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Star Wars Insider November 2019

Celebrating the greatest space adventure saga of all time, Star Wars Insider really gets the reader inside the worlds of Star Wars through interviews, behind-the-scenes exclusives and unrivalled access to the Lucasfilm archives. Each issue offers star interviews, ‘making of’ features and merchandise coverage, plus the unique ‘Blaster!’ section covering up-coming books, comics, action figures and other collectibles.

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1965 November 22: Mads Mikkelsen, Galen Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(2016), is born. 1972 November 6: Thandie Newton, Val in Solo: A Star Wars Story(2018), is born. 1978 November 17: The Star Wars Holiday Special premiered on CBS. 1979 December 29: Diego Luna, Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(2018), is born. 1980 November 29: Janina Gavankar, who provided the voice, likeness, and motion capture performance for Iden Versio in Star Wars: Battlefront II, is born. 1989 November 22: Alden Ehrenreich, Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story(2018), is born. 1993 December 19: Hermione Corfield, Tallie Lintra in Star Wars: The Last Jedi(2017), is born. 2003 November 19: PC game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is released on PC. 2017 December 15: Star Wars: The Last Jedi(2017) is released in cinemas worldwide.…

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worldwide celebrating the saga leading with leia

When cosplayer Bekah learned that a life-sized Endor bunker and an AT-ST would be appearing at an upcoming convention, she knew that her next project would have to focus on Leia Organa’s commando gear from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983). “I was so excited, as the costume was always a favorite of mine,” says Bekah. “I found a few patterns and made some of my own, then got together a bunch of my friends with Endor costumes, and made it happen.” However, any cosplayer knows that a build is never truly done—as Bekah discovered shortly before the event. “I ended up hand-stitching the hem of the pants in a hotel room,” she laughs. After the convention was over, the costumer considered ways in which she could take her project to…

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meet the contributors...

Tricia Barr @ fangirlcantina Tricia is the co-author of DK’s Ultimate Star Wars. She also wrote the acclaimed award-winning novel Wynde. Kristin Baver @KristinBaver Kristin was a card-carrying Star Warsfan before she had reason to own a wallet. Now she’s an associate editor at StarWars.com. James Floyd @ JamesJawa James is a writer for StarWars.com and assorted online geek sites, and enjoys trips around the world to visit Star Wars filming spots. Mark Newbold @ Prefect_timing A writer for U.K. sci-fi magazine StarburstandStar Trekmagazine, journalist Mark is a proud Honorary Friend of the 501st and Rebel Legion. Jay Stobie @CaptStobie Starship fanatic and blogger Jay writes articles for StarWars.com and is searching for a way to reside full time in the Star Warsgalaxy. Michael Kogge @ michaelkogge Michael is the author of the junior novelization of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the Star Wars Rebelschapter book…

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star wars jedi master’s quiz

“HOPE LIVES IN THE GALAXY.” Assist the Resistance by supplying vital intelligence about these key worlds that appeared in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017). ANCIENT AHCH-TO 1: Who maintains Ahch-To’s Jedi structures? A/ PadawansB/ Jedi Temple GuardsC/ CaretakersD/ Force ghosts 2: What items did the Jedi intend to keep in the island’s old tree? A/ LightsabersB/ Jedi textsC/ Kyber crystalsD/ Jedi robes 3: Where did Luke Skywalker keep his legendary X-wing? A/ The first Jedi templeB/ The mirror caveC/ An island clearingD/ The ocean 4: Which local creatures produce green milk? A/ Thala-sirensB/ PorgsC/ Spetan channelfishD/ Twinfin hyacanders 5: How many generations ago was Ahch-To’s Jedi library built? A/ 100 generationsB/ 500 generationsC/ 1,000 generationsD/ 10,000 generations TAKING FLIGHT TO CANTO BIGHT 6: The city of Canto Bight is located on what planet? A/ CantooineB/ CantonicaC/ D’QarD/ Takodana 7: Which one of Canto Bight’s recreational…

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no such thing as luck?

Han Solo didn’t believe Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi when the Jedi Knight insisted, “In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck,” so if you want to win this issue’s prize giveaway perhaps you should place your faith in the Force! Thanks to our friends at Kotobukiya, creators of an incredible range of highly detailed Star Wars statues, we have nine ARTFX+ model kits up for grabs. But this month there’s a twist! As the battle between light and dark reaches its crunch moment in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, our prize is also split between the forces of good and evil, in the form of Kotobukiya’s stunning renditions of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Emperor Palpatine. If you’re lucky enough to be one of our nine winners then you’ll receive either the…

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anthony daniels

DID YOU HEAR THAT? From the first line of dialogue heard in aStar Warsmovie through to theThe Rise of Skywalker, Anthony Daniels has more than inhabited the golden shell of protocol droid C-3PO. Suffice it to say, I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story isn’t Anthony Daniels’ first foray into writing about Star Wars. Back in 1995, he began contributing a wonderful column to early editions of the magazine that you’re holding right now. Star Wars Insider: Some years ago, long before your C-3PO memoirs, you wrote the Wonder Column for Star Wars Insider. Anthony Daniels: I did, and I’m thrilled when people remember it. I wrote the column with Dan Madsen, who ran the official Star Wars fan club at the time, to tease my brain, I think. It was written in a particular…