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Star Wars Insider: 2019 Special Edition

Star Wars Insider: 2019 Special Edition

Star Wars Insider: 2019 Special Edition

"Packed with amazing article and unmissable all-new features! This year the spotlight is on some of the great women who have contributed to the Star Wars saga, in front of the camera and behind the scenes, and as creators of books, comics and fine art. From an interview with Lucasfilm’s president, Kathleen Kennedy, who has spearheaded the franchise to even greater heights; to a look behind scenes of Marvel’s Doctor Aphra series; to writer Tricia Barr’s heartfelt tribute to the much-missed Carrie Fisher, this volume is a celebration of a glorious legacy."

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what carrie meant to us

At Celebration Anaheim in 2015, the panel “What Princess Leia Means to Me” featured six women who had worked professionally in Star Wars. After they praised many facets of the character, most of all that she never falters and always has hope, women and men went to the audience microphone to share how they too were inspired. As the woman behind the character, Carrie Fisher never let us forget that while we should aspire to greatness, sometimes we will falter—and that’s okay. For women particularly, who for a long time felt like the forgotten fanbase, Carrie Fisher became our unofficial General. She was a leader brimming with compassion. Acclaimed comics writer Gail Simone tweeted, “You can look at almost any group of women writers and know in your heart that they…

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the women of the force awakens

“I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I DID. I JUST TRIED VERY HARD AND I HOPED VERY MUCH.” Daisy Ridley On her Star Wars audition and advice from the rest of the cast… I have no idea what I did. I just tried very hard and I hoped very much. There wasn’t much advice offered—there was a conversation with Harrison Ford about anonymity, but really it was just people leading by example. It was amazing to see people who are so established and with a huge career being kind and generous to everyone on set. On the most exciting moment of filming I do remember one of the most touching moments was at the end, because I looked back and just couldn’t believe everything that had happened over the many months since I started on the…

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“I desk. The comlink she’d been shouting into slid don’t care what those rebels are blowing up! Howl’s old scow is in orbit, which means Twilight Company is here and that scum is—” The door burst open and Governor Magé slumped forward over her from her now limp hand. “Good shot, Brand.” Captain Micha “Howl” Evon ran a brown hand over his bearded chin as he strode into the opulent office. “Can’t abide anyone making fun of my ship or my people.” He admired Brand’s efficient handiwork and decided he wanted the recipe to whatever juice was on the dart sticking out of the Imperial governor’s olive neck. The Governor’s long, dark hair had tumbled out of her tightly wound bun, and she was already drooling, as was her aide, who’d attempted…

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the early days of the expanded universe

In the Beginning…. In the late 1970s, the offices of “The Star Wars Corporation” in Los Angeles were a motley cluster of trailers near the Universal lot. Inside, no more than a dozen full-time employees worked on what outsiders thought to be a silly science-fiction movie. “My check literally was made out from ‘Star Wars,’” says Sherry Kaplan, an executive assistant at the time. “You don’t know the funny looks I got at the bank.” Charles Lippincott, vice president of marketing and merchandising, received slews of similar funny looks when he tried to make tie-in deals. Company after company said no. His persistence paid off when Marvel Comics editor Roy Thomas and artist Howard Chaykin agreed to tackle a mini-series adaptation. Del Rey Books editor Judy Lynn del Rey also saw value…

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sabine wren

Often we think of art and science as opposing sides of a dichotomy, and imagine tough soldiers as people who don’t have time for either. Sabine Wren proves these clichés wrong, combining all these elements into a kind of hero we haven’t seen before in Star Wars. Her upbringing brings together Mandalorian heritage and the rigorous training of an Imperial academy cadet. She learns to fight, but also excels in intellectual pursuits. In Season Three of Rebels we learn that her scientific prowess was exploited by the Empire to develop a terrible weapon that was turned against the Mandalorians, leading to her exile. Finding a new family among the Ghost crew, Sabine puts her knowledge of the Empire to good use in fighting back, while also letting her own personality shine…

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leia organa

From a young age, Leia Organa knows what she wants to achieve for the galaxy: the toppling of the evil Empire and the restoration of the Republic’s democracy. For a moment, this meant covert resistance using the diplomatic cover of her service in the Imperial Senate, such as the ruse to deliver three cruisers to a rebel cell on Lothal. When she absconds from the Battle of Scarif with the stolen Death Star plans, however, open rebellion is unavoidable. Then Leia shifts from a diplomat to a military leader, overseeing the clashes at Yavin, Hoth, and Endor until the tide is turned in the Galactic Civil War. But the Rebellion does not triumph easily. Time and again Leia and her friends suffer setbacks: her capture by Darth Vader and imprisonment on…