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Spider-Man: Far From Home - The Official Movie Special

Spider-Man: Far From Home - The Official Movie Special

Spider-Man: Far From Home - The Official Movie Special
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"Go behind the scenes on Spider-Man: Far From Home, as everyone’s favorite wall-crawler returns to the big-screen in the newest Marvel superhero movie! A class trip to Europe pits Peter Parker (Tom Holland) against new villains, as he meets Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhall)! Exclusive interviews, concept art and on-set photography!"

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United Kingdom
Titan Publishing Group
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1 min.
your friendly, european spider-man

Life is good for Peter Parker. Under the guise of his Super Hero alter ego he’s helping clean up the streets of New York one bad guy at a time; he’s managing to juggle crime-fighting with his studies; and Peter’s aunt, May hasn’t freaked out over her discovery of his secret identity. But there’s one thing he still craves – the life of a regular teenager… Hoping to shake off some responsibility for just a few weeks, Peter joins his schoolmates and heads to Europe for the summer vacation of a lifetime. But when disaster strikes – accompanied by the arrival of one Nick Fury and the enigmatic Mysterio – Peter realizes that being a super hero is a full-time job. But is it one he’s really ready to take on…? THE…

8 min.
creating spider-man: far from home

Why did you decide to set much of Spider-Man: Far From Home in Europe? Jon Watts: The goal with these films has always been to show Spider-Man in a way that you haven’t seen him before. We chose European locations because we wanted to take Spider-Man out of his comfort zone. Except for when we went on a trip to Washington D.C. last time, I’ve never seen Spider-Man outside of New York, so I thought it would be fun to see him on a school trip across Europe. How did you decide on which cities to film in? Eric Carroll: When we started thinking about taking Spider-Man to Europe, we wanted to make sure we visited a bunch of different-feeling locations. Europe’s got this great thing where you can be in Italy, and…

3 min.
the story so far

When teenage student Peter Parker, a self-confessed science and tech geek, was bitten by a radioactive spider it gave him spider-like abilities. Peter used his powers to fight crime in his neighborhood of Queens, New York. Six months later, Peter was visited by Tony Stark, who sought to recruit him to his team in the fight against Captain America in Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War. Stark gifted Peter a high-tech Spider-Man suit, which he wore in the standoff against Captain America at Flughafen Leipzig-Halle Airport. Two months later, Peter was back at Midtown School of Science and Technology, struggling to settle back into teenage life with his best friend, Ned Leeds, who shared the secret of his friend’s alter ego. Peter dreamed of taking part in another Avengers-level mission, but Happy…

12 min.
peter parker/spider-man

Spider-Man: Far From Home: The Official Movie Special: Were you a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe before you were part of it? Tom Holland: I remember watching all the Marvel Studios movies as a kid and being in awe of them and being a fan. I guess I was so young I never realized that the films were intertwined; I didn’t know that Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Nick Fury all existed in this same world. So, when I saw The Avengers for the first time, it totally blew my mind. I remember seeing the trailer. I watched it with my friend – we used to go and watch all the Marvel Studios movies together – and I think both of us were in the same boat: We couldn’t…

1 min.
peter parker

Creators: Stan Lee & Steve Ditko When Spider-Man debuted in Amazing Fantasy #15 in August 1962, he changed the face of comics publishing. There had been plenty of comic book costumed heroes prior to Peter Parker, but the world hadn’t seen anything like Spider-Man before. Quite apart from Spidey’s bizarre powers and full-face mask, one of Lee and Ditko’s major innovations was to ramp up the angst of Peter’s everyday existence, saddling him with social awkwardness and a private life that seemed to mete out humiliation after humiliation – just like a regular teenager, in fact. As a result, Peter was a more relatable protagonist than his Super Hero forebears: a shy bookworm whose civilian problems were only compounded by becoming Spidey – not least when his inaction led to the death…

7 min.

Spider-Man: Far From Home: The Official Movie Special: Were you a Spider-Man fan before you got the role of Mysterio? Jake Gyllenhaal: I’d seen all of the incarnations of the Spider-Man movies, including the last movie, which I loved. So when Marvel Studios asked me to be a part of this I was really excited, because I think that Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man yet. You seem to really connect with your character. I think the thing about a lot of the characters in Marvel Studios films is that they do have to connect to something real in the person playing them. That’s why they resonate. There has to be some kind of truth, even in a mythological universe. I’ve talked to Marvel Studios over the years about playing different characters. As…