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No. 326
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Soap World magazine is the ultimate magazine for fans of daytime drama as well as local and overseas soap operas.

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ed’s letter

A clifftop tug-of-war could prove fatal for Thomas and spell jail for Brooke, on upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful! It’s no secret she blames him for her daughter Hope’s baby dramas and subsequent marriage break-up, so when he accidentally plunges to his possible death, all fingers point right at the Forrester matriarch! There’s so much intrigue and scandal across all the daytime super-soap storylines, including an elaborate wedding scam crafted by the wicked Anna on Days of Our Lives. Local dramas Les Norton, Glitch and My Life Is Murder offer up tons of excitement, and there’s romantic shenanigans in Pearl Bay, with Ben professing his love for Laura, plus a secret son threatening a new love affair over on Ramsay Street! Check out all our updates on…

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stars at large

Rock show Great to see DWAYNE JOHNSON proving a point to detractors who say the brawny star can’t spell his name! Hound of love Sometimes one of your co-stars really resonates with you, as AMANDA SEYFRIED finds with the talented and cuddly ENZO from The Art of Racing in the Rain... Leo’s loving life! Everything’s coming up LEONARDO DICAPRIO – and don’t you reckon the Oscar win fixed the monkey on his back he had once upon a time? Besties fur ever Honing his millennium falconry at Disneyland is MATT DAMON, who nearly makes a rookie wookie error by sidling up to the tall, hirsute biped. But he must’ve caught CHEWBACCA on a good day and in a forgiving mood... Leader of the pack Hey, that’s not Enzo trying to sneak into another shot, is it? Nah, that’s just…

3 min.
brooke behind bars!

Screeching to a halt in Hope’s driveway, Brooke’s only thought is getting to her before Thomas kills her! THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL WEEKDAYS 4.30PM ON 10 No matter what crisis afflicts her damsel-in-distress daughter Hope, Brooke’s always by her side, as her staunchest supporter. Even if that means channelling her old foe and mother-in-law Stephanie Forrester and turning against her own loved ones to fight her little girl’s corner. Such has been the case during Hope’s latest melodrama involving the “death” and resurrection of Hope and Liam’s baby Beth. Now, with every horrific detail of the web of secrecy that was perpetrated by Reese, Zoe, Flo, Shauna, and Thomas – to keep Hope and her daughter separated – out in the open, Brooke’s on the warpath! Utterly convinced Hope’s (Annika Noelle) new…

3 min.
let’s stick together

SEACHANGE TUESDAYS 8.45PM ON NINE To outsiders, it’s as plain as midday that Ben and Laura are attracted to each other, and on the precipice of falling in love! But no matter how hard they try, they just can’t admit the fact. Instead, they often spend their precious time overcoming the countless obstacles being thrown in their path. The latest is courtesy of the Annual Pearl Bay fishing competition, and accusations of cheating, as well as the spooky disappearance at sea of Fishing Club president Phil Tran! Presiding over the case, Laura (Sigrid Thornton) finds herself at odds with Ben (Dan Wyllie) when it’s discovered that Phil is actually alive and holed up with him at The Tropical Star Hotel! Ben is Phil’s only mate in town, and Laura worries that he’ll…

1 min.
somefin in the water

* A suspected shark attack off the Bay escalates ZAC’s (Alex Tarrant) anxiety about associating with LILLIAN (Kate Lister)! * Plunged into debt, MIRANDA (Brooke Satchwell) devises a surefire way to raise money, but FIN (Darren McMullen, below with Brooke) is key to the plan’s success. * LAURA finds herself all at sea with an untrustworthy BOB – all too literally! * BOB and HEATHER’s (Kerry Armstrong) daughter JULES (Emma Wiseman), returns to Pearl Bay on a mysterious mission which could destroy her home town forever!…

3 min.
in the clutches of a... cult!

NEIGHBOURS WEEKNIGHTS 6.30PM ON 10 PEACH The Sunshine State beckons, but bride-to-be Terese Willis isn’t feeling the warmth as she sinks into tears in her hotel room at Paul’s sudden cancellation of their wedding. Stopping over at the resort in tropical, idyllic Queensland was meant to be a blissful sojourn for the pair before their elopement to Las Vegas – but now Paul’s paranoia over the successive reappearances of all of his ex-wives in his life has totally ruined everything... Luckily for a devastated Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), the wedding gods must be shining down upon her, when Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) third wife – Christina (Gayle Blakeney) – and her identical twin Caroline (Gillian Blakeney), turn up and guiltily reveal the entire sordid story behind the serial spousal comebacks. Terese’s livid to learn…