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video 73 questıons with Derek Zoolander In the lead-up to the release of Zoolander 2, the half-witted male supermodel takes us on a tour of his New York City pad and answers our 73 questions—to the best of his abilities, of course. LOVE Is in the AIR We’ve put together the ultimate Valentine’s Day package, complete with our favorite looks for the biggest date night of the year, the best gifts to give your significant other, the celebrity couples who inspire our #relationshipgoals, and the movies to watch if you’re skipping an evening out and staying in. Go to Vogue.com to get in the mood. JET Set Around the Vogue.com office we like to say that it’s always Fashion Week somewhere. That’s never more true than at this time of year, with the big four cities—New York,…

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man of steel

Ben Stiller returns this month as the exquisitely chiseled—if cerebrally challenged—male supermodel of the world in the sequel Zoolander 2, costarring Penélope Cruz. The two of them gamely fooled around for Annie Leibovitz and Fashion Director Tonne Goodman, while writer Jason Gay got the scoop on what has transpired since we last saw Derek and Hansel as the toast, burned or otherwise, of the fashion world (“The Legend of Z,” page 141). It was particularly interesting to be reminded by Jason’s amusing piece that while the original 2001 movie has, over time, become a pop-cultural behemoth, it barely registered when it was first released. Vogue was involved in the making of that first movie, with Ben filming at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards; I had read the script but didn’t have a…

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talking back

112K Angelina ASCENDANT Our November cover story on Angelina Jolie Pitt rocketed through cyberspace on the strength of journalist Elizabeth Rubin’s “wide-ranging” (E! Online) interview and photographer Annie Leibovitz’s “divine” (Paper) portraits of the whole Jolie-Pitt clan. On social media, the actress-director-writer’s first Vogue cover in five years (“Finally!” @mrallenle) garnered applause (“Cover of the year!” @taendalion) and admiring remarks on the star’s philanthropic pursuits. All of this even as Jolie Pitt’s fall film with husband Brad, By the Sea, met with a more tepid commercial and critical reaction. SHE IS THE DEFINITION OF BEAUTY @ maricelaveng THIS IS EVERYTHING @ itssantannie from the INBOX Your November article by Tamar Adler [“Breaking Point,” Beauty & Health] resonated within my exhausted 38-year-old bones. After fifteen years of running whoknows-how-many miles, I finally stopped, Forrest Gump–style. Adler’s article…

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love, italian style

The agent unlocked the door to one of the farmhouse’s outbuildings. “Dottor Nardi kept his lemon trees in here,” he explained of the property’s former occupant. “You know,” he added, “in Tuscany, we bring them in for the winter.” “Whatever for?” I was tempted to joke, but he could not have known. I thought of my old lemon trees, and of the chore it had been to move them. With the help of my father-in-law, I had shoved and tugged and twisted their waist-high terracotta pots 30 yards across the gravel to the barn every October, the plants covered in leaves and blossoms and fruit, and back out again in March, their dried leaves now rotting on the soil under almost-bare branches. I had learned to tie their shoots in…

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spotlight on style

When I was a junior in the drama department of New York’s High School of Performing Arts, I was in the acting program. But as much as I loved the theater and being onstage, I was terrified. Two years previously I had lost 75 pounds and gone from being a fat kid to a skinny teenager with a fragile self-image. While the other students in my class were making plans to go on to Juilliard and SUNY Purchase and become movie stars, I was at a crossroads. I thought if I dared to pursue a career in the theater, I would end up at best a fat (again) character actor without much work. I pictured myself being rejected again and again, and finally languishing. That same year I was recruited by…

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it girl nell diamond

I’ve always been obsessed with the art of lying down,” Nell Diamond says, sinking into a corner banquette at Cafe Clover in the West Village. “I like to go to parties, but I definitely prefer to sleep.” Dressed in a feather-fringed Dries Van Noten jacquard sweatshirt, the 27-year-old London-born beauty looks as though she stepped out of a Titian painting and discusses Milton as deftly as she describes Matouk monograms. Her new line of linens, Hill House Home, stems from a niche she saw in the e-commerce market while studying at Yale Business School. “I thought, Where is the cool, chic home brand—where’s the Acne, the Rag & Bone?” Her first five classic sheet collections—each all-white, with minimalist flanges and finishings—take inspiration from such grand hotels as the Carlyle, the Ritz,…