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Soap World magazine is the ultimate magazine for fans of daytime drama as well as local and overseas soap operas.

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ed’s letter

A shocking “Who dies?” murder mystery is coming our way on The Bold and the Beautiful! Executive producer and head writer Brad Bell has hinted at a rather major shake-up on the super-soap… we reveal which characters could be in the firing line! Over in Salem, several shock developments rock the good folks on Days of Our Lives – find out what’s in store for your favourites. On the local soaps, Leah and Justin’s love story is a focus on Home and Away, while over on Ramsay Street there’s a rebound romance. On Wentworth, lives are on the line inside the prison walls and more blood is shed in dramatic episodes. Check out our fun piece on the greatest love affairs and long-lasting marriages from the UK and Aussie soaps,…

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stars at large

Cement shoes There’s a whole lotta love around for KEANU REEVES to this very day – and no wonder: check out his dance moves! We just hope he hasn’t made Mob foes as John Wick: does that explain the star’s fetching concrete footwear? Fashion passion You know that feeling when you seem to come to, mid-dream, and realise you’re on the red carpet? No? Happens to Salem’s KRISTIAN ALFONSO all the time! A worry... We are family Boy, haven’t they gone and grown up? As we head towards the final season – sob! – of Modern Family, ARIEL WINTER and NOLAN GOULD raid the Dunphy dress-up box for what might be the final time... We’ll always have Paris... Casting their spell in the French capital are Aladdin co-stars WILL SMITH and NAOMI SCOTT – they’re certainly both…

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mum on the run

Fresh from her release from the Tasmanian psych hospital – and tracked to Geelong by Toadie’s inquisitive brother Shane – Andrea has wasted no time ingratiating herself into the Rebecchi fold. Her arch aim is to manipulate Toadie into giving her a place in his life and family, especially with Hugo, the baby son they share. Her efforts are boosted when he shuts down all efforts to search for the “late, lamented” Dee, preferring to let his beloved first wife stay dead and buried... Naturally pleased with Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) Dee decision, Andrea (Madeleine West) injects her plan with more manipulative firepower as she orchestrates a series of personal misfortunes which ensure she has no choice but to take up residence in Erinsborough! Using her daughter Willow’s (Mieke Billing-Smith) concerns for…

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racy rebound

Quite some time ago, Yashvi Rebecchi harboured a teenage crush on Ned Willis after she saved him from asphyxiating in a sauna! He repaid her efforts by assisting with her AFL footy training. She was so hopelessly in love with him that she was heartbroken when Ned let her down gently, explaining he had feelings for Bea. As time passed, Yashvi seemed to get over Ned and settled into a genuine friendship with him and Bea. Lately, though, Yashvi’s (Olivia Junkeer) jealousy of Bea (Bonnie Anderson) has been aroused by her observation that Ned (Ben Hall) is clearly still longing for her – despite the fact that Bea’s continually hurting him by growing closer to the finagling Finn (Rob Mills). The last thing she wants is for Ned to suffer and…

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broken home

Somehow or other, Heather, Liz, Ben, Ainsley and Harry have so far managed to live relatively harmoniously together in their co-owned home, while overcoming the various little life hurdles that been thrown at them. But are they prepared for the giant obstacles that are now threatening the foundations the agreement was built on? Waking up on the morning of her 50th birthday, Heather (Doris Younane) isn’t feeling super-enthused about the milestone. Perhaps being confronted with the sight of a moping Ben (Stephen Peacocke) just hours after she called off their sizzling sexual liaison is the cause of the throbbing sense of guilt Heather’s feeling. Or maybe it’s the judgemental looks that Liz (Kat Stewart) is throwing in her direction after she figured out the pair were lovers. At least Heather is…

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2 hearts

To ease his heartache over Ash’s rejection, Sully has tentatively opened his heart to the possibility of romance with Fraser, his tutor! Until now, he’s trod carefully, still aching for Ash to love him, but when Fraser invites him for dinner, Sully accepts, taking the tentative first steps towards moving on. Once the guys reach Fraser’s front doorstep, the frisson between them is electric... leading Sully to finally give into Fraser’s kiss! After spending the night with Fraser (Zachary Drieberg), Sully (Koa Nuen) is walking on air – until he crosses paths with a hunky stranger... whom he promptly spies greeting Fraser affectionately! Confused and desperate to believe the men are just friends, Sully quizzes his new beau – and is stunned when Fraser replies that Hugo’s his partner! Clarifying that…