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above & beyond

WHEN WE FIRST STARTED WORKING ON THIS ISSUE several months back, the idea was to shine a light on wellness— to look at the many ways we’re now seeking health, calm, and an alignment between ourselves and the increasingly fraught and pressured world we exist in today. (So fervent is the interest in the subject that, in the office, we started to jokingly refer to wellness as the new religion!) And indeed: You’ll find plenty of profiles of strong, independent women who are leading the charge to transform our lives, whether in the arenas of fitness, health, and activism, or with a particularly personal sense of heroism. As the weeks progressed, though, that latter aspect took on greater urgency as more and more women began to speak out about the awful…

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girl, interrupted

It was early 2009, President Obama was in the White House, and optimism was in the air. I’d just turned 30 and knew something good was about to happen to me. At a barbecue in Los Angeles, where I was living and missing New York, I met a gregarious man in flip-flops and a seventies ski jacket, with a promise of adventure in his eyes. Ben turned out to be an actor in town from the East Coast. We bonded over our love of sketch comedy and marijuana. A couple of nights later, we were sitting on his friend’s porch, watching the night sky and dreaming up a television pilot about a grown man still living with his parents. Within months, we were sharing a Brooklyn apartment, living in a…

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game changers

1 Off-White c/o Burton x Vogue In early 2016, Virgil Abloh dropped by the Vogue offices to discuss, among other things, the lack of a chic snowboarding wardrobe for women. Two years later, Abloh and Vogue are on the eve of launching a women’s performancewear capsule with snowboard pioneers Burton. The ten-piece collection includes signature Off-White styles, like a cropped puffer and a mock turtleneck, made for shredding through uncharted backcountry—and around the most fashionable après-ski locales.—SELBY DRUMMOND 2 Koché x Paris Saint-Germain Koché’s Christelle Kocher is as familiar with Paris Saint- Germain’s soccer stars as she is with the incredible beading and embroidery that she uses for her label. That makes the partnering of the two for spring—which sees players’ tees cut up and combined with silk, lace, and Swarovski crystals for…

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maternal instincts

1 Tummy Time Hatch, the brand of chic wardrobe pieces for before, during, and after pregnancy, is entering the beauty space. “It’s fun and functional,” founder Ariane Goldman says of the first-to-market belly sheet mask that targets stretch marks. It anchors this month’s eight-piece line of all-natural body-care and aromatherapeutic oils. 2 Power Hour “There’s no reason you should limit yourself to yoga just because you’re pregnant,” says certified pre- and postnatal corrective-exercise specialist Joanie Johnson, explaining why she cofounded New York’s FPC. The new prenatalfitness studio focuses on specific muscle groups to aid in labor and delivery for a strong, conditioned body throughout pregnancy and postpartum recovery. 3 Get App-y For all the stress, anxiety, doubt, and restlessness around fertility and motherhood, there’s Expectful. The new subscription-based app prescribes ten- to 20-minute guided meditations…

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visual vitamins

1 Rio to Paris Brazilian painter Tarsila do Amaral did her time in Parisian Cubist boot camp, but she ultimately developed an earthy, landscape-infused style all her own— and inspired an entire “cannibalist” manifesto urging Brazilian artists to digest other countries’ traditions. Nearly 130 works from the artist arrive at MoMA this February. 2 Glitter-à-Go-Go The sumptuous, textured abstractions of Howardena Pindell (materials deployed include glitter, talcum powder, and hole-punch scraps) arrive at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago in February. After an accident in 1979 left her with short-term amnesia, Pindell turned toward broader cultural concerns, reflected in this sweeping survey of her five-decades-long career. 3 Delayed Debut Orphaned at five and entirely self-taught, Algerian artist Baya Mahieddine had her first exhibition in mid–twentieth century Paris at the age of sixteen. Flamboyant, surreal,…

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from grunge to green

1 Amber Valletta Valletta may be currently “obsessed” with Body by Simone dance/workout classes, Biologique Recherche products, and Sakara snacks, but for this eco-conscious model, “cultivating a healthier spirit and mind, along with a healthy body, is what will bring about real change in our society.” 2 Danielle Zinaich “Everyone is different,” says Zinaich, a homeopath whose own regimen includes craniosacral therapy, seeing a shaman, and sessions in her infrared sauna. Among her simpler practices: dry brushing for lymphatic-system stimulation and taking Hyland’s Bioplasma tablets. 3 Rosemary Ferguson “Helping your body cope with your lifestyle by giving it the nutrition it needs is the best thing you can do,” says Ferguson, now a nutritionist. Her go-tos: the Headspace app, Elixir tea, and head-clearing jogs. 4 Tasha Tilberg “Whenever I’m feeling stressed, I get outside,” says the model…