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Sound On Sound UK

November 2019

Sound On Sound is the world's best recording technology magazine, packed full of in-depth, independent product tests, including music software, studio hardware, keyboards and live sound (PA) gear. Every issue also includes SOS's unique step-by-step tutorial and technique columns on all the leading DAW programs, as well as insightful interviews with leading producers, engineers and musicians.

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Have you noticed that whenever you buy a new guitar, a new amplifier or a different software guitar amp emulation, the end result still sounds exactly like you? That got me thinking about recording gear, because we have a vast choice of both hardware and software these days. The sheer number of different EQ and compressor plug-ins alone is enough to make your head spin, and when it comes to hardware, there are rackmount compressors, EQs, mic preamps, audio interfaces and reverb processors that can cost anything from under £50 to the price of a small car. As for microphones, I can’t even begin to count the options — but a recording of a great singer made using an SM58 is always going to sound better than a poor singer…

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sound on sound uk

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Roland kick off autumn synth avalanche Every month, we strive to report on a balanced cross-section of all the latest hi-tech audio recording gear, but the releases over the last few weeks have been astonishingly synth-heavy, as you’ll notice from a quick glance through the next few pages. We had advance notice of Roland’s new Fantoms, but just after October’s SOS went to print, they dropped several more new products in time for September 9th, aka ‘909 Day’. It was the kind of simultaneous launch of multiple instruments at different prices that they used to reserve for large exhibitions in the 1980s and ‘90s, and continuing the vintage theme, all the new arrivals hark back to successful Roland products of the past. Perhaps the most intriguing were the £2199 Jupiter-X 61-note synth (below),…

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spitfire audio bbc symphony orchestra sample library

Though I’m growing a trifle weary of flag-waving right now, I was pleased to hear that Spitfire Audio, champions of British musicianship and purveyors of fine orchestral samples since 2008, have teamed up with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, purveyors of fine British orchestral music since 1930, to record a new library which we can safely describe as all-British. Henceforth known as BBCSO, the project stemmed from a discussion in a pub (always a good starting point) between Spitfire founders Christian Henson and Paul Thomson, and Dominic Walker, a commercial director at BBC Studios (formerly known as BBC Worldwide). Paul Thomson explains: “I was working with BBC Studios on a TV show as the composer. I’ve always had a great relationship with them, and as the project came to an end they…

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spitfire audio bbc symphony orchestra £899

PROS • Features a top-class, hugely experienced British orchestra recorded in the legendary BBC Maida Vale Studios. • The musicians play with a collective ensemble feel honed over years of working together. • Playing techniques are commendably consistent from instrument to instrument. • Contains a stupid amount of mic positions which will work for anything from mono up to complex, multi-channel surround mixes. CONS • I’m still wading through the mic positions. • I really didn’t get on with the GUI on our first date, but we’re planning to meet again and I’ll bring my powerful spectacles next time. SUMMARY Two titans of British musicianship team up to produce an epic orchestral library. Recorded at the historic BBC Maida Vale Studios, Spitfire Audio’s BBC Symphony Orchestra features 99 players and a full complement of sections and solo instruments. All…

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String Ensembles • Violins 1 (16) • Violins 2 (14) • Violas (12) • Celli (10) • Double Basses (8) Solo Strings • Solo Violin 1 • Solo Violin 2 • Solo Viola • Solo Cello • Solo Bass Woodwind Ensembles • Flutes (3) • Oboes (3) • Clarinets (3) • Bassoons (3) Solo Woodwinds • Flute • Piccolo • Oboe • Cor Anglais • Clarinet • Bass Clarinet • Contrabass Clarinet • Bassoon • Contrabassoon Brass Ensembles • French Horns (4) • Trumpets (3) • Tenor Trombones (3) • Bass Trombones (2) Solo Brass • French horn • Trumpet • Tenor Trombone • Contrabass Trombone • Tuba • Contrabass Tuba Tuned Percussion & Harp • Timpani • Tubular Bells • Celeste • Glockenspiel • Vibraphone • Marimba • Xylophone • Crotales • Harp Unpitched Percussion • Bass Drum [2] • Snare Drum [2] • Tenor Drum • Military Drum • Piatti • Suspended Cymbal • Tam Tam • Tambourine • Woodblock • Castanets • Vibraslap • Cowbell • Sleigh Bells • Guiro (long/short) • Anvil • Triangle (Number in square brackets = types of instrument.)…