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Vogue January 2016

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video Guess Who’s COMING to Dinner? In this jet lag–fueled Vogue Original Short, directed by Niclas Larsson, Alicia Vikander finds herself at a late-night diner with a fortune-telling machine to keep her company. Watch to see whom else she encounters. video Bali, BABY! In the village of Ubud, Bali, the Ritz-Carlton has opened a stunning new property nestled among the area’s traditional rice terraces. Jason Schmidt gives us an exclusive glimpse at this premier vacation destination, complete with a state-of-the-art spa, multiple private pools, villas, and fine dining. MODEL Behavior We all know the drill. The holidays are about indulgence, and then the New Year rolls around and it’s time to get serious about working out again. Who better to get advice from than models? Here we highlight their tricks of the trade, from their favorite energyfueling…

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get real

That ecstatic victory lap Alexander Wang made at the end of his final—and brilliant— Balenciaga show in October might have been a simple “I’m coming home” moment for him, but for us it defined the spring 2016 collections: at once liberating and energizing, a triumph of optimism and individualism. As with many of the best shows that we saw, Alexander’s gave us clothes that illustrated the huge shift away from the superperfect, supermatched, and superpolished toward what can only be described as imperfect, human-scaled beauty. The designers who stood out were those who dispensed with trends and expressed real and authentic points of view, and cast their shows with an eye to getting away from the (to my mind) dispiriting uniformity that has been all too prevalent these past few…

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talking back

69.3K New HEIGHTS We knew Lupita Nyong’o looked dazzling on our October cover (“Perfection!” Instagrammed @ms_lezli) and gave a winning interview to VOGUE Contributing Editor Plum Sykes [“Paris, Je T’aime,” photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott]—but the full-on, unmitigated love that poured in for this skyrocketing actress was nothing short of overwhelming. “We didn’t think it was possible, but Lupita Nyong’o has outdone herself,” wrote E! Online. Popsugar: “Lupita Nyong’o is killing it.” Huffington Post: “speechless.”The Daily Mail: “This could be the most beautiful VOGUE cover we’ve seen in years.” Her 73 Questions video on our Web site sparked even more adoration. As one YouTube commenter wrote: “She’s my best friend and she doesn’t even know it. We just need to meet. Lol.” INBOX from the As the mother of a playful, curious…

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Bella HADID “My sister and I are close in age, so we give each other advice. But we don’t talk about work a lot. We like to keep it separate.” KYLIE Jenner “I learn a lot from them; they were like second mothers to me growing up.” Lottie MOSS “I’ve always known this world because of her.” OUR STEAL OF THE MONTH SUBJECTS ON THEIR OLDER SISTERS (PAGE 102) PHYLLIS Posnick “Patrick and I have traveled to a glacier in Patagonia, to the Treehotel in Sweden, and now to the Atacama Desert in Chile, with its unusual landscapes of almost unimaginable beauty.” THE EXECUTIVE FASHION EDITOR ON WORKING WITH PHOTOGRAPHER PATRICK DEMARCHELIER ON “DESERT CALM,” PAGE 104 Alexandra CRONAN “On the day we left Chile, I went for a five-hour morning ride. The nature and terrain were like nothing I’ve ever…

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reconcilable differences

For the first eight years of her life, Kristina Schake fell asleep listening to the sound of her older sister, Kori’s, voice. When the girls got their own rooms, Kristina refused to spend nights in hers, sleeping instead next to Kori’s bed. From there, Kori would tell Kristina stories from Greek mythology, read her Jane Austen, or regale her with tales of high school social intrigue. When Kori graduated and left their small town in Sonoma County, California—a region then known more for its dairy farms than for its wineries—Kristina visited her at Stanford, again sleeping on the floor in her dormitory room, where Kori would share the lessons she’d learned in class. “She took her job as my big sister very seriously,” says Kristina, “in a way that I’ve never…

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paris strong

CARVEN We say méduse, you say jellyfish,” says Alexis Martial, pointing to the aquatic-themed mood board in his Saint-Germaindes-Prés office. And although jellyfish may have roamed the seas for 500 million years, while Martial and his co–artistic director at Carven, Adrien Caillaudaud, have barely been in situ for one, they are already electrifying the label’s legacy of pacy, accessible French style. Though they were friends since their days at the Atelier Chardon Savard fashion school, they joined forces only after Martial was at Iceberg, Paco Rabanne, and Givenchy (where Caillaudaud was working on shoes and accessories). While their aesthetic is Paris-honed, “a Parisian girl today is not necessarily French,” says Martial. “She’s spirited and global and an explorer—like Zale Parry, who was one of the first women scuba divers,” finishes Caillaudaud, bringing…