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The Week Magazine July 3, 2020

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2 min.
editor’s letter

When Europe reopens its borders to tourists on July 1, visitors from three backward, high-infection countries will reportedly not be welcome: Russia, Brazil, and the U.S. This is how far our country has fallen. We have by far the most coronavirus cases in the world, with 2.4 million confirmed infections and more than 120,000 deaths (a quarter of the global total), and may surpass 200,000 deaths by summer’s end. Worst of all, a white flag of surrender has been raised in the White House and in many state capitols: If we can’t beat this virus, let’s pretend it’s gone. So people began returning too soon to indoor restaurants, bars, and stores, without masks or distancing, and new hot spots of infection were ignited. Texas has record numbers of new cases…

5 min.
trump’s deflating campaign launch

What happened President Trump’s re-election campaign was left reeling this week, after a Tulsa rally conceived as a triumphant return to the public stage for the beleaguered president fizzled amid low turnout. The 19,000-seat Bank of Oklahoma Center was only a third full for the Saturday event, leaving a glaring sea of empty blue seats. Trump had promised a crowd “like nobody’s seen before,” and the campaign, boasting of over a million ticket requests, set up an outdoor stage where Trump was slated to address an overflow crowd that never materialized. TikTok users claimed credit for boosting expectations with a campaign rallying teens and others to sign up for tickets they had no intention of using. But the impact of the stunt was dismissed by Trump campaign officials, who said attendance…

3 min.
barr accused of politicizing justice department

What happened Attorney General William Barr faced new allegations this week that he’d turned the Justice Department into a partisan weapon, after he fired the Manhattan U.S. attorney who was investigating President Trump’s inner circle and a career prosecutor testified that Barr has pressured investigators to go easy on Trump’s allies. The backlash began after Barr announced at 10 p.m. Friday that Geoffrey Berman, U.S. attorney for the powerful Southern District of New York, was “stepping down.” Berman, who is investigating Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and has indicted two of Giuliani’s Ukrainian business partners, sparked a public standoff when he said he had “no intention of resigning.” Barr then said Trump had fired him, and Berman agreed to leave when it became clear he’d be replaced by his deputy, Audrey…

1 min.
it wasn’t all bad

Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who survived an assassination attempt after courageously advocating for girls’ education, has now graduated from Oxford University. Following the 2012 Taliban attack, Yousafzai became a globally known advocate for human rights, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at age 17. Now 22, she graduates with a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics. She plans to take a well-deserved break by reading books and watching Netflix, and, like many new grads, says, “I don’t know what’s ahead.” Akobi, a 2-month-old, 40-pound pygmy hippo, made his debut last week at the San Diego Zoo. The pygmy hippo—which, despite the name, grows to 550 pounds—is an endangered species with fewer than 3,000 left in its native West Africa. Akobi is the first pygmy hippo the zoo has successfully…

3 min.
bolton: will his revelations damage trump?

“Now he tells us?” said Benjamin Wittes and Quinta Jurecic in TheAtlantic.com. In defiance of the Trump administration’s efforts to squelch the book, John Bolton has finally published The Room Where It Happened, a withering memoir of the mustachioed former national security adviser’s 18-month stint in Donald Trump’s White House. It’s chock-full of revelations “the public should have gotten months ago,” during Trump’s impeachment trial. Bolton does confirm that, yes, Trump personally told him he was withholding military aid from Ukraine to extort its president into announcing a sham investigation of Democratic rival Joe Biden. But it’s the other details about Trump’s erratic behavior and amoral character that are so “damning,” said Fareed Zakaria in The Washington Post. Bolton says Trump reads virtually nothing and is so ignorant that he…

1 min.
good week/bad week

Good week for: Fans, after Major League Baseball and players finally reached an agreement to start a truncated 60-game season on July 23, followed by playoffs and a World Series. No fans will be in the stands, at least initially. Carrying on, with news that the annual Nathan’s Famous hot dog–eating competition will be held without fans on July 4 in New York’s Coney Island. Joey Chestnut, the 12-time champion, hopes to break his own record of 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes. “If I’m feeling it,” said Chestnut, “77 is doable.” Bad boys, after new research found that women are less attracted to men who pose with their cat in dating profiles. Men with cats were judged by many women to be more “agreeable and open,” but “less masculine,” “more neurotic,” and…