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Total Film April 2021

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Total Film is the world’s best movie magazine, a monthly digest of what's hot in the empire of movie culture. Each issue offers in-depth features on the biggest movies - both mainstream and arthouse. You'll find the latest movie news, reviews of all the new releases, star interviews, on-set reports and an extensive home entertainment guide that rates all the new releases in dvd, blu-ray, videogames, books and soundtracks. If you love movies, then Total Film Magazine is your unmissable monthly companion.

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welcome to total film

I was born bad…” drawls Emma Stone as Cruella in the film’s trailer – but was she? This issue, we’re celebrating women in cinema who have been labelled as a ‘bad gal’ and reassessing what that actually means. Are they unapologetically wicked, are they a product of their environment, or are they pigeonholed by society? Emma Stone and her cast certainly have opinions on that in our glamorous cover story, darling! Plus, we’re on set with Michael B. Jordan for actioner Without Remorse, talking to Billie Piper about her directorial debut, chatting career with Ben Whishaw and getting aural with the filmmakers behind journey-for-the-ears indie Sound Of Metal. Also, we’re raising a glass to the nuptial disruptors, Bridesmaids, and get inside Kelly Reichardt’s must-see movie, First Cow. And with cinemas…

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call sheet

JAMIE GRAHAM EDITOR-AT-LARGE Was great to see Michael B. Jordan at work on the set of Without Remorse. Unsurprisingly, the Creed man is as good with a gun as he is with his fists. MATT MAYTUM DEPUTY EDITOR Interesting to hear Wesley Snipes say he talked superhero acting with Robert Downey Jr. before Iron Man when we chatted for the TF podcast, Inside TotalFilm. JANE CROWTHER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Emma Stone is exactly as you’d imagine her to be. Warm, funny and wonderfully down to earth. Calling in to chat, her Zoom ID simply read ‘Em’.…

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total film wingman

DEAR WINGMAN Does anyone else remember taping movies off the TV back in the 1990s with a VCR? Our VHS machine, when set on the timer to video late-night films, would always cut out way before the movie had actually finished. To this day, I have never seen the last 10 minutes of 1973’s The Wicker Man. I assume the nice policeman solved the case and escaped from the island in one piece. Yours naively, PHIL SLOAN, KENT WINGMAN SAYS… Ah, VHS. Skulking under your TV like a proto-Skynet, making its own decisions about what you should watch. Many a time did Wingman instruct it to record a raunchy thriller, only to find it’d taped instead two hours of Open University on the secret life of sewage. Or failing that, an exciting triple…

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EMAIL totalfilm@futurenet.com WRITE Total Film, 1-10 Praed Mews, London W2 1QY (postal addresses will be used for the sole purpose of sending out prizes) gamesradar.com/totalfilm twitter.com/totalfilm facebook.com/totalfilm Drop us a line totalfilm@futurenet.com STAR LETTER ★In response to Phil’s letter in TF309, I have many ‘silver-screen memories’. But my love of films started when my auntie, who used to work at the Bingo Hall attached to the old Cecil Cinema in Hull, would sneak my little brother and me in halfway through films so we could see the picture to the end and then wait for it to start again to see the rest, as they were just on a loop in those days. We saw such ‘classics’ as Condorman, The Boys In Blue, The Sword And The Sorcerer and Hawk The Slayer.MARK…

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show time

The date 16 December 2020 should have been an auspicious one. Following a four-month drought, Wonder Woman 1984 – the first major ticket-seller since Tenet – was due to release in cinemas across the UK. Instead, London, Kent, and parts of Essex and Hertfordshire joined much of the North of England and the Midlands in Tier 3, extinguishing the beacon of hope that Diana Prince represented. Among those affected by this eleventh hour closure was Genesis, an independent cinema in East London. “I can’t tell you how difficult that was for everybody,” says Tyrone Walker-Hebborn, director and owner of Genesis. Thousands of pounds’ worth of refreshments went to waste, and missing out on ticket sales for the first blockbuster release since August was catastrophic. “It probably wiped between £200-400k off our…

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hugh grant

We are, it seems, not in Notting Hill anymore. In recent years, Hugh Grant has exchanged stammering and stumbling in love for killing, scheming and all kinds of other misdeeds – including, for Paddington 2, singing and dancing in retina-searing prison wear – in his roles. And it looks like he’s only just getting started. After that grim business with the hammer in binge-watch HBO murdermystery The Undoing, Grant’s latest casting reads like he’s ready to tool up again. He’ll join a prime cast (Sophia Lillis, Chris Pine, Rege-Jean Page) to play the villain in Game Night directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein’s Dungeons & Dragons, adapted from the RPG. Though little is known about Grant’s Forge Fletcher, his name suggests a little hammer-time might be involved. Also incoming is a…