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Celebrating the greatest space adventure saga of all time, Star Wars Insider really gets the reader inside the worlds of Star Wars through interviews, behind-the-scenes exclusives and unrivalled access to the Lucasfilm archives. Each issue offers star interviews, ‘making of’ features and merchandise coverage, plus the unique ‘Blaster!’ section covering up-coming books, comics, action figures and other collectibles.

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Can you imagine a world where Star Warswas over? That actually happened, a long time ago, right here on Earth. The saga had been receding in the public sphere for a few years, barring a couple of Ewok adventures and a dwindling supply of action figures. Even the Marvel Comics we’d been collecting since 1977 had come to an end. All things must pass, as they say. At the tail end of the 1980s, we had to find other things to obsess about. So, imagine how it felt to walk into a bookstore in 1991, having been starved of new adventures in a galaxy far, far away seemingly forever, only to be faced with something entirely unexpected: A stack—a hugestack—of hardback novels with two big, warmly familiar words emblazoned in gold…

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meet the contributors...

Kristin Baver @KristinBaver Kristin was a card-carrying Star Warsfan before she had reason to own a wallet. Now she’s an associate editor at StarWars.com. Mark Newbold @ Prefect_timing A writer for U.K. sci-fi magazine StarburstandStar Trekmagazine, journalist Mark is a proud Honorary Friend of the 501st and Rebel Legion. Amy Richau @amyrichau Amy is a regular contributor to StarWars.com, and is the author of Star Wars: I Love You, I know: Lessons in Love and Friendship. Michael Kogge @ michaelkogge Michael is the author of the junior novelization of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the Star Wars Rebelschapter book series. Melissa T. Miller @melissatruth Scientist and science writer Melissa visits Comic-Con every year to purchase new Star Wars paraphernalia for her pet dog. Cavan Scott @ cavanscott Cavan has written Star Warsfor Marvel, IDW, Del Rey and Disney books, and is one of the creators behind…

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may the clone force 99 be with you!

Of all the thrills and dramatic events enjoyed by fans in the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-2014, 2020), the introduction of Clone Force 99 (better known as the Bad Batch) was up there with the most exciting. Now their adventures are about to continue in an all-new animated series. Starring Dee Bradley Baker as the voices of the entire Bad Batch—Hunter, Crosshair, Wrecker, Tech, and recent recruit Echo—the series debuts on the Disney+ streaming platform on May 4, with the second episode premiering on Friday, May 7. New episodes will then arrive weekly, every Friday Speaking to the Official Disney Fan Club magazine, Baker described the series as “a beautifully written show,” adding, “It takes what we found in The Clone Wars to another level of depth and…

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galaxy’s best

The annual film and television awards season was in full swing as this issue of Star Wars Insider went to press, with virtual ceremonies due to announce which nominees would take home assorted statuettes. Star Wars productions inevitably featured in the shortlists of several esteemed organizations. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (20019) was up for no less that 12 Saturn Awards—presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films—including Best Science Fiction Film. Daisy Ridley (Rey) was among the nominees for Best Actress, while there were Best Supporting Actor nominations for both Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) and Ian McDiarmid (The Emperor), with J.J. Abrams in the running for Best Director. Nominations for behind-the-scenes roles included Best Production Design (Rick Carter, Kevin Jenkins), Best Film Costume (Michael Kaplan), Best…

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take command

With The Bad Batch about to debut on Disney+, now seems like the ideal time to remember another elite team of clone troopers: Delta Squad! Under the command of squad leader RC-1138, otherwise known as “Boss,” this rugged military unit were the stars of the hugely popular 2005 PC and Xbox videogame, Republic Commando, and thanks to Lucasfilm Games and Aspyr they’re back in action—only this time on the videogame consoles Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 (via the platform’s backwards compatibility). The port of the tactical Star Wars shooter, upgraded for playability on modern hardware, allows players to command their unit through an increasingly difficult succession of dangerous missions, and faithfully recaptures the unique appeal of the original. Available at Nintendo.com and store.playstation.com now.…