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Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd TV & Satellite Week is a weekly magazine, perfect for TV fans looking to get the most out of multichannel viewing. It includes comprehensive listings and a film guide, coverage of the best US dramas, a rundown of the week's highlights and a guide to live sports action on TV. England and Wales edition.

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sci-fi & fantasy preview

Star Trek: Picard (Amazon Prime Video) Sir Patrick Stewart reprises his role as fan favourite Jean-Luc Picard, the legendary former captain of the USS Enterprise, in this ambitious 10-part series. The drama is set to examine how Picard’s life has altered since leaving Starfleet. ‘He may be a different individual who has been changed by his experiences,’ says Stewart, who will play Picard for the first time since 2003’s Star Trek: Nemesis. Little is known about the plot, though a cataclysmic event depicted in JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek movie has affected Picard in a big way. Santiago Cabrera will play a thief and Michelle Hurd is an ex-intelligence officer. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Netflix) A stunning prequel to Jim Henson’s 1980s film The Dark Crystal combines puppetry with glorious visual effects as three…

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eastern promise

‘Within two seconds, viewers will think, “This isn’t Downton Abbey”’TOM BATEMAN NEW DRAMA Beecham House Sunday & Monday, ITV HD, 9pm London’s Ealing Studios have been transformed into 18th-century Delhi as TV&Satellite Week steps into the stunning courtyard of an Indian mansion adorned with a fountain, statues and a huge tree with a shrine at its base. We’re on set for a look at ITV’s ambitious new period drama Beecham House, penned and directed by Bend It Like Beckham writer/director Gurinder Chadha. The vibrant six-part series is set in Delhi in 1795 and centres on enigmatic John Beecham, played by Vanity Fair star Tom Bateman. John is a former soldier who left the powerful British East India Company in disgust at their ruthless trading practices. Several years on, John moves into his sumptuous new home, Beecham House, and…

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soap diary

EMMERDALE Marlon, Jessie and April are held hostage ⪢ Since his release from prison at Christmas, Jessie’s eldest son, Billy, has brought no end of trouble to his mum and Marlon’s front door. But this week’s events top the lot, as the ex-con’s nemesis Max sneaks into Tall Trees and holds Marlon, Jessie and April hostage. It’s all about payback. Earlier, Billy teams with Max and the equally dodgy Woody to hold up and rob a van. But just as they’re about to pounce, the police pitch up. Billy has tipped them off. Later, as Marlon, Jessie and April return home early from a village football match, they’re horrified to be greeted by Max, who has escaped from the cops and is carrying a gun. He insists Jessie call Billy to bring him to…

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major player

DRAMA Catch-22 Thursday, C4 HD, 9pm Catch-22 may be a quintessentially American tale, yet when George Clooney was casting the six-part series, there was only one man he wanted to play US Major de Coverley, and he was British. Like most people, Clooney had admired Hugh Laurie’s performance as the curmudgeonly Dr Gregory House in hit drama House, and he knew Laurie would be perfect as Catch-22’s eccentric major with a taste for fine food. When Clooney contacted Laurie to offer him the role, the 60-year-old actor leapt at the chance to appear in the World War Two drama about the efforts of young pilot John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott) to get a discharge home. ‘When the emperor sends a signal across the water, you drop whatever you’re doing and answer the call,’ smiles Laurie. ‘Of course,…

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look who’s back…

Emily Atack Emily Atack: Adulting Wednesday, W HD, 10pm Emily Atack shot to fame last year when she finished runner-up to Harry Redknapp in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! but her big break came in 2008 when she was cast as girl-next-door Charlotte in E4 comedy The Inbetweeners. She went on to star in BBC1’s Rock & Chips (2010) and Tracey Ullman’s Show (2016-17), plus films including Dad’s Army (2016) and thriller Lies We Tell (2018). HER NEW SHOW This week, Atack stars in a new ‘observational documentary’ that follows her as she approaches her 30th birthday, deals with fame and tries to answer such questions as, ‘Should I have kids? How can I find love? And am I too selfish?’ She says, ‘I’m at this limbo stage of life where I…

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fists of fury

‘Everyone wanted to do justice to Bruce Lee’s legacy’ANDREW KOJI NEW DRAMA Warrior Tuesday, Sky One HD, 10pm Battle lines are drawn across San Francisco this week when a new martial-arts crime drama drop-kicks its way on to Sky One. Warrior is set during the Tong Wars, a series of violent gang disputes in Chinatowns across the US in the late 1800s. The 10-part series follows Chinese immigrant Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), who arrives in San Francisco in 1878 on a mission to find his sister. But when his powerful fighting skills come to light, he quickly becomes a hatchet man for the Hop Wei, one of the city’s most powerful tongs – the name for Chinese organised crime families. BRAVE NEW WORLD As Hop Wei fights for supremacy with rival tong, the Long Zii, Ah Sahm finds…