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Issue 144

No other magazine offers the high-quality collection of Australia's toughest, most original, and best quality street, drag and race cars like Street Fords does. Covering the width and breadth of the country's Ford car scene, regardless of make or model, or whether it's concours or custom, you'll find it in Street Fords!

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custom pistons

A laser scanner creates a series of mesh lines that collect surface data. Depicted on a precision-ground granite table surface, the dots reflect an image back to the scanner which is transmitted to the computer.Gibtec Pistons, who is based in Denver, Colorado, is a new name in competition piston-making. But the company leaders are no apprentices to the craft.Nick Plantus, one of the founding partners of the Michigan-based Diamond Racing in 1968 has now joined his colleague, Rob Giebas, who also served around twenty years with the same acclaimed Detroit operation.Now specializing in the creation of custom billet pistons, Giebas’ background is particularly well suited to its complexities, having devoted a decade to development programs for NHRA Pro Stock teams.Any experienced racing man knows that the components of a successful…

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a work of art

Just as shiny on the bottom as it is on top, the undercarriage shows the attention to detail exercised by the buildersThe painted-to-match engine room reflects the exterior colours and showcases the 460 CID Cobra Jet V-8. Bright work was added in the form of a ceramic chrome Edelbrock intake, Concept One pulley system, and the stainless steel shroud on the aluminium cross flow radiator that holds a pair of 13-inch SPAL fansLike most things in life, the more you do something, the better you get at it. And, when you’re already bringing lots of skills to the project, the results get that much better. That’s the case with Art Walters from Bumpass, VA. Art is a retired mechanical engineer who happens to love vintage Ford trucks. His first ’53…

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x factor

The heads have been set up with Stage III flow, which is 12% more than Boss 302 headsMost people would be happy with a regular FPV GT-P, but as you’re about to find out, the owner of this monster, Shane Taylor, is no ordinary Ford owner. Says Shane, “The FG GT-P was first purchased brand new in 2011 special ordered in Sensation Blue with silver stripes. However, Sensation Blue had been advised discontinued at that stage, but a few orders like mine slipped through. It was purchased at Byrne Ford in Kedron and driven straight to Mount Isa where it went into its first car show with just the 1600kms on it. It also had its first race with a Walkinshaw Performance supercharged VE Clubsport, which it easily walked!”The FG…

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A fuel cell and a battery box; just what you’d expect in the boot of a tough XYThe interior is classically styled just like a GTThe car has been built twice” says 34 year lift technician Anthony Defeu of the XY Falcon sedan that he bought for just $1,000 in January 2000. “(The) first time (was) with just a mild 351 and different wheels, interior and diff. I wasn’t happy so I stripped it and rebuilt it how you see it now.”How we see it now is an angry-looking 406ci-powered GT-themed tough streeter with an engine bay that is almost entirely filled with aftermarket goodness and an interior that’s just as classic and close to an original as the GT that inspired it.INS AND OUTSThe bodywork and chassis are surprisingly…

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I’ve been building cars to deadlines for almost 40 years now and it never seems to be any different, there is never enough time and there is always a compromise of some sort to get the job done in the time allocated. Sometimes I think I’m soft in the brain. What do they say “when you do the same thing over & over again and expect a different result” you are going mad. With all the planning and trial fitting that goes into a complete build there are still things that go wrong or don’t fit after everything is painted, powder coated and plated.I am renowned for my lists of jobs to do and parts to get throughout the build that has enabled us to put cars together in very…

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four speed auto

Welcome to the latest issue of Street Fords. Every muscle car I’ve ever owned that was automatic, had a Ford C4 three speed automatic gearbox. The XYGS had a full stock standard version which was perfect behind the very mild 302W up front. My stock 1966 Mustang had one as well which was flawless behind the stock 200ci inline six. I also had one in the XWGT replica, but that C4 wasn’t stock. It was the top of the line C4 built by Al’s Race Glides in Sydney. It had a 5,000rpm Dominator converter and was fully manualized along with a bunch more modifications. That also worked perfectly behind the 575hp 393ci Cleveland.A properly built Ford C4 can live in a street/strip environment up to around the 1000hp mark. Beyond…