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1 It’s hard to conceive that Vaughan’s London showroom, already an Aladdin’s cave, can find space for yet more new trea sures – yet here’s the ‘Marchwood’ lantern (£2,430) and the Queen Annestyle ‘Long parish’ mirror (£1,656). Ring 020 7349 4600, or visit 2 Mandelli 1953’s ‘Archivi’ collection opens the door to unpublished projects by architects, artists and designers of the recent past. Joining its debut Piero Portaluppi ‘PP33’ handle is Marcello Morandini’s ‘MM80’ lever, which is available in chrome, satin nickel, white, matt black, or a combination of the last two finishes (shown; £105 approx per pair). Visit 3 Out on the tiles: Sarah Watson, Balineum’s bathroom buff, her artist partners in Italy and Wayne Pate (WoI April 2018) hooked up, not for a night on the town, but…

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fancy dress

STROHEIM. Invigorate your interior designs with fresh looks from Stroheim. The brand’s new ‘Colour’ collection and ‘Leading Edge Synchronicity’ trimmings combine beautifully for a layered and updated traditional look. ‘Colour’ brings prints and embroideries to life in fabrics imbued with a lively, artisanal style. ‘Leading Edge Synchronicity’ also celebrates the beauty of prints and embroideries, with most examples showcasing intricate machine and handmade needlepoint techniques. Explore the new, colourful season from Stroheim. For details, visit JAGTAR’s expertise in Thai silks has over the last 30 years made it one of the companies most sought-after by the world’s top designers and architects looking to boost their clients’ own brand identity. Jagtar textiles, a stunning stockpile of contemporary designs, are used to accent and dress some of the world’s leading luxury hotels, private…

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antennae roundup

For details see page 83…

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nesting instinct

AS A CHILD, Ruth Asawa liked to draw. In 1939, she entered a picture of the Statue of Liberty into a school competition to represent what it means to be an American, and won. Three years later, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Asawa family was interned, first at Santa Anita Park in California and then at the Rohwer War Relocation Center in Arkansas. Remarkably, Asawa was not embittered by her time in the camps, although it had a lasting impact on her sense of place in the world: in a 1948 letter to her future husband, Albert Lanier, she describes herself as ‘a citizen of the universe… infinitely smaller than if I belonged to a family, or province, or race’. Art allowed Asawa to transcend these definitions, although Citizen…

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beyond basics

NOW MORE THAN EVER, our home is our sanctuary. It is our safe place, where we retreat and relax, and also where we create daily routines and living habits that shape and mould around our lifestyles, passions and pursuits. The design – both in aesthetic and function – plays a crucial role in how we use and optimise our spaces, so make sure you get it right so as to enjoy the benefits. A common interiors mistake is to direct all our energy and budgets to the living room and kitchen, as the social hubs of the home, leaving out one of the most important and most used rooms – the bathroom. Creating a bathroom that goes beyond its basic functions – to become a room of one’s own to unwind…

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design week fabrics