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last monster standing

GENRE AFICIONADOS LOVE TO DEBATE. What science fiction franchise rules the galaxy? Which comic book company spawned the best characters? What iconic horror villain slays the other slashers? And when Godzilla vs. Kong roars into cinemas and living rooms globally this month, audiences will once again be forced to choose a side. Simply put, the movie hinges on the ultimate showdown between the two legendary monsters, and fans have their favourites. Director Adam Wingard (Death Note, Blair Witch) says that even before he became attached to the project, he entertained an idea of which creature would emerge victorious… and then needed to re-evaluate those expectations. “This actually goes back to an argument I had with my best friend in second grade, on the playground,” Wingard tells SFX over the phone. “A group…

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the galaxy’s greatest audiobooks

SCI-FACT! All 300 characters in the graphic novels have been voiced, using over 40 narrators. DESCRIBED BY REBELLION’S Head of TV, Film and Publishing Ben Smith as “not adaptions, but very much the audiobook of the graphic novel itself,” Penguin Random House’s new series of 2000 AD audiobooks are as faithful as possible to the originals. The producers used the comic strips as a blueprint, trying to convey the art as much as the story. “Our intention was to create an audio edition that’s as faithful as it can be to the printed version, so we’ve essentially recorded the comics word-for-word unless it was absolutely necessary to make small changes to ensure the listener understands what’s happening,” says Penguin Random House Audio publisher Richard Lennon. “Once we had a script, we created…

1 min
aerial assault

SCI-FI TV ROUND UP → Altogether ooky! Tim Burton directing and producing live-action Wednesday Addams series for Netflix. → HBO Max developing young John Constantine show. → Lovecraft Country’s Jonathan Majors in the frame for Gordon Hemingway And The Realm Of Cthulhu at Netflix. → The Terminator to be reborn as an anime series, showrun by The Batman writer Mattson Tomlin. → Theo James and Rose Leslie star in Steven Moffat’s adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife. → Amazon developing GI Joe spin-off on Lady Jaye. → Halle Berry starring in SF adventure The Mothership for Netflix. → The Powerpuff Girls gets a liveaction sequel at The CW, which is also rebooting The 4400. → Animated action-comedy Transformers heading to Nickelodeon. → Chiwetel Ejiofor inheriting the Bowie role in The Man Who Fell To Earth for Paramount+. → Ron Moore creating…

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▶ RELEASED OUT NOW! Publisher Marvel Comics Writer Al Ewing ▶ Artists Valerio Schiti, Bernard Chang, Ray-Anthony Height, Nico Leon ISSUES 1-3 Anyone who comes to this book after SWORD’s appearance in WandaVision will feel a bit lost, for rather than simply tackling extraterrestrial threats, the space-based agency is now allied with the X-Men’s sovereign state of Krakoa. Neatly summing up its place in the Marvel Universe, SWORD Commander Abigail Brand gives a rousing speech about how she is a “spacer” who thinks in terms of solar systems, and so represents all of Sol and not just the burgeoning mutant space programme. Unfortunately, as with many of the other X-books, SWORD is overburdened with multiple characters and convoluted continuity. It doesn’t help that Al Ewing’s dense plot is not only connected to last year’s interstellar crossover…

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▶ RELEASED 1 APRIL 416 pages | Hardback/ebook/audiobook ▶ Author Lucy Holland ▶ Publisher Macmillan Despite being based on various established sources – Arthurian myth, the writings of the monk Gildas, and the folk ballad “The Twa Sisters” among them – Sistersong feels seamless and strangely believable most of the time. This is because Gildas’s writings form the foundation; Lucy Holland’s post-Roman Britain is beautifully drawn, and her kingdom of Dumnonia in line with what archaeology suggests the West Country was like at that time. Arthurian myth is woven delicately through that, so there is a Merlin figure, an analogue of Arthur, even a Gwen, but it’s done in a way that allows you to see the similarity rather than forcing you to accept it. The central characters of Keyne, Sinne and Riva, the three…

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Pick of the paperbacks this month: THE DOORS OF EDEN ( 1 April, Pan) by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Essentially a novel about borders, it sees creatures from alternate Earths, where the dominant species evolved from a different ancestor, passing over to ours via cracks in reality. We said: “With its large ensemble cast and sprawling plot, reading it’s like binging a particularly ambitious TV serial… yet Tchaikovsky has a strong handle on his theme and never loses sight of it amid the tumultuous narrative.” HOLD UP THE SKY , (1 April, Head of Zeus) collects 11 short stories by Cixin Liu, Hugo-winning author of The Three-Body Problem, written between 1999 and 2017. The relationship between the smallest moments of everyday life and the unimaginably vast and cosmic is a recurring theme. We said: “Liu’s…