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Trail Running October - November 2018

Trail Running was the UK's first magazine devoted to the exciting, adventurous world of off-road running. Escape boring treadmills, knee-jolting tarmac and traffic fumes and join us in the fresh air as we help you discover Britain’s most awesome trails. In each issue you’ll find... - Mapped off-road routes - Inspirational places to run throughout the UK - More gear tests than any other running magazine - Expert training advice and fitness plans We also feature and interview record-breaking mountain runners, along with the best trail, obstacle and adventure races.

United Kingdom
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back to the future

YEARS AGO I ONCE interviewed a shoe designer who was responsible for creating Batman’s boots. We were sitting in his supercool office checking out some of the latest models, when suddenly he picked up the Dark Knight’s footwear of choice for tackling Gotham’s criminal underworld. I have to say, we’ve experienced a similar wow factor in recent weeks by checking out what’s new for the autumn and beyond. Which is why we’ve taken a look at how running shoes have evolved, page 52. The differences are amazing and it does get you thnking about where we’ll be in, say, 15 years. Talking of progression, our theme for this issue involves Pushing the Boundaries. For some, that will be running an ultramarathon, for others it’ll be tackling something like a 5km or…

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this issue’s contributors

CLAIRE MAXTED Whether it’s 5km or 50km, Claire has news for you – it is possible, p38. SAM BROOKS Experience the amazing world of fast-packing with Sam, p44. LIZZIE ROSEWELL Tough last race? Lizzie will tell you that you haven’t seen anything yet, p48. JACK HART Jack discovers shoes have moved on a lot since the days of leather pumps, p52. ROB KEMP Rob investigates what causes fatigue and gives tips on how to fight it, p72. PAUL BARTON Aged 43, Paul takes on the Lakeland 50 for the first time and survives, p74. /trailrunningmag @trailrunningmag trailrunningmag tr@bauermedia.co.uk…

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running inspiration

CROWD PLEASER The significance of Kilian Jornet’s (in blue) final few strides into Keswick wasn’t lost on the huge crowd ready to congratulate the mountain running machine on his latest amazing achievement – beating Billy Bland’s fabled 35-year-old record for the Bob Graham Round (see news, p14). It capped an amazing season for Jornet who has an unprecedented range that sees him win races as short as 22km and as long as 160km. If you have a great pic send it to tr@bauermedia.co.uk PICTURE PERFECT For more than a decade the month of September has seen competitors tackle the Gore-Tex Transalpine-Run, with more than 300 trail runners crossing the Alps on foot, via Austria and Italy. That’s a whopping 255.4km and 16,398m of ascent in a week that, as you can see from…

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dressed for success

Tight fit They might not be everyone’s go-to fashion item, but it seems lower-leg compression sleeves may improve performance. Scientists at Jena University Hospital put 22 active men on the treadmill at four different speeds and found the sleeves reduced muscle activity and decreased energy cost between 4-16%. The biggest advantage was found at 2.8m/s (about 9min 40sec/ mile pace). Padding problems Minimalist ‘barefoot’ sandals have become common in recent years, mimicking the traditional shoes made by the Mexican ultrarunning tribe Tarahumara. However, scientists at Harvard found they could double the stress on your bones versus running barefoot, because the protection they provide encourages you to put more weight on your feet. Maxing it out ‘Maximal’ running shoes that provide up to around 33mm of stack height in the heel and forefoot have been popular…

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don’t neglect strength

As a runner, you probably get much more than the recommended amount of aerobic exercise and, as such, you may well consider yourself to be pretty fit. However, Public Health England and the Centre for Ageing Better have warned that too many adults aren’t getting enough strength and balance exercise. Jess Kuehne, senior engagement manager at Centre for Ageing Better, says: “It’s clear that we need to give equal weighting to activities that boost muscle and bone strength, and improve balance rather than simply focusing on aerobic exercise.” Strength exercises don’t have to be pumping iron, though. They suggest it could take the form of ball games, racket sports, dance, Nordic walking or bodyweight exercises.…

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a dose of parkrun

Can that really be ‘parkrun’ on my prescription or is it just the doctor’s dodgy handwriting? As part of a link-up between organisers of the popular weekly 5k runs and the Royal College of General Practitioners, interested surgeries can register to be a ‘parkrun practice’ and prescribe jogging rather than medication, especially to inactive individuals. Head of health and wellbeing at parkrun Chrissie Wellington said: “Our research tells us that GPs and other practice staff are already signposting people to parkrun to great effect and we want to scale this up. This exciting and game-changing initiative is a huge step forward in helping us encourage GP practices across the country to forge beneficial partnerships with their local parkruns, and for all staff and patients to realise the wide-ranging health benefits…