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EXTRAS RELEASED OUT NOW! 2020 | 18 | Blu-ray Director Jens Dahl Cast Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Anders Heinrichsen, Signe Egholm Olsen Can a film with feminist intentions end up appealing to misogynists? It’s a question which may run through your head while watching this depressing Danish horror. Though the work of a female screenwriter whose aim was “to expose the unjust structures that women of low status are subjected to”, it’s often barely distinguishable from so-called torture porn. In large part a catalogue of degradation, Breeder sees a group of caged women – in various stages of pregnancy – being beaten, branded and urinated on as part of a needlessly sadistic scheme to harvest material for a rejuvenation treatment marketed to rich, powerful men. Set mostly in a derelict factory, it is (barring occasional gialloesque washes…

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EXTRAS RELEASED OUT NOW! 2020 | 15 | DVD/download/VOD An alien parasite hitches a ride on a ship carrying the last humans to a new world, and meanwhile does its best to remind you that in space, no one can hear you yawn. As Bruce Willis phones in his decades-old action-guy schtick – recycling one-liners from better movies – Anti-Life feels like a sci-fi horror spoof with the jokes removed. By the time the laughable final monster slithers into view, you’re urging it to put the survivors out of your misery. Extras None.…

8 min
now sisu that walk

DISNEY HAS DABBLED WITH DARK before – Return To Oz, anyone? – but Raya And The Last Dragon might be the first time that Walt Disney Animation Studios has killed off most of the population and travelled to a post-apocalyptic future to tell a story. Set in the fictional world of Kumandra – with five interjoining lands shaped like a dragon – humans and dragons lived in harmony until an ancient evil threatened all life and the dragons sacrificed themselves to defeat it and save humanity. It’s 500 years later when the evil returns to take down the fractured survivors, and Raya (Kelly Marie Tran), Guardian of the Dragon Gem, blames herself for the cataclysmic events. She sets off on a quest to find the last dragon and restore peace… For the…

4 min
romana’s road

SCI-FACT! Next up for Beyond The Doctor (in August): Bessie Come Home. Stephanie Cole voices the life story of the Doctor’s roadster! →DOCTOR WHO WRITERS OF DAYS gone by making a belated return has become a bit of a thing lately. Rona Munro followed up 1989 episode “Survival” with 2017’s “The Eaters Of Light”. ’80s script editor Eric Saward recently penned a spin-off comic. But Stephen Gallagher has surely set a new record: The Kairos Ring is his first wholly original contribution to the Whoniverse since 1983’s “Terminus”. An audiobook narrated by Steven Pacey (Blake’s 7’s Del Tarrant), it kicks off Beyond The Doctor, a new BBC Audio series recounting the further adventures of some of the Doctor’s companions. We’ll find out what Ian, Barbara, Ben and Polly did next in 2022. This…

3 min

RELEASED 2 MARCH 272 pages | Paperback/ebook/audiobook Author Stephen King Publisher Titan Books On a number of occasions in Later, the book’s first-person narrator, Jamie Conklin, assures us “This is a horror story.” This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that the author is Stephen King. On the other hand, this is King’s third book for Hard Case Crime, an imprint primarily devoted to noirish crime mysteries, and his previous two contributions have either only hinted at the supernatural (2005’s The Colorado Kid) or kept it low-key (2013’s Joyland). Later, though, feels much more like familiar King territory: it features a young boy with a supernatural gift, various ghosts, many bloody deaths and a paranormal killer, not to mention the return of a spooky threat from a couple of previous books. The main way Later…

2 min
demons/demons 2

EXTRAS RELEASED OUT NOW! 1985/1986 | 18 | Blu-ray Director Lamberto Bava Cast Urbano Barberini, Natasha Hovey, David Knight, Nancy Brilli Don’t you love a movie within a movie? Lamberto Bava’s outrageously OTT ’80s horror Demons – produced and cowritten by Dario Argento – has one of the outstanding examples. As people attend a free preview of a horror flick, a demonic infection breaks out in the cinema. It’s a winning conceit, cleverly handled: in one genius moment, threat erupts into this sphere of safety as an infected woman tears through the screen. After this, Demons devolves into rote zombie siege tropes, climaxing in pure insanity as a hero zooms about on a motorbike decapitating demons with a katana. The opening half hour is the most effective, and the blasts of heavy metal are annoying,…