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Vogue April 2016

Setting the standard for over 100 years has made Vogue the best selling fashion magazine in the world.

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Good JEANS Like all things swept up in a seasonal refresh, your trusty blues can get a boost this spring. Whether you like your jeans cropped, faded, or cuffed, our denim guide is full of wonderfully wearable Wranglers revamped. Game ON To match the marvel of athleticism that the world will be watching during the Olympics, we highlight the best of Rio de Janeiro. Find under-the-radar restaurants, shopping destinations, and more in a tourist’s trove of ideas for an upcoming trip. SPRING Forward After a frigid winter, it’s time to turn up the heat on your wardrobe—and what better way to shake off the cold than with a new look? From the prettiest sundresses to sandals in every style, here’s how to look hot and stay cool all season long.…

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power players

To me, to the editors of Vogue, and no doubt to you, it feels like the magazine has been charting the influence of sports clothes on fashion for at least the past decade. And you’ll find plenty more such looks in this issue, whether the upgraded version of gym bags you can carry just about everywhere (What to Wear Where, page 274) or the futuristically inclined wardrobe depicted in “Tomorrowland” (page 217). Yet as writer Robert Sullivan discusses in his piece on the brilliantly innovative Nike and its ventures into fashion (Moment of the Month, page 270), the real story is about much more than the stylistic appropriation of hoods, sneaker soles, and track pants. It is instead about where we are today—dressing for a world where there has never…

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talking back

70.7K Miss 2016 Finding a new face for the cover of Vogue always feels like an event, and the time was right for ingenue turned superstar Alicia Vikander. Our January feature “All About Alicia,” photographed by David Sims, delighted commenters: “Oh my gosh! She’s stunning thank you!” wrote @kyla_christopher on Instagram. “So pretty,” added Fionn Sleeps on Facebook. And Rob Haskell’s intimate profile (complete with skydiving adventure) revealed Vikander as the Swede next door. “I love you, Alicia,” wrote one Vogue.com user. We do too. SIMPLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON EARTH @ artdan62 MY NEW FAVORITE GIRL @ bagus_santoso SHE IS NEXT LEVEL!! @ reyjeane # VIEWED STORY FOR TWO MONTHS RUNNING O Canada! Turns out our neighbors to the north are strongly opinionated social-media users. From the moment it posted to Vogue.com, John Powers’s January-issue profile…

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Nikolaj COSTER-WALDAU In a show full of dastardly characters, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s Jaime Lannister emerged at the end of season five as Game of Thrones’s sympathetic dark horse—well, almost. “There is a lot that people connect to,” says Coster-Waldau of Jaime. “He’s in love with this woman, but she happens to be his sister. It’s a messed-up situation.” If he relates to some of the more likeable aspects of Jaime’s temperament, other parts—ruthlessness, megalomania, bloodthirstiness—are anathema to the 46-year-old father of two teenage girls. His “normal” life—when he’s not shooting GOT or the film projects he shoehorns into the show’s hiatus—is based in Denmark, where he lives with his wife and kids. “In a perfect world I would be with my family all the time,” says Coster-Waldau, “and every movie I’m in…

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love and grief

For some couples, choosing names for a newborn can be challenging—nine months of negotiation and lists upon lists of combinations. Our twin boys were a week old by the time my husband, Andy, and I finally made up our minds. It wasn’t because we hadn’t prepared; it was that Andy had a change of heart about their middle names once they arrived. “Those names belong to their brothers,” he said as our sons slept silently side by side. “And I never want these boys to think I want them to be anyone other than who they are.” I was introduced to Andy through Facebook. Not in the way that you’d expect; he’s not even on Facebook. It was mid-January of 2010, and the worst earthquake in Haiti’s history had befallen the…

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house of mirth

I was eighteen, in the throes of a nervous breakdown, when I checked myself in to my grandparents’ house in the Berkshires. I had recently graduated with flying colors from Phillips Academy Andover, but suddenly I was having trouble doing the simplest things: walking, talking, reading a menu, dialing a phone. The world appeared as if in a fog. I couldn’t see straight; I could barely hear. Other people loomed as shadowy figures through the mist, approaching or retreating, nearly always threatening. It started in the months after graduation. I had decided to take the year off before college and travel. I knew that I wanted to be a writer, and in my mind I was beginning my apprenticeship. I would read and write, explore the world, work at whatever job…