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The Australian Vegan Magazine

The Australian Vegan Magazine

November / December 2019

The Australian Vegan Magazine is designed to reach both vegans and potential vegans through the latest news and research, hard-hitting issues, vegan celebrity interviews, animal welfare stories, and loads of other vegan lifestyle features. The Australian Vegan Magazine is also your gateway to lots of delicious vegan recipes from quick family meals to more elaborate, sumptuous feasts for parties and special occasions. Don’t miss out on being part of the largest revolution.

Michaela Bilik TA. The Australian Vegan Magazine
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3 min.
editor’s note

There’s been a lot of “hate on vegans” type behaviour in the media lately (more than usual anyway). From being called “militant vegans” to “terrorists”, to parents who bring up their kids vegan accused of neglecting their children’s nutrition; it doesn’t end. And always the real issues, the torture and death of billions of animals a year, animal extinction, and the state of the planet are skimmed over or ignored completely. When was the last time a journalist asked an activist why they felt so strongly about what they were doing? Or why they were protesting? Or even highlighted the issues the protesters were fighting for rather than sit around and make fun of them on live TV? The climate change protests last month were spectacular to see. Masses of people around the…

4 min.
what’s on where

OCTOBER ANIMAL LAW CONFERENCE 2019: LAWS OF TOMORROW Saturday, 12 October, 8.30am - 3pm Colombo Theatre, UNSW Kensington Campus, High St, Kensington, NSW This is a one-day conference open to students, lawyers and members of the public. The theme is how future law reform in Australia could challenge or improve protections for animals and their advocates. The event will include a series of talks, morning tea and lunch, free barista-made coffee, a panel discussion, and opportunities to network. Topics will include the regulation of agriculture, the legality of using animals in entertainment, using consumer law to help animals in test cases, and reflections on running a community legal centre for animals. Speakers include the Hon. Emma Hurst NSW MLC; Dr Meg Good, animal law and education manager at Voiceless; Shatha Hamade, legal counsel at…

5 min.
community is the key

The word ‘community’ is one of the biggest buzz words trending at the moment, but how many of us actually think deeply about what this means and consider how we can be more connected to those around us? Humans are fundamentally social creatures and being connected to a community is very important for our health and wellbeing. For this reason, a great deal of resources are poured into building and strengthening communities and making sure that they are accessible and inclusive spaces. I personally have the pleasure of leading the kids’ activities at the monthly Sydney Vegan Market, and each month I get to witness the evergrowing population of vegan, and vegan-curious people, swell around the grounds of the Entertainment Quarter sampling food and connecting with others around them. As the day…

3 min.
vegan religiosity

How did you become a vegan? Were you raised in a vegan household, or did you experience a conversion due to health, environmental or ethical concerns? How does your veganism affect you in your everyday life? Do you find it impacting on many practical decisions and behaviours, as well as influencing your interactions with others? What are your hopes and dreams regarding veganism? Would you like all the people you care about to also be vegan? All the people in the world? On a deep level, do you feel as though becoming vegan was one of the most important decisions of your life? If you hear about someone ceasing to be vegan, do you experience painful emotions? Veganism attracts ethically-minded people from all spiritual walks of life, from the deeply religious…

3 min.
are you eating animals?

Sticking to a vegan diet is easy right? Well, maybe if you consume only natural products such as fruit and vegetables, and untreated nuts and legumes. It becomes more difficult to stay on the vegan train when you buy prepackaged and processed food as some foods have hidden animal ingredients in them, and many of us are expended with scouring around dissecting and interpreting labels and googling every ingredient on our shopping list. Many foods labelled vegan have palm oil in them, which vegans try and avoid due to the violent nature of the palm oil industry, and foods that seem vegan contain hidden ingredients in the form of animal-derived additives and preservatives. Who would have thought that lollies had animal bits in them? And did you know that some white sugar contains…

3 min.
whether we like it or not

Whether we like it or not, every vegan is an advertisement for veganism, and whether we like it or not, that puts additional pressure on vegans to look and behave in ways that ‘sell’ our ethical choice to the yet-to-be-vegan majority. And we need to have ready answers to all the questions about our ‘precarious nutritional status’. Although it may be frustrating - do any of your non-vegan friends get lectured regularly about protein, calcium or iron? - we need to keep calm when confronted with others’ ignorance and cruelty. Have you noticed that any edge in your voice while discussing the realities of animal agriculture immediately brands you as a ranting fanatic? And we need to be almost enviably healthy and vibrant. For, if we are vague about where the nutrient…