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The SciFi & Fantasy Art Book

The SciFi & Fantasy Art Book

The SciFi & Fantasy Art Book 4th Edition

Whether your specialism lies in character creation, fantastical creatures, concept artwork or landscapes, the latest edition of The Sci-fi & Fantasy Art Book has something for you. Covering programs including Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya, 3ds Max and MODO, we delve into techniques and ideas with the help of expert artists. Produce beautiful designs and get top tips on how to create everything from sci-fi vehicles to a 3D alien character. Featuring: Character - Create and develop your own characters. Creatures - Learn to make your own incredible creatures. Landscape - Construct amazing fantasy worlds. Concept - Let your imagination run wild!

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
€ 10,72(Incl. btw)

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8 min
build fantasy architecture blood temple 2012

Photoshop Painter Artist Info Alexander Thümler Personal portfolio site alexander thumler Alexander is a self-taught concept artist and illustrator with a love for scif-fiwho studied design in Nuremberg. He does live paintings with an audience or on the internet via Livestream. In the field of entertainment design and illustration, you are almost always faced with the prospect of creating virtual worlds that include some kind of architecture, or even whole infrastructures. Whether it is science fiction art or a classic medieval fantasy image, from the very first second the person looking at this kind of illustration should be convinced that the world he or she is observing could actually exist. Even if there is magic going on or you can see floating buildings in the air, if the artwork contains a consistent visual…

8 min
master magical manga effects the blue sorceress 2012

Photoshop Painter Artist Info Schin Loong Personal portfolio site www.schin-art.com I started drawing pretty girls after watching Sailor Moon as a child. Now I work as an illustrator in Las Vegas and try to draw more whenever I have the time. If I could have a magic power, I’d choose the power to implant the song The Final Countdown into my enemies’ heads. We all grew up with magic as children. Fairytales, nursery rhymes, cartoons and songs stir our imagination and every child has fantasised about having magical powers. But how do you portray such hidden powers in a painting? Japanese manga has been especially successful in this by manipulating colour, depth and special effects. The clean, simple lines of manga lend themselves well to magical effects because they provide a strong foundation for…

1 min
welcome to the sci-fi& fantasy art book

One of the best things about sci-fiand fantasy-inspired art is the fact that there are no constraints, you don’t have to abide by rules or reality, you simply have to create. Whether your specialism lies in character creation, concept artwork, landscapes or fantastical creatures, the Sci-fi& Fantasy Art Book has something for you. Covering programs including Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya, 3ds Max, MODO and Blender, we delve into techniques and ideas with the help of expert artists. From building intricate characters and furry creatures to creating whole worlds from scratch, there’s plenty of advice to help better your artwork and further your field of vision and expertise. In this latest edition, find out how to use programs in conjunction with each other to produce beautiful designs, and get top tips on…

8 min
construct a luminescent, highgloss mech wolf mech wolf 2015

The main idea in this mech wolf tutorial is to understand key steps of a 3D concept production and develop a really fresh look for your model. We will lead you through a creative and natural 3D sculpting process in the first part of the tutorial. After that we will show you how to quickly create stunning details using next-gen Booleans with MeshFusion. The last part is dedicated only to the visual development. We will find a unique look for your mech using inspiring references and then using Photoshop, we will do some stunning postproduction work – repainting our reflections and adding smart accents to our final composition. We will explain which workflows will suit which parts best, whilst still staying loose by switching to different packages to apply their best…

12 min
create a furry creature concept the wanderer 2015

Photoshop ZBrush In this project we are going to explore the workflow and method used to create a Lost Creature. We will be making this creature to help us make a central character as part of an illustration. This is an imaginary Lost Creature wandering the wild. The idea was to capture a moment in the life of this furry character, showing his curious and friendly side. A challenging thing about designing a character is to make it appealing, memorable and believable. As we sculpt this creature, we’ll make aesthetic decisions to give personality to our character. Based on a rough 2D sketch and using ZSpheres, we’ll quickly build a versatile base model of the creature. This will enable us to refine the character’s silhouette and proportions using layers. We’ll focus on setting…

2 min
your free resources

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THE TUTORIALS AND CREATE GREAT FANTASY ART REPLICATE ARTWORK FROM THE TUTORIALS Fantastic stock images for your library PACKED WITH FREE PREMIUM CONTENT YOUR BONUS RESOURCES ON FILESILO WE’VE PROVIDED FREE, EXCLUSIVE CONTENT FOR THE SCI-FI& FANTASY ART BOOK READERS, INCLUDING… • 32 aerial cityscape images • 50 human and animal reference images • 109 amazing abstract smoke art brushes • 1000 incredible Tech Ring brushes • All the tutorial files you’ll need to recreate the artworks featured in this issue Go to: http://www.filesilo.co.uk/bks-890/ FILESILO – THE HOME OF PRO RESOURCES Discover your free online assets A rapidly growing library Updated continually with cool resources Lets you keep your downloads organised Browse and access your content from anywhere No more torn disc pages to ruin your magazines No more broken discs Print subscribers get all the content Digital magazine owners get all the content too! Each issue’s…