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May 2019

Malaysia's number one motoring magazine, licensed by the BBC, home to the most entertaining and exciting car reviews and feature stories you can find on the newsstands. Look no further if cars are your thing.

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There was a debate in the office about whether this month’s Electric Issue would be relevant to the Malaysian market. Fuel is still relatively cheap here. But we decided that electric is still the way forward on a few accounts.When I first snuck my wife a preview of the cover, she immediately fell for the Honda E Prototype parked in the middle. She glanced through what would become pages 70 to 77 and was adamant that she wanted it to be her next car by the end of it. It took me years to convince her to trade up from her 23-year-old Proton. And she was smitten by the Honda in an instant.Some industry followers may argue that Malaysians aren’t ready to plug in on the basis of Mercedes-Benz taking…

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making it happen

Who: Thoriq AzmiWhere: Khao Lak, ThailandSmitten by the new Scrambler, our resident biker begins to wonder if he’s writing for the wrong magazineWho: John WycherleyWhere: Stuttgart, GermanyA sneaky peek behind the scenes of the unglamorous world of car photoshootsWho: Stephen DobieWhere: Wantage, UKProof that the internet never sleeps. Dep ed Stephen hard at work in the middle of nowhereWho: Chris RowlesWhere: TG car park, UKDivine justice for the man who laughed at the Peugeot 1007 for having sliding doors…What: battery chargerWhere: Silverstone, UKGood to know that the new/old Aston is being charged by new/old friend TopGearWho: Tom FordWhere: Bergen, NorwayBig, hairy creature tries to entice adorable fluffy dog into playing. FailsWho: Jason BarlowWhere: Sveta Nedelja, CroatiaJason waiting to see how the automonous driving mode works on the Rimac Greyp……

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topgear malaysia

BIG ROAD MEDIA PTE LTD (201105195M) 220, Tagore Lane, #03-01, Singapore 787600(TopGear Licensee for Malaysia & Singapore)PUBLISHER Louis Foo • louis@topgear-malaysia.comPUBLISHING PARTNER Big Road Media (Malaysia) Sdn BhdGROUP MANAGING EDITOR Tony FrancisEDITOR Daryl LoyEDITOR, TOPGEAR.COM Ahmad ZulizwanSENIOR WRITER Thoriq AzmiCONTRIBUTORS Eric Chin, David KhooCREATIVE & PRODUCTION CONSULTANT Kok Yuen MingSENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER John Tan Boon ChuanJUNIOR DESIGNER Adrian CheongPHOTOGRAPHER Ying Ching HengSALES & MARKETING MANAGER Dave Shawn • dave@topgear-malaysia.comSALES MANAGER Treas LoSALES & MARKETING EXECUTIVE Brandon Lau • brandon@topgear-malaysia.comFINANCE & ADMINISTRATION EXECUTIVE Ishamudin Berahim, Tan Yee ChinBBC TOP GEAR (UK)EDITOR IN CHIEF Charlie TurnerDEPUTY EDITOR Jack RixBRAND MANAGING EDITOR Esther NeveHEAD OF COMMERCIAL CONTENT Chris MooneyASSOCIATE EDITOR Tom FordCONSULTANT EDITOR Paul HorrellEDITOR AT LARGE Jason BarlowROAD TEST EDITOR Ollie KewSTAFF WRITER Tom HarrisonSUB-EDITOR Tom CobbeCONTRIBUTING EDITORS Pat Devereux, Chris Harris, Eddie…

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1 tesla is bringing sexy back

“This will probably sell more than the Model S and Model 3 combined.” Not our words, the words of his holiness Elon Musk, high priest of the EV evangelists, speaking at the reveal of the Model Y SUV at Tesla’s LA design studio. I’m in the bear pit, surrounded by doting customers who can’t stop screaming. “We love you Elon!”, “I’ll take two!”, “Thank you for bringing sexy back, Elon!”. The latter referring to his naming structure (Models S, 3, X and Y), not his smasual attire.It would be easy to sneer at the superfans, but listening to Musk recap the journey from exactly 10 years ago, when there was only the Roadster in existence (Musk owns this black Roadster, and points this out as it drives on stage to…

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better late than never

Yep, the base Tesla Model 3 is now available for order… in the US. European sales will be rolled out in the next six months, and Asian orders will have to wait until the new Shanghai gigafactory starts churning out enough batteries.Until now, Tesla has concentrated on selling Model 3s with long-range batteries and more equipment, meaning the average price paid was around $50,000 (£38,000).The new Model 3 Standard Range will go 354km between recharges, get from zero to 100kph in 5.6 seconds and top out at 209kph. Its $35k price converts to around £26,000 at current exchange rates, but there’s no word on a confirmed UK price for the right-hand drive version just yet.Inside, you still get the mega-screen interface, but the seats are cloth instead of leather, and…

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2 aston’s ev suv looks like this

A steering wheel… an optional extra in Lagonda’s vision of the futureLagonda appears to have gone for the scatter-gun approach when it comes to naming design influences for its All-Terrain Concept, with everything from super yachts to Mars exploration via the “planetary forces of gravity fields” all attributed to the car’s aesthetics. But it’s going to get made, and it will look more like this concept than you’d expect, even that elongated tail. An SUV will be the first production car from new-age Lagonda (because what else do you launch a brand with these days?) though little is divulged about what powers the All-Terrain at the moment, save for it being fully electric.…