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Happy New Year folks! January is here. And in typical TopGear fashion, we’re kicking off 2019 with our annual TG Awards. Basically, our first foot forward will be to take one step back to appreciate some of the best cars to have surfaced over the past 12 months. If you’ve had to have a long, hard look at the cover before purchasing this magazine, then there’s probably few surprises left in store. Cars like the McLaren Senna and Ferrari 488 Pista are hard to leave out in a compilation of 2018’s finest. And it’s not surprising to see some existing winners such as the Alpine A110 (TG’s Performance Car of the Year) and Volvo XC40 (European & Japan Car of the Year) in the mix as well. But don’t leave yet…

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making it happen

What: John Wycherley Where: Calvert Studios, UK John decides to put right the chronic shortage of pictures of studio lights in the magazine Who: Thoriq Azmi Where: Cameron Highlands, Perak Our resident biker professing his love for the Ducati Multistrada 950 on camera. We’ll have the video up on Facebook soon Who: Mark Riccioni Where: Abingdon, UK Latest in our series: Large Man in Small Place, it’s Mark in the back of a Singer Who: Mark Riccioni Where: Seiderzell, Germany Well, the website did describe the hotel as ‘boutique’ with great views What: Jack Rix Where: Seiderzell, Germany When you come across a place like this in the dark woods, it starts feeling a bit Blair Witch… Who: Lambo & goats Where: Madesimo, Italy What’s the difference between a goat and a SVJ? One’s a hairy animal… the other’s a goat Who: Team TG Where: Calvert Studios, UK What happens…

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1 if in doubt, smooth it out

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s chief creative officer, introduces the new Evoque punchily. “The acid test is this. Does the new car make the old car look old? Not different, but old.” He’s right that it isn’t conceptually different: the bloodline from 2008 LRX concept to 2011 first-gen Evoque to this new one could hardly be clearer. But given that the old one served Land Rover mightily well, is it a noble aim to make it look like yesterday’s chip-paper? Isn’t that an insult to his own back catalogue, and a slight on the existing owners? McGovern seldom displays the symptoms of low self-esteem, but his reply to my question is uncharacteristically hesitant: “I guess… I could have phrased that differently.” Then he’s back on track. “I might be wrong, but I don’t…

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6 open wide – it’s the new aston dbx

This is the new Welsh-built Aston Martin DBX. We can say that with certainty, because Aston has confirmed DBX is indeed the name it’s christening its first SUV with. No Vulcan/Valkyrie/Vantage alliteration here. It’s DBX. And it’s alive. Here we see the new five-door SUV – a stark contrast to the sleek two-door coupe DBX concept from 2016 – hard at work testing on the Sweet Lamb rally stage in Wales. And when we say hard at work, we obviously mean ‘pratting around sideways’. That’s Matt Becker, Gaydon’s chief engineer at the wheel. Working hard. And the work will be continuing all over the world, says Aston Martin. “Though simulation is an essential part of the DBX’s early development phase, this first prototype drive in Wales signifies the start of ‘real…

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7 dodge will sell you a 1,000bhp engine in a box

It’s officially official: Dodge has gone mad, and we love it. We have now reached the critical junction in humanity where Dodge will sell you a 1,000bhp, 950 lb ft crate engine to lob in whatever car you like. That, ladies and gents, is what we call progress. Better than that, Dodge has christened this monstrous engine of preposterous power and tremendous torque “Hellephant”. Yes, Hellephant – note the Demon-style logo. How sweet is that? All that oomph comes from a supercharged, all-aluminium HEMI block with a four-inch stroke and an increased bore of 4.125 inches. You can stop rubbing your thighs now, suck, squeeze, bang, blow fans. The name is merely a nod to the infamous 426 HEMI engine that was first introduced in 1964 and nicknamed the “elephant” due…

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8 8-series continues to impress, but not excite

Welcome, everyone, to the inevitable: the new BMW 8-Series Convertible: a twin-turbo, convertible V8 BMW that’s over 100kg heavier and twotenths slower to 62mph than its equivalent twinturbo, coupe V8 BMW – a car where we’ve come away impressed by its ability but unsure of its specialness. Can a folding top tip the balance? It’s a folding-cloth roof said to offer superb sound insulation and one that “pulls taut over the interior when closed”. Well, you’d hope so. In any case, said roof can be opened or closed in 15 seconds, at speeds of up to 50kph. There’s a wind deflector and the option of neck warmers; like Mercedes-Benz’s ‘air scarf’, this handy feature blows warm out through vents in the front-seat head restraints onto your neck. Winter is upon us, after…