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The NFL Book

The NFL Book
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When it comes to thrilling sporting spectacles, there's nothing else quite like the NFL. A deep sport filled with complex strategies, played some of the most physically gifted athletes in the world, football has grown into one of the most compelling forms of sporting entertainment on Earth. With the drama of Super Bowl 50 behind us, the 2016 season promises to be the best the league has seen yet. The NFL Book is a complete guide to the United States' favourite sport – a celebration of football for newcomers and gridiron veterans alike. Tapping into to the league’s growing global popularity, the book covers everything from the basic rules of football, to the sport’s most incredible records and statistics. It also profiles every NFL franchise, from the Buffalo Bills to the Seattle Seahawks, as well counting down the greatest players and games in the history of the league. No matter who you follow, there’s something for every football fan here. Featuring: NFL: All You Need to Know - From the draft to the playoffs and everything in between, get to grips with the most exciting sports league in the world. 50 Iconic NFL Players - Discover some of the most influential players to ever grace the National Football League and exactly what it was that made them so special. 10 Greatest NFL Games of All Time - Home to some of the biggest sporting contests in history, the NFL is proof positive of how impactful sport can be at its best. Meet the Teams - From Buffalo and New England to Seattle and San Francisco, get the lowdown on the 2016 season with our detailed profiles on every NFL team.

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nfl: all you need to know

For a sport that involves so much speed, power and raw athleticism, the game of football is a deceptively subtle one. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the game can revel in the excitement of a last-gasp Hail Mary pass or bulldozing touchdown run. But diehard fans can learn to appreciate devious dummy plays and moments of defensive inspiration just as much. But it’s best to start with the basics. Football can be intimidating for newcomers, with its complex plays, laundry list of rules and constantly evolving metagame. On the one hand, there’s always something new and exciting to learn when watching the NFL, but on the other, a solid grasp of the fundamentals is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to get the most out of their viewing…

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a brief history of the nfl

Today the NFL is a mega-brand; an incredibly lucrative product – not just America’s biggest sports league but one which is recognisable in almost every country. But in 1920 professional football lived in the shadow of not only baseball, then indisputably the nation’s favourite sport, but also that of college football. Without a strong league structure, as was enjoyed by baseball, pro football wilted as its few independently-owned organisations – mainly in the Midwest and New York state – struggled to turn a profit. On the night of 17 September, in Canton, Ohio, the same town that the game’s hall of fame now calls home, representatives from the 11 pro teams from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and New York gathered in a Jordan and Hupmobile car dealership belonging to the owner of…

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the rules of football

Football is a lot like a game of chess: two teams strategically trying to pick the other apart, each looking to find and exploit weaknesses in their opponent. Although on paper some may dismiss it as nothing more than a group of human beings hurling themselves at each other, it is in fact a thinking man’s sport. Inspired by the likes of rugby and association football, it was the latter that established the initial set of rules in 1869. Fast-forward to the mid-1870s, however, and colleges still playing association football followed in the footsteps of rugby union, mainly because doing so allowed the ball to be carried. It wasn’t until 1880 until the laws we’re used to today started to establish themselves. Drawn up by Walter Camp – who’s often referred…

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how the nfl works

Today, the National Football League is a sight to behold. A many-headed sporting beast with 32 franchised teams spread across the United States, over 1,600 active players at any one time and a divisional setup that culminates in the one of the biggest sports spectacles in the world: the Super Bowl. The league has come a long way, too – from humble beginnings in the 1920s to the grand unification in 1960, the sport of gridiron has also grown, adapted and revolutionised itself over those 90 years. Every corner of the sport has been overhauled or tweaked as fans, officials and teams edge it forward towards its perfect self – ball sizes, equipment types, rule infringements, stadium sizes – everything has been reborn at one point or another. It’s not just a…

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the nfl draft

The National Football League draft exists to inject new life into football before a new season begins. While on paper, to someone unfamiliar with its inner workings, it seems like an overly complicated puzzle, it is in fact a fantastic system to ensure that you never know quite what to expect from a team. A single draft pick has the potential to boost an entire squad, meaning that everyone involved competes from the very first round to the very last. Evolving with each passing year, the key has always been to try and maintain a fair draft. Unlike other sports where the most successful teams can usually swallow up the best talent, the NFL’s aim is to always keep both fans and players guessing. A struggling side from the previous season…

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the tech that powers the nfl

While some sports and professional leagues around the world have been resistent to change and wary of new technologies, the same can’t be said for the NFL. Throughout its history, the league has consistently been on the cutting edge of sporting innovation, a practice that continues to this day. An instant replay system was first introduced to the NFL all the way back in 1986, while the current version of the tech was implemented in 1999 – allowing teams to challenge on-field rulings with video evidence should they choose. The technology available to players on the field has evolved significantly in recent years as well. While in the early days of the NFL, players would converse on the touchline with their coaching staff before carrying out plays, now the advent of…