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Vogue July 2016

Setting the standard for over 100 years has made Vogue the best selling fashion magazine in the world.

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2 min.
funny girl

Like so many of you, I’ve enjoyed watching Inside Amy Schumer— though I wasn’t so sure about being Amy Schumer. As part of this cover story, she and I filmed a video for Vogue.com in which we had to swap lives. When Amy came in to see me, I asked her what a typical day was like. “Oh, you know,” she said, “I get up late, eat a scone, walk around the park, have a meeting, work a comedy club, and then go home and have sex with my boyfriend.” I did everything she would do, including the stand-up routine at the Comedy Cellar—but excluding the last activity on her list. Amy, in turn, sat in my office and directed Fashion and Accessories Market Director Virginia Smith and Fashion Director Tonne…

1 min.
talking back

95K in HER Element April Vogue found RiRi riding high and smoldering for photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. But it was what she told writer Abby Aguirre—that her only regret in life was not wearing a bedazzled thong to the CFDA Fashion Awards—that drove the Internet wild. “hahaha goals,” tweeted @sophieodl. ONE OF THE MOST TRULY EXQUISITE AND ARTISTIC COVERS #VOGUE HAS HAD IN MANY MOONS! @chanel4evah OUT OF ALL THE ISSUES SHE HAS GRACED THIS IS THE IMAGE THAT WILL BECOME ICONIC @annalauder LOVE THIS FRESH MAKEUP LOOK! @daraja_rae 1.1M ALL about Kendall Kendall Jenner’s first Vogue cover, photographed by Mario Testino, was one of a kind: a 52-page special edition dedicated to the model of the moment, sent only to subscribers. As fans scrambled to find a copy, Kendall posted the issue on…

7 min.
a whole new world

In September 1973, after four years as an actor whose career highlight was playing a counter boy in a Mc-Donald’s commercial, I decided it was time to find a real job. Having majored in English, I was drawn to magazines and managed to wangle an interview at Condé Nast. Vogue had two entry-level positions available, I was told, and in an odd nod to women’s lib, for the first time in the magazine’s almost 100-year history, it was looking to fill them with young men. One of the jobs was assisting the magazine’s Travel Editor, Despina Messinesi. This sounded too good to be true to a small-town boy who collected maps and spent hours immersed in the neighbors’ latest issue of National Geographic. Firmly rooted in Hanover, Pennsylvania, with my parents…

2 min.
maiden detroit

With a fleet of vintage Model T’s serving as unlikely ushers, Audrey Gelman—the political P.R. firecracker who will open a women’s club, the Wing, in Manhattan this fall—married Ilan Zechory, cofounder of Genius.com, in downtown Detroit’s Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, a factory turned museum. “Behind every great man is a great woman— bad saying!” declared Zechory in his vows. “You are the great woman . . . I promise to always be the man behind you.” During her speech, bridesmaid Lena Dunham claimed that Zechory is “the only person on Earth who looks like he could be related to both James Franco and Elie Wiesel. He’s pretty much perfect—at the very least he’s perfect for Audrey. The couple’s late-April wedding was also perfect for Audrey and her groom, from the reading…

3 min.

Anyone who has ever been to the ballet will have wondered about the person who makes those beautiful ballerinas twirl and spin. Just recently at Sadler’s Wells in London, I was enthralled by the English National Ballet’s artistic director and prima, Tamara Rojo, dancing the life of artist Frida Kahlo in Broken Wings. The colorful costumes, the spare set, and the passion emanating from the stage— it all made me determined to meet the choreographer, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. We sat down for an espresso on the last night of the production, and she told me that she herself is a classically trained ballerina who performed with prestigious companies around the world but who always wanted to be behind the scenes. She finally embraced choreography at the age of 30. “I…

4 min.
living color

Ever since that freezing day during February’s New York Fashion Week when a bundled-up audience had their pulses wantonly raised by the first sight of the Sies Marjan collection, the early spotters have been practicing their pronunciation. It will be essential to get it right, after all, when you murmur a subdued “Sies Marjan” to the umpteenth admirer who wants to know who made the prettily twisted floral-sprigged dress you’re wearing. “It’s Sees Mar-jahn,” says Sander Lak with a direct smile and an untraceable English-European accent. “It’s my parents’ first names together.” The gangly-limbed creative director of Sies Marjan, his shirt perpetually half-tucked-in, is a former head of design at Dries Van Noten—which partly explains the clamor surrounding his debut in the crumbling splendor of the Art Deco penthouse of Tribeca’s…