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Vogue July 2015

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Camera READY With her quirky style, Cara Delevingne continuously keeps us on our toes. In this Vogue.com short, we ask our July cover star, who has been morphing from model to actress, to play herself. Expect the unexpected. Well WED From the most on-top-of-it planners, perfect venues, and prettiest hair and makeup ideas to our favorite flowers, jewelers, and dresses, we highlight the summer wedding trends you need to know. redemption SONG After decades of dancehall dominating the radio in Jamaica, a reggae resurgence is flourishing there. Vogue.com meets the genre’s rising stars, looks back at the island’s extraordinary musical history, and plans your travel itinerary, from the pristine beaches and lagoons of Port Antonio to the most vibrant venues in Kingston. CARA DELEVINGNE: PHIL OH; POPPY DELEVINGNE: COURTESY OF GIANLUCA LONGO/ © INSTAGRAM; PABLO: MICHAEL…

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the cat’s pajamas

How many pairs of pajamas does a Vogue fashion editor need to take her from the red carpet of the Costume Institute gala to JFK to board a nine-hour flight to Nice for this issue’s gorgeous story showcasing the fall season’s new spin on vintage? (See “L’Amour Toujours,” page 83.) Just one, if you are Grace Coddington, who wore the eminently comfortable Chinese-inspired pajamas Michael Kors designed specially for the night all the way from the Met to rendezvous with photographer Peter Lindbergh, model Natalia Vodianova, and actor Adrien Brody the very next day in the South of France. Perhaps Grace was so unflappable because she was heading off to work with Natalia, one of her absolutely favorite models (I also know that Natalia holds Grace in equally high regard…

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letters from readers

GAME, SET, LOVE Serena Williams is a powerful, beautiful woman—and your April issue showed us just that [“Queen of the Court,” by Rebecca Johnson, photographed by Annie Leibovitz]. It was absolutely stunning. I applaud VOGUE for choosing her for your cover. Sam Amato Buffalo, NY I was so excited to learn that Serena Williams was on the cover of your April issue. I wanted to see six or seven photos of the athlete inside but was disappointed to find just one. I was especially saddened to discover eleven photos of Kendall Jenner—if I wanted to see selfies of the reality star and her friends, I’d go look at her Instagram. Andre Freitas Los Angeles, CA THE POWER OF ONE I have been reading VOGUE since I was fourteen years old, but never has a story touched my heart…

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the other mother

My fourteen-year-old son has started using adult-man soap, and try as we might, we can’t help but enjoy this fact, his adoptive mother and I. We are like giddy older sisters. Smell him! she says, laughing as she pushes him into me. He stumbles, and I reach out to stabilize him; he is wielding a spatula, keeping watch over the sausages he’s cooking for our brunch. He tilts toward the hollow of my neck, and his buzz-cut scalp is just within range of my nose. I smile, but I avoid catching even a whiff of him as the air shifts with his movement. That kind of nearness is powerful and complicated, and I can’t let anyone see me falter. I am pushing aside loss all the time I am with…

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it girl grimes

Both the life and style of Claire Boucher are best described as nomadic: The punk-pop pixie, better known as Grimes, extolls the varied sartorial virtues of bowl cuts from Montreal, masks made from spiked bandannas in Beijing, ancient-looking kimonos picked up in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, and “a giant gold Versace chain that Donatella gave me,” she says. “It’s very Miami, and it’s the coolest thing I own.” Another prized possession? The black cowboy hat she brandishes around Los Angeles, where she is recording the follow-up (due out in October) to her hit 2012 album Visions. “It’s very Johnny Cash,” Grimes explains, “and it justifies any outfit.” Even when dressed by the designers she tends to inspire—Nicolas Ghesquière, for one, who invited her to both this year’s Met gala and Louis…

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taking the reins

There is a new French designer, Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, in charge of womenswear at Hermès. Tall, composed, and strikingly redheaded, the 37-year-old Vanhée-Cybulski is one of a new breed of behindthe-scenes designers who are being appointed to creative-director roles all over fashion. I watched her make a startlingly confident impression when, after her first show at the riding school of Paris’s Republican Guard in March, she stepped forward with smiling aplomb to field questions from a battalion of jostling journalists. “I think I was in a trance,” she remembers. “I said I thought we should go back to the stable and re-entwine this story of the horse.” Months later I trotted off to follow her into the inner sanctums behind the hallowed, orange-boxed things that have come to signify all that is…