positive hope for things to come in the world as we lumber towards 2021. I don’t know about you, but I’d almost forgotten what good news and something to look forward to felt like. The irony being that, after almost a year of being mainly stuck indoors, the hope is that I’ll be able to lose myself in the dark of the cinema many times in the coming months. But I’m getting ahead of myself – you see what a little optimism leads to? If only I had a time machine. Yes, of course I’m setting that up for our lead feature – finally back on screens and on the cover of…

1 min
on screen

Gremlins: Secret Of The Mogwai The animated HBO prequel series, set in 1920s Shanghai, tells the story of how 10-year-old Sam Wing meets Gizmo. Yes, if you peer closely enough you can see the Mogwai, along with his iconic box. Joe Dante, director of the original movies, is a consultant on the 10-episode project, likely to arrive in 2021. Expect gremlins and hidden treasure! Uncharted Filming has been completed on the long-delayed Tom Holland movie, based on the long-running series of videogames, giving us this first look at Nathan Drake. No rest for young Mr Holland though, as he’s already busy at work on his third Spider-Man movie. Batwoman The “first black, bisexual Batwoman” – or, as we call her, Batwoman – will hit screens in early 2021 as Javicia Leslie steps into the title…

4 min
sean connery 1930-2020

“I’M LOOKING FOR COMMANDER Bond and not an overgrown stuntman,” despaired arch snob Ian Fleming, confronted by the prospect of Sean Connery starring in Dr. No. Bond’s creator quickly came to endorse the choice but you can understand why he bristled: here was an ex-bodybuilder and West End chorus boy, a barely known, raw-edged brute of an actor bred in Scotland’s tough tenements. He had once mixed cement and polished coffins. Was this really the man to embody an old Etonian’s fantasies of upmarket escapism on the big screen? In fact Connery has as much claim to creating James Bond as Fleming himself. He created the movie Bond, who’s a very different beast to the book Bond. And he did this by bringing a sense of self-awareness, a sense of irony.…

4 min
american life

YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO FORMER GOTHAM and now Pennyworth series creator Bruno Heller – he knows how to squeeze unexpected gold from the Batman mythology. Both series were created as alternate paths into the legendary lore of Bruce Wayne, and with Pennyworth, he even crafts an alternate history for London to posit a unique origin story for Batman’s future valet. Season two of Pennyworth fast-forwards one year after the explosive events of the first season finale, in which Alfie’s (Jack Bannon) father (Ian Puleston-Davies) died in a suicide bombing, attempting to murder the Queen (Jessica Ellerby) on behalf of the fascist Raven Society. It leaves the former SAS soldier wrestling with the treasonous legacy of his parents, their semi-sullied family name and a resurgent Raven Society. Having learned much from…