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africa celebrates abdulrazak gurnah, nobel literature prize winner

The judges who awarded Tanzanian author Abdulrazak Gurnah the 2021 Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday commended “his uncompromising and compassionate penetration of the effects of colonialism and the fate of the refugee in the gulf between cultures and continents”. The 73-year-old Tanzanian author is based in the UK. His first language is Swahili, but English became his literary language. Gurnah’s celebrated English-language novels include By the Sea, Desertion and Paradise which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and the Whitbread Prize. The judges noted that “his stories are marked by the presence of the Qur’an or ‘Arabian Nights’, and his English is patched with traces of Swahili, Arabic, Hindi and German.” He is the author of 10 novels, most recently Afterlives (2020). In a statement, the Academy said, “Gurnah’s…

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what parents need to know about social media for kids

Social media was not built with children in mind. Facebook was originally made for varsity students, Instagram stemmed from its founder’s love of bourbon, and YouTube started as a video dating site. But teens are active on social media, and many children under 13 already have online social lives. They build worlds together in Minecraft, FaceTime with friends, and send texts and emojis through tools like Facebook Messenger Kids. But they also use apps and browse an internet that wasn’t designed with them in mind. Now, tech companies’ attempts to purposefully expand their products to younger users is drawing fresh attention and criticism from lawmakers. Especially Facebook-owned Instagram. Facebook in March announced it was working on a version of Instagram specifically for children who are under 13. After fierce blowback…

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remote working: pros and cons

Nick Durrant An unforeseen work-from-home revolution has caught many companies by surprise as most employees have been forced to work from home. What are the pros and cons of working from home? It usually provides employees with greater autonomy over how and when they work, and how they manage their lives and other responsibilities. Remote working also provides better job satisfaction, increased loyalty, lower absenteeism and less staff turnover. Increased productivity Airtasker surveyed about 1 000 employees in the US of which 50% worked remotely. The study showed that, on average, remote employees worked 1.4 more days a month than those who worked from an office. Breaks While remote workers normally take more breaks than office staff, research shows that taking breaks leads to increased productivity. Remote workers…

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tips to creating the perfect cv for today

Tamara Mafilika A CV is a marketing tool to market yourself. It’s important for job seekers to continue updating their CVs to reflect the skills employers are looking for now. Peter Kriel, general manager at the Independent Institute of Education, outlines these skills and explains how job seekers can demonstrate that some of the challenges they overcame while working or studying through lockdown correspond with employers’ new requirements. He says skills that employers will be looking for in future include a candidate’s ability to be resilient and work under pressure, to work independently, and to be comfortable in the online environment in terms of submitting work, responding to feedback, and participating effectively in meetings. For people already working who want to make a change or apply for a promotion,…

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well-paying remote jobs

Zodidi Dano WORKING from home is fast becoming the new normal thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and its after effects. And while, it’s challenging for many to get used to not being at the office, it’s become a better option for those who enjoy working from the comfort of their homes. So, now that this “new normal” has set in, more and more people are seeking to pursue careers that allow them to work from home and perhaps even earn more. has some work from home jobs that pay well: Proofreading With the explosion of content published on the internet, there is a huge demand for proofreading and content editing before it goes live on the internet. If you’re the type of person who spots every grammar or…

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sc exam registrations

REGISTRATION is now open for those qualifying to write their 2022 Senior Certificate (SC) exam which will be written between May and June 2022. A SC qualification was established as a qualification for adults that is equivalent to the current National Senior Certificate (NSC). The SC retains its qualification structure but will use the National Curriculum Statement subjects to support the qualification. | MaryAnne Isaac…