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2 min.
eternal sunshine

GISELE STARS ON OUR JULY COVER, and it’s hard to believe that nineteen years ago to the month she did the same thing for the very first time. Her life may have changed a lot in the intervening years: She’s now living in Boston, married to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and a mother to their two children. Yet in another way, Gisele is exactly the same gorgeous, sunny girl who charmed us when we first met her all those years ago. Other models of her stature—Linda Evangelista, say—were fabulous chameleons, channeling a new character on every shoot. Not so Gisele. Whether we’ve shot her in a bikini or in haute couture, who you see is who you get. In her own life, she has two default uniforms—the girl in the tee…

11 min.
a modest proposal

I HAD MADE MY PEACE WITH NEVER being able to propose to my girlfriend. We loved each other. We had lived together happily for years. We were planning our future. But YJ had made it clear that under no circumstances was I ever to ask her to marry me. “Don’t you dare,” she said. Growing up as the daughter of a right-wing rabbi in an Orthodox Jewish community in Southern California, YJ (short for Yael Julie) had chafed at the expectation that a woman’s highest ambition should be to get married as soon as possible and immediately start having babies. When her high school friends found husbands at age seventeen and applied to small Jewish colleges, she charted a different path. Her resistance never faded. In her mid-30s, a fully secular…

3 min.
raw talent

“VERY FEW THINGS IN FASHION are really sustainable—some things just do less harm than others,” says Faustine Steinmetz, swinging her brunette bob. “I’m more about just doing what I think is right.” Though the Paris-born, London-based designer has been diligently re-spinning denim since launching her label in 2013, her fall collection marks only her second runway outing: Think diverse casting and an enticing mix of intricate, needle-felted blues; corrugated mint silk shirting; and whipped mohair cable-knits. “There are some pieces we spent 3,000 hours on over the course of a month,” says the meticulous Steinmetz, 32. “We handweave our own fabrics here,” she continues, leading me into her North London studio space, her adorable foxlike Pom, Buzz, circling her feet. “I became interested in reproducing jeans because they are a very…

1 min.
on edge

IF THRILLERS HAVE TAUGHT us anything, it’s that nowhere is more sinister than an American small town. We visit a doozy in HBO’s Sharp Objects, a psychologically charged limited series adapted by Marti Noxon from Gillian Flynn’s bestseller and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. Amy Adams stars as Camille Preaker, a boozy St. Louis reporter sent to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, to cover the murder of one girl and the disappearance of another, an assignment that puts her under the imperious eye of her mother, Adora, a jittery, judgmental socialite played by Patricia Clarkson as a cross between Martha Stewart and Blanche DuBois. Although an attractive cop (Chris Messina, excellent) proves an ally, Camille struggles with suspicious locals and a past she found suffocating. As he showed in Wild…

1 min.
the belle jar

ON A SUNNY AFTERNOON not so long ago, the artist Bilge Nur Saltik found herself mesmerized by the dappled effect of sunlight streaming through a water glass. “I wanted to create a series of ‘optical objects’ that played with light in the same way,” she notes. Designed to mimic the prisms of a kaleidoscope, these “OP-vases,” as she calls them, are more lens than vessel. The uneven, concave cuts of glass cause the single flower beneath—placed in a delicate bud vase—to seem like a lush bouquet. “I love this piece because it’s so playful,” says Saltik. “There’s always more to discover.”…

1 min.
sport utility

FOR ALL THE FITNESS DEVOTEES perpetually clad in Outdoor Voices’ muted pastels—what to wear above the neck? Lately the beauty lineup is every bit as sportif, from mattifying moisturizers (CliniqueFIT) to “workout-ready eyeliner” (as e.l.f. calls its meltproof formula). Inspired by everyday athletes, hairstylist Rossano Ferretti just launched the mineral-rich Vivace Every Day, a hair-and-body shampoo that’s a gym-bag no-brainer. Recess, a new wellness line, offers another refreshing alternative: biodegradable single-serving wipes with antibacterial eucalyptus. The first-ever beauty launch from the glass water bottle–maker BKR—a hydrating rose-scented lip balm that snaps onto the cap—is a treadmill twofer, but leave it to FaceGym, the London import now installed at Saks in Manhattan (with a downtown flagship arriving in October), to combine exercise and skin care. Billed as more than “a facial…