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The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters

The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters

July/August 2021
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The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters offers the latest news and information on Texas whitetail and North American game from professional writers uniquely combined with first-hand hunting experiences from its members! Each issue provides product information for archery, firearms and all of the latest hunting gear.

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Texas Trophy Hunters Association
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summer hope

Well, spring has come and gone, and so has turkey season and fishing for crappie in the shallows. We are into a hot summer and I hear much of South Texas is dry as a bone. My places at Big Wells and Quihi are exceptionally dry. It’ll be hot and dry until September. Of course, it always rains just before or during dove season, knocking us out of a hunt or two. 2020 was a terrible year—one of the worst I’ve ever seen. COVID-19 affected only 2 or 3 percent of the people, but it killed a lot of elderly people because nobody knew what to do about it. When they did act, they did not protect the older folks, and instead, closed down the U.S. to a point that people…

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are you ready for the 2021 hunters extravaganzas?

Fasten your seat belts and get your vaccine. It’s time to get out and enjoy yourself. And we can’t think of anything better than attending this year’s Extravaganzas. COVID may have shut us down for 2020, but we’re back and excited to bring you the biggest and best shows yet. Be sure to bring the family because there’s something for everyone. See the Events Schedule on page 37 and information on our giant Locked & Loaded Prize Giveaway on pages 8 and 9. While you’re there, be sure to pick up your copy of TTHA’s very first BOOK: “Texas Trophy Hunters – Under One Cover.” Complete with a history of TTHA, this book is filled with information on how hunting helps conservation, plenty of Texas hunting stories, along with full color…

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all-new ttha podcast

Another FIRST for TTHA – The Voice of Texas HuntingR Podcast. Hosted by Jerison Herridge from Crazy Bones Hunting, this podcast will feature industry authorities focusing on topics specific to the Texas hunting market. With subjects from Texas whitetails and exotics to land management and new hunting technology, you won’t want to miss it. Available on all major platforms including YouTube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio and more. What’s YOUR Trophy Experience? Facebook Instagram Tumblr Twitter Follow Us! www.TTHA.com Send your story and photos to: Editor@ttha.com.…

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imelda sharber

Imelda Sharber is a pioneer of our hunting heritage. Aside from her family, her life has been devoted to two things: God and the Muy Grande Deer Contest. The youngest of five daughters to Elda and Leonel “Muy” Garza, Imelda grew up in Freer and had a front row seat to the rise of Texas hunting and the growth of her father’s deer contest. The contest began in 1965 and its namesake originated from “Muy” himself when he proclaimed, “South Texas deer are as wide as the Rio Grande and as big as Texas. They are Muy Grande!” The small town of Freer and the Muy Grande Deer Contest have served as a hub for hunters in South Texas for over 50 years. “Hunting season is an exciting time. You never…

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fence posts

Extravaganzas Are Grrreat They’re back! Bigger and better than ever! You gotta see for yourself just how great the Hunters Extravaganzas are, especially because it’s been a long time since we’ve had the shows in Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio. COVID-19 canned everything last year. If you’ve never attended any of the three Extravaganzas in the past, it’s time to mark your calendar to make it for a show this year. Known as “The Granddaddy of all Hunting Shows,” they’re the biggest hunting shows in the Southwest. It’s an adventure for the entire family, as there’s truly something for everyone. It may be dubbed a hunting show, but it has way more than just hunting stuff. These events are for hunters and nonhunting folks alike. Bring the kids. Gator Country will once…

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seven mistakes landowners make in managing deer

Iam in my 48th year of studying and managing whitetails, working in every state and province where whitetails reside. Along the way, I had plenty of opportunities to work with hundreds of landowners. So, I pretty much have seen every mistake that can be made trying to produce better deer on private property. In this column, I will tell you the seven most common factors leading to failure. No goal Sitting down with a landowner, my first question is: “What is your goal?” They usually say something like, “We want to shoot bigger bucks!” That is not a goal. It’s an expectation! A goal is stated in such a way as to set bars for assessing success. A proper goal then would be, “We want to harvest four mature bucks a year…