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Total Film December 2020

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Total Film is the world’s best movie magazine, a monthly digest of what's hot in the empire of movie culture. Each issue offers in-depth features on the biggest movies - both mainstream and arthouse. You'll find the latest movie news, reviews of all the new releases, star interviews, on-set reports and an extensive home entertainment guide that rates all the new releases in dvd, blu-ray, videogames, books and soundtracks. If you love movies, then Total Film Magazine is your unmissable monthly companion.

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welcome to total film

Isay! Put up the arc lights! Roll out the red carpet! It’s time to get excited about our issue celebrating the golden age of Hollywood... kicked off by David Fincher’s magnificent love letter to the era, Mank. Not only did we channel our inner Orson chatting to the director and his starry cast, but we peered behind the scenes of some of cinema’s most famous classic movies in our extra magazine. It’s not all B&W this issue, though – we’ve gone full red and green for our big Xmas special featuring all the seasonal treats coming your way – new releases, aaall the toys, the BEST yuletide watches – and we’re officially saying that now is the time to start playing carols. Other great insights to bring you cheer: exclusive…

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call sheet

JORDAN FARLEY NEWS EDITOR Had a fun chat with Liam Neeson over on our weekly podcast Inside Total Film this month Fun fact he read Ulysses and War And Peace during lockdown MATT MAYTUM DEPUTY EDITOR Was nervous talking to David Fincher but he was self- deprecating “Take out where I go ‘um’ and ‘like’ ” he joked “You have my permission to make me look remotely literate” JANE CROWTHER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci are aware of the lack of glam in Zoom interviews “Welcome to my blue wall ”Firth boomed while Tucci called in from “the least offensive wall I could find”…

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total film wingman

DEAR WINGMAN Oh Wingman, please help me. I have a vivid memory of an obscure movie from the early 1990s wherein a bunch of kids gets kidnapped/hijacked on a plane. But I’ve forgotten what it was called… or whether it even existed! You’ve gotta help me. Well you don’t gotta, but I’d very much appreciate it if you did. PETE RENDER, YORK WINGMAN SAYS... A film fan in distress! [Dashes to Wingman-cave, aka Wing motherʼs basement, smears guy-liner under eyes, accidentally in eyes, screams for five minutes, pins on coat-hang er-and-Kleenex wings, consults state-of-the-art database, aka Wingmother] The answer you seek is Bad Attitudes, a 1991 telemovie from the post-Home Alone era where armed terrorists were no match for a few shin-kicking moppets. Writer Caleb Carr later went from little devils to bigger ones…

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EMAIL totalfilm@futurenet.com WRITE Total Film, 1-10 Praed Mews, London W2 1QY (postal addresses will be used for the sole purpose of sending out prizes) gamesradar.com/totalfilm twitter.com/totalfilm facebook.com/totalfilm Drop us a line totalfilm@futurenet.com STAR LETTER ★ I wrote a while ago about coming home to find your brilliant issue 296 waiting for me and feeling like the cover was a slap in the face after No Time To Die’s rescheduling. Imagine my surprise when I came home today and took off the plastic wrapping off issue 304, only to be slapped across the other cheek! Great cover though. All the last-minute rescheduling this year has, I’m sure, played havoc with your reporting/editing. Honestly, how can cinemas be expected to do well if they aren’t given a chance? You can pack people on buses…

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EXCLUSIVE GAME FOR A LAUGH FREE GUY | Ryan Reynolds’ alt-reality tentpole is a comedy for our turbulent times... The last time Teasers caught up with director Shawn Levy and his cast to talk about Ryan Reynolds-starrer Free Guy, we were just entering a near-global lockdown. We discussed how weird the situation was and how the film’s planned July opening would need to be delayed until ‘it was all over’, with the sort of naiveté we all felt when the world thought this might be a couple-of-weeks thing. Seven long months later – with a second release date looming and lockdown still the new normal – Levy is aware how his tale of an NPC avatar, Guy (Reynolds), trying to bring kindness and order to his chaotic GTA-esque open-world game might now have far…

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anya taylor-joy

When it comes to choosing directors to work with, Anya Taylor–Joy knows what she is looking for. “Do I believe them so much,” she told The Hollywood Reporter, “that if they asked me to jump off the side of a cliff, would I do it?” Soon, Taylor-Joy might be required to navigate more than just metaphorical cliff edges. Thrillingly, she will unite with director George Miller to play Furiosa in the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel (working title: The Wasteland) for which she’ll be stepping into boots previously worn with such ferocity by Charlize Theron. Rather big boots, in short. The prospect would intimidate any actor, but Taylor-Joy has put in serious groundwork over the last five years. After TV’s Atlantis, she levitated to fame in Robert Eggers’ primal fear-stoker The Witch,…