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TopGear Malaysia December 2018

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winter instincts

Getting inspiration from the richly scenic Land of The Rising Sun, the Camel Active Autumn Winter 2018 selection has come to prime, poised to keep its wearers warm in style matched with a clean look and the brand’s renowned comfort and versatility. Devised by the brand’s innovative Instinct Lab, the range sees Camel Active bridging its newly interpreted, tailored classics with heavily treated workwear. The result is an electric selection of garments, bags, accessories and footwear that harness the combination of casual tailoring with di.erent material combinations, wash and garment dyed treatment and colours blocking – the collection’s central theme. Once again, the new Autumn Winter 2018 range welcomes its wearers to mix and match easily through its rich colours and materials combination. Whether you’re exploring the neon-lit concrete jungle of Tokyo…

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One of the biggest revelations from last month’s Budget 2019 address by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng was a fuel subsidy for cars with engine capacities of 1,500cc and below. Had it been a blanket subsidy, recently-launched continental cruisers like the MINI Countryman Plugin Hybrid (page 38) and Mercedes-Benz C200 (page 132) would have benefited at the expense of lesser cars with bigger engines such as the Proton Persona and Honda H-RV. Both Lim and Transport Minister Anthony Loke have gone on to clear the air, saying that luxury cars would not qualify for such rebates. How such a ‘class system’ can be officially implemented remains to be seen. But subsidy or no, credit should not be drawn from MINI, Mercedes and other premium carmakers who have managed to uphold lofty…

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making it happen

Who: Tom Harrison Where: Aydat, France When the gîte is full of bragging helmsmen, the only place to get a bit of peace is the car park Who: Eddie Jordan & Thoriq Azmi Where: Yas Marina Circuit, UAE ‘Wannabe’ host Thoriq meets ACTUAL host of TG TV Mr Eddie Jordan in the paddock during the Abu Dhabi GP Who: Team Speed Week Where: Aydat, France Discussing the minutiae of Speed Week organisation. Jack decides not to join in Who: Chris Rowles & John Wycherley Where: Channel tunnel Chris supporting John just before JW’s triple-toe-loop dismount from the Fiesta’s boot What: dinner Where: Aydat, France That’s the last time Team Speed Week believes Charlie when he says he’s a demon with a BBQ What: sign Where: Göschenen, Switzerland This way for dogs… the entire German road-trip team veers off route for walkies Who: dog Where: Le Grand Ballon, France Success! Team…

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the ferrari monza is quite mad

Mix of SP1 and SP2 down to customer demand, so there could be hundreds more of one than the other You don’t have to wear a helmet to drive Ferrari’s new Monza SP1 or SP2. We would, though, unless you enjoy the very specific sort of pain which can only be inflicted by a pigeon to the face. Maranello will build “less than 500” examples of this latest limited-edition. Yep – despite appearances, this is not some hyper-exclusive ten-off. A few might even get driven on a somewhat regular basis. Wouldn’t that be a thing? Why give us this news now, and not at a motor show? Because the SP is the first in Ferrari’s ‘Icona’ series of cars, and that’s a big deal and worthy of its own news cycle. Sitting above…

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2 aston may have a hypercar addiction

Not content with the ballistic Valkyrie and track-only Valkyrie AMR Pro, Aston has confirmed a third hypercar for late 2021, limited to 500 coupes and codenamed Project 003. All we have to go on so far is the sketch above and the fact that it will share DNA and tech with the Valkyrie, but be powered by a different turbo-petrol-electric hybrid engine. More importantly, it’s being “engineered to offer more practical concessions to road use, including space for luggage.” We wouldn’t sell the family estate just yet, but Aston, consider our interest piqued.…

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3 the ds 3 crossback features a lot of design

The new DS 3 Crossback tips its hat at the design of the DS 3 supermini, the brand’s first car and still its fastest seller. Spot the shark-fin B-post, the contrast roof, plus the brandtastic grille and upright running LEDs. The big news? In six months there’ll be a 136bhp full electric E-Tense version with a 300-km range. Too brave? Normal petrol and diesel engines are on the initial menu. Inside you’ve got a double-screen layout, a head-up display and, bien sûr, a superabundance of diamond motifs in the instrument graphics, switchgear and stitching.…