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Star Wars Insider - 2018 Special Edition

Star Wars Insider - 2018 Special Edition

Star Wars Insider - 2018 Special Edition
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A collection of some of the very best interviews and features from the pages of Star Wars Insider! The incredible 148-page 2018 Special Edition includes a complete episode guide for ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’; features on the movies from ‘A New Hope’ to ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’; and acclaimed writers Chuck Wendig and Claudia Gray discuss the fine art of writing best-selling Star Wars novels!

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You are holding in your hands a collection of some of the very best interviews and features from the pages of Star Wars Insider. It’s our mission statement for this magazine to deliver the complete Star Wars experience. By that I mean that we cover all things Star Wars from movies to books via TV series, video games, and comics. This special edition features a typically wide range of Star Wars material, including a complete episode guide forThe Clone Wars that will have you delving back into the classic show—or experiencing it for the first time!—and features on the movies, from A New Hope to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Acclaimed authors Chuck Wendig and Claudia Gray discuss the fine art of writing best-selling Star Wars novels, and fans of…

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adam driver is kylo ren

Star Wars Insider: How did you get involved with The Force Awakens? Adam Driver: I think it was the last day of shooting Girls and I got a phone call to see if I was interested in meeting J.J. Abrams to talk about Star Wars. I thought that it would be interesting to do, so I said “yes.” A month later, I left for LA and I met J.J. to talk about the role. Then I met with Kathleen Kennedy, who talked more about it. I was very excited. It’s such a big thing and I’ve never done anything quite like this, with this many moving pieces. Wearing a mask is quite a challenging thing. It was very scary and terrifying, so it wasn’t something that immediately seemed like a “yes.”…

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40th anniversary ball

George Lucas has always acknowledged the sources from which he drew inspiration for Star Wars. The opening text crawl is drawn from Flash Gordon serials, the bickering droids echo the main characters in Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress, and the climactic attack on the Death Star owes a great deal to World War II movies The Dam Busters (1955) and 633 Squadron (1964). Yet the moonsized Death Star itself has few obvious parallels in other works of fiction. Sure, plenty of villains have an impressive base, and superweapons that must be stopped provide the against-theclock impetus for many a movie. But the audacity of the Death Star—its pure, simple shape and its mind-boggling scale—make it one of the most original elements of Star Wars, and a cultural icon that ranks alongside…

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r2’s debut

The first R2-D2 took shape in a tiny studio in Kensal Rise in London, when George Lucas came to the U.K. in 1975. Five of us set up shop in a tiny studio, and [art director] Les Dilley and I were given the task of making a mock-up. o n, s rt iven From the script, it was clear that George didn’t have a movie without R2-D2 and C-3PO. They were the storytellers. We knew that C-3PO would work because of the robot in Metropolis (1927), but R2-D2… He had to be under four-feet tall and we couldn’t make him do everything he needed to do using radio-control, so we had to make him work around a small person. George hired Kenny Baker, who is 3’ 8”, and we recruited Bill Harman,…

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“spark of rebellion”

Imperial Star Destroyers loom in space. A hologram of Darth Vader (James Earl Jones) appears before the Inquisitor (Jason Isaacs) and speaks to him about his task to hunt down Force-sensitive children and eliminate them along with any Jedi that might be training them. “So it will be done,” says the Inquisitor. Opening on a Star Destroyer is a Star Wars tradition of sorts. Four out of the seven Star Wars films to date feature the ships in their opening shots. It is later revealed that the Inquisitor is, in fact, the Grand Inquisitor, the leader of a bigger force. In the Season Two episode “The Future of the Force,” we see other Inquisitors hunting down Force-sensitive babies. The first look at Star Wars Rebels was revealed at Celebration Europe in July 2013,…

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creature creator

Thomas G. Smith: When did you first get interested in making creatures for movies? Jon Berg: I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. One of my earliest memories was when my older sister took me to see a film called Mighty Joe Young (1949). I was fascinated by the ape and she tells me I held my hands over my eyes, I was so scared. But I remembered seeing images from the picture more like a bad but mesmerizing dream. It apparently made a big impression on me. Then, when I was older, I saw lots of Disney TV shows and movies and Ray Harryhausen films. Ray was an inspiration to all of us who loved creatures and stop-motion animation. It all made a big impression on me,…