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The Week Magazine July 31, 2020

The Week makes sense of the news by curating the best of the U.S. and international media into a succinct, lively digest.

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3 min.
editor’s letter

Like so many other parents across America, I’m dreading the arrival of the new school year. What should have been a moment of celebration for my family—our 4- and 7-year-old will finally be attending the same school, freeing my wife and me from a frantic multi-venue drop-off and pick-up routine—has instead become a source of constant worry. We’re lucky to live in an area that currently has a low Covid-19 infection rate, which means my kids are scheduled to be learning in the classroom at least two days a week. After three months of all-remote schooling, during which our children earned top grades in moaning and Netflix, we should be looking forward to those two days as if they were a Caribbean vacation. But there are too many unknowns for…

5 min.
hospitalizations, deaths soaring

What happened The U.S. coronavirus daily death toll broke 1,100 this week for the first time since May, as case numbers rose in 40 states and numerous states set records for hospitalizations and deaths. States across the South and Southwest were overwhelmed by surging infections, feeding case totals that over the past week have regularly topped 60,000 a day and sending the tally of confirmed U.S. cases near the 4 million mark, with more than 145,000 deaths. Several states faced shortages of intensive care beds; in Florida, at least 50 hospitals were maxed out, while the health officer in Mississippi—where 31 state legislators are infected—said the system risked being “thoroughly overwhelmed.” California surpassed New York as the state with the most cases, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said the city…

3 min.
economy teeters as congress fights over relief bill

What happened A bitterly divided Congress began lengthy negotiations over the next coronavirus relief package this week, as the explosion in Covid-19 cases showed signs of wiping out the country’s fragile economic recovery. Congress has only three weeks to pass the bill before its summer recess, and no deal is expected before the enhanced $600-a-week unemployment payments approved in March expire on July 31. Some 25 million Americans currently claim that benefit; if it disappears, their weekly income might fall by half or more. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is pushing for a $1 trillion bill that would include a new round of payments for individual Americans and liability protections for businesses and other organizations hit with coronavirus-related lawsuits. It may also include a payroll tax cut—a demand of President…

1 min.
it wasn’t all bad

Conservationists were thrilled this month to see a photo of the world’s rarest gorilla subspecies—with babies. Critically endangered and wary of humans, Cross River gorillas in the mountains of Nigeria and Cameroon were believed to number only around 300. Their future was uncertain, but camera traps this year captured images of a group of gorillas with several babies of various ages on their backs and walking at their sides. It’s a sign “that our conservation efforts are yielding fruits,” said Otu Gabriel Ocha of the nearby village of Kanyang I. At age 100, Capt. Tom Moore just earned another title: Sir. Moore raised some $40 million for Britain’s National Health Service this year by walking laps around his garden, using his walker after recovering from a broken hip. The country hailed…

3 min.
election 2020: is trump headed for a landslide defeat?

If “a blue wave” won the House for Democrats in the 2018 midterms, said Ed Kilgore in NYMag.com, then the general election in November is shaping up to be a “Democratic tsunami.” With only 100 days to go, this week’s ABC News/Washington Post poll showed Joe Biden with a stunning 15-point lead over President Trump among registered voters. This came after last week’s 15-point Quinnipiac lead and an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that put Biden up by 11. The picture in battleground states is no less grim for Trump. Biden holds solid single-digit leads in all seven of the states likely to choose the next president, including crucial Florida. He’s even running neck and neck with Trump in Texas, and is leading in Georgia, a state no Democrat has…

1 min.
good week/bad week

Good week for: Law and order, with the arrest of a Michigan woman who offered $5,000, plus travel expenses, on RentAHitman.com for the murder of her ex-husband. The owner of the fake website says it has helped prevent 130 murders since its founding in 2005. Bisexual men, who actually do exist, according to a new British study. Once-skeptical researcher Gerulf Rieger said the penile-response data of 400 men exposed to gay and straight pornography was “clear proof” of bisexual arousal. Selective empathy, after President Trump sent well-wishes to the accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, awaiting trial in jail on charges she procured underage girls for the late Jeffrey Epstein. “I’ve met her numerous times over the years,” noted Trump, who used to socialize with Epstein. “I wish her well.” Bad week for: Mistaken identity, after…