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Spring FEVER Fresh skin and power brows are the prerequisites for the look of the moment. And whether you’re shopping the latest makeup trends, making a major haircolor transformation, or picking a pretty perfume, our guide to spring beauty will carry you effortlessly through the season. GET READY TO WEAR The fall 2016 collections are upon us. Follow the fashion pack as they do the New York, London, Milan, Paris circuit, and check out Vogue Runway for up-to-the minute coverage of the shows, including instant runway photos, reviews by our top critics, beauty tutorials, and party reports. COMING SOON This spring, we bring you a guide to the best art, film, TV, music, and books to keep on your radar and consume. It’s a SMALL World It’s always Fashion Week on Vogue Runway. Before and after the…

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hear them roar

Those of you who are regular readers of Vogue know that one of the things we’re keen on is placing fashion within the context of the cultural and societal factors that can shape it in profound and meaningful ways. Something seismic has clearly been happening these last six months, if what we saw at the spring 2016 collections is anything to go by. The word we kept coming back to after those shows was disruption, and in “The Great Disruption” (page 457) you can discover the designers both established and new who are upending the industry, not to mention our closets, with their exciting, break-all-the-rules visions of how things should look and be. The portfolio accompanying Sarah Mower’s story also allowed us to photograph a few swaggeringly cool characters whom…

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talking back

♥ 122K Candid CAMERA The December cover-story reunion (“Laying Down the Law”) between Jennifer Lawrence and Contributing Editor Jonathan Van Meter—a sequel of sorts to the infamous bender they went on together for Vogue’s September 2013 issue—had all the ribald humor (“This is where the maaagic haaaappens,” Lawrence joked, pointing to her bed) and no-holds-barred honesty readers might have expected. Madison Rexroat, of Georgetown, KY, wrote us, “Jennifer’s authenticity as a young woman and as a feminist is a huge inspiration to me and other women (and men!),” while Emily Hottel King of Virginia Beach, VA, asked, “Who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence?” The photography, by Mikael Jansson, garnered plenty of affection too: “insanely gorgeous” (@pakapakaofficial), “flawless” (@angem_5), “incredible” (@rws_enterprises). SHE’S LITERALLY GOALS @ giovannaamala OMG CAN’T LOOK AWAY @ lenatrbojevic ♥ 90.1K Rising SUN December marked Selena…

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Jonathan VAN METER “Following Clinton on the campaign trail was the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done, but I kept thinking of that famous line ‘Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backward and in high heels’ because Hillary was the one who had to look great, deliver a stump speech, and smile for a million selfies.” THE CONTRIBUTING EDITOR ON HIS TIME WITH CLINTON FOR “THE RACE IS ON,” PAGE 498 MARIO Testino “Photographing Hillary, I wanted to capture the perfect balance between her power and softness, the true person in her, who’s real and smart.” THE PHOTOGRAPHER ON HILLARY CLINTON, “THE RACE IS ON,” PAGE 498 GARY Clark Jr. Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and Slash—and now Gary Clark Jr. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, 32-year-old Clark (“I’m With…

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david bowie 1947–2016

In Sydney in the early eighties, I was in a play about Elvis Presley called Are You Lonesome Tonight? My part was the two-bit punk whose girl runs off with Elvis at the end. David Bowie’s Serious Moonlight tour was in town, but I wasn’t going—I can’t recall if it was opening night or if I was just broke; likely some combination of the two. In my disappointment I must have pushed it out of my mind, because I remember being surprised to hear Bowie’s voice while I wandered home through the streets. It was summer. The sun sets very late back home; there’s a tense moment when everything turns purple until the sun just gives up. “Let’s Dance” was cutting very clearly through the air. I thought it was…

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hooked on love

There is a rehab center tucked in the mountains outside Estes Park, Colorado, a town known as the gateway to the Rockies. My younger sister and I flew in from New York City and drove through a snowstorm to spend a “healing” weekend with my father, who was finishing up his 30 days. They had put him on lithium and Thorazine, and they weren’t mixing well. He had better diction after a bottle of gin than he did with the pills. While the patients completed their “closing ceremony,” we sat on plastic chairs in a semicircle around a space heater with the other family members. They were haggard parents, bereft siblings, thickened men and women aged before their time by dealing with their addicts. We were the only children of a…