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4 min.
certain women

As someone who doesn’t real ly believe in looking back very much or ver y often, I’m going to break wi th the habit of a lifetime and start this April’s letter by talking about the recent past—specifically, our March 2017 issue, which celebrated the female designers who have helped define our vision of fashion, and the new generation of models who are as feisty as they are gorgeous, bringing, thankfully, a more pluralistic idea of beauty to the runway. That issue was the starting point for our 125th anniversary, which we have decided to commemorate by celebrating throughout this year 125 women from all walks of life who share one singular quality: Each of them makes the world an in_nitely better and more fascinating place. The women we bring you…

11 min.
learning curve

My one-year-old nephew, Teddy, started to cry as soon as his father handed him over to me. I didn’t know how to hold a baby. Scrunching up his face, now bright red, he squirmed de!antly in my arms. “Please, little man,” I whispered, rocking Teddy from side to side, shaking a rattle inches from his nose. “Just let Daddy take his shower.” I sang “B-I-N-G-O,” stuck out my tongue, played peekaboo— all the things I’d seen Teddy’s father do to make him laugh. The crying came harder. I held out my phone—something Teddy always wanted to play with, but we never let him do—and watched him smear his tiny !ngers across the glowing screen, mesmerized and, miraculously, quiet. It didn’t last long. My brother-in-law Craig returned downstairs in his suit, Teddy started…

9 min.
dealer’s choice

On a recent sun-drenched morning, Andrea Glimcher led me through the front screen door of a large, century-old house in Southampton into a living room that looked a lot like a painting by Fair!eld Porter. Getting inside the work of an artist—for galleries and museums, for collectors and clients of all kinds—is a big part of what Glimcher does, though here she’s being quite literal. The house she’s renting, it turns out, was once the home of Porter and his wife, Anne, and a gathering spot for New York School painters and poets like Jane Freilicher and Frank O’Hara. To let me fully experience Porter’s The Living Room, Glimcher places me where Porter would have stood, then presents me with a copy of the 1952 painting—a languid interior, with !replace,…

6 min.
powered up

Who is your hero, and why?” I often _nd myself thinking about that question, which was first posed to me in a sixth-grade English class. Back then, I had a stacked roster to choose from: Superman, Batman, Spider-Man; any nerdy kid who’d been bitten by a radioactive bug received my unvarnished admiration. This was before Christopher Nolan and Joss Whedon turned superheroes into billion-dollar tent-pole franchises, before Alessandro Michele made geeks chic, before a generation of tech bros followed Mark Zuckerberg to Silicon Valley, back when eyeglasses were still just one notch more fashionable than hearing aids. The contemporaneous photos still sleeved in Ritz Camera envelopes in my parents’ suburban Maryland basement depict an eleven-year-old walking prayer for early-onset puberty. It pains me to admit this in the pages of Vogue,…

2 min.
coast to coach

Happy Sunday morning,” says Rodarte’s Laura Mulleavy, calling from Pasadena. “Good afternoon from New York,” chirps Stuart Vevers. Pleasantries aside, the bicoastal buzz of camaraderie on this conference call is as buoyant as the upcoming collaboration between Rodarte and Coach. New York heritage brand meets L.A. dreamers—could it get more American? The fact that the collection will be for purchase in international markets is almost beside the point: Though Vevers hails from Yorkshire, since he took on the creative directorship of the brand in 2013 a kind of _lmic Americana has roared through his collections and—inspired by what he calls Rodarte’s “freeing, thoughtful, and transportive” qualities—prompted him to contact the Mulleavy sisters. Like so many great American creations, the adventure began with a road trip. “I loaded up my suitcases with…

3 min.
glittering prizes

FOR DECADES, THE FAMOUS FILM FESTIVAl AND THE RENOWNES JEWELRY HOUSE HAVE SHARED A COMMITMENT TO DAZZLING CREATIVITY DAZZLING CREATIVITY Art istry and glamour, perseverance and brilliant inspirat ion - the cinematic ach ievements heralded at Cannes and the jewelry of Chopard have so much in common. This spring, we ce lebrate th is bea ut iful friendship, a co llaboration that combines the best in film with some of the brightest, most modern jewels in the world. Since Cannes's first film festiva l70 years ago, starlets and ce lebrit ies have glided down the town's famed red sta ircase, their perfect physiques clad in the most exq uisite examples of French couture. And for the last 20 years, these symphonies of silk and satin have been matched by exquisite Chopard creations…