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The Big Issue 08-06-20

The Big Issue is one of Britain’s leading news and cultural magazines. Every week’s edition is packed full of original takes on the biggest issues of the day as well as interviews with the most significant figures in politics and entertainment. The Big Issue was founded 1991 to give people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to earn their own income. We continue to support hundreds of vendors across the UK and all proceeds from sales go to help anyone wanting to lift themselves out of poverty.

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the big list.

FOOTBALL Watch the return of the Premier League For the last top-flight English match to be shown live on the BBC you have to go back even further than Liverpool’s last title win in 1990 – all the way to the 1987-88 season. In the strange age of coronavirus, history will be made both by the broadcaster and by the Reds (whose crowning as champions remains but a formality), as the Premier League restarts with all 92 fixtures to be played behind closed doors and broadcast live, many of them free-to-watch, across Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime and the BBC. From June 17 (subject to approval) LIVESTREAM BTS: Bang Bang Con The Live Proving that teenage dreams really can come true, the world’s most screamed-after boyband are inviting themselves into fans’ rooms for one…

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mr motivator's fitness plan

WEEK 11 DEADBUG Take it from a man in an outrageous unitard and bumbag that there’s no such thing as looking ridiculous when it comes to exercise. Case in point: the deadbug – a movement that will have you flapping around daftly on the living room floor like a beetle trying to get back on its feet, but which happens to be great for strengthening your abs and core without putting strain on your lower back. 1. Lie flat on your back with your arms held out in front of you pointing to the ceiling and your knees at 90 degrees. 2. Straighten your leg until your heel is a few millimetres from the floor at the same time as lowering your right arm towards the floor above your head. 3. Slowly return to the…

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the big issue manifesto

A hand up... Proceeds from sales of this magazine are being used to tide over our vendors until they can get back to work on their pitches. Not a handout… In ordinary circumstances our vendors buy magazines for half the cover price and sell at full price, keeping the difference. They earn a legitimate income, and gain valuable social and employability skills. With your support now, we will continue to do so once the crisis has passed. The right to citizenship… The Big Issue Foundation, our charitable arm, helps sellers tackle social and financial exclusion. Prevention… Big Issue Invest offers backing and investments to social enterprises, charities and businesses which deliver social value to communities.…

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book bind

I was delighted to read Bobby Seagull’s paean of praise for public libraries in your latest edition [May 28-June 3]. This reminded me of your cheerful vendor who used to be posted a few metres distant from Oxford’s main library. But I suppose he’s now gone, given that the library has long been closed. For me, as an 85-year-old pensioner, it’s meant I’ve had no motive to drag my lazy old legs the 500m walk from where I’m in cosy self-isolation. Yet up to its closure the library had been a wonderful boon, not only to oldies like me, but to the unemployed needing help in completing job applications, as well as to teachers, young mothers and their kids enjoying the dedicated support provided in the children’s section. Given the fact that…

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we’ll power on, fuelled by gratitude

It is hard to keep up. Every day feels like a concentration of a month’s news. Previously, coronavirus acted as the black hole, sucking in light and gravity and bending us to its will. Then, the world started to waken up. America looks like a failing state simmering and learning little, lurching between martial law and a coup d’état. That beacon of the free is very dimmed. As we go to print, new details are being revealed about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, bringing the horrors of that story back into full glare. Authorities said she is “assumed dead.” What anguish her family have faced in the years since she disappeared in 2007. One of the things that the new details also brought was an emergence, blinking out of some dark swamp, of a self-confident, ignorant…

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dizzee goes back to school to beat hunger

Nearly two million kids are going hungry in the UK during the Covid-19 lockdown – so rapper Dizzee Rascal is joining efforts to help get food to those who need it. The Bonkers star dropped in on Bygrove Primary School in Poplar, East London, recently to pack food parcels and serve meals to children and families, seeing first-hand the hardship that the virus has brought. He teamed up with Kitchen Social, the food poverty-busting programme of charity Mayor’s Fund for London, run by Big Issue Changemaker Clara Widdison, to help out. It comes as Food Foundation figures revealed that food insecurity has shot up by 250 per cent since the pandemic hit. That has triggered a jump in demand of almost 90 per cent for The Trussell Trust’s emergency food parcels while the…