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4 min.
leading the way forward

On January 13, Condé Nast, the company that owns Vogue, announced a new Vendor Code of Conduct. This followed allegations of shocking misconduct that have emerged in all sorts of industries—Hollywood, broadcasting, journalism, Silicon Valley, and, last but not least, in fashion, where many young women and men have spoken about facing manipulation, coercion, and abuse while on set. In response, Condé Nast, both in the United States and abroad, has engaged in a series of bracingly honest discussions—with models, publicists, agents, stylists, and many of our own editors. The goal was to understand how to ensure safe and positive working environments for everyone. We emerged with a set of guidelines that we will expect everyone associated with Condé Nast to abide by and honor. I want to share a…

12 min.
losing it

Hmm, your blood pressure is low. We’ll check that again in half an hour. Is there any chance you could be pregnant? Wait, of course not; you just had a hysterectomy!” The nurse frowns awkwardly as she administers my blood thinners, the shot you get when you can’t even begin to walk, leaving a constellation of needle bruises across the abdomen. I’m getting used to this—the repetition of a mandatory question about my fertility and my half-rehearsed answer, something playful so she won’t feel too awkward about having reminded a very young woman of what she will never have. I’ve tried responses like “Well, wouldn’t that be something?” or “In that case they took out the wrong organ yesterday!” The night before my uterus is removed, my nurse is a modelgorgeous woman,…

5 min.
vanguards young entrepreneurs

Annie Novak, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm A tree grows in Brooklyn, or rather a small arbor does, above a soundstage at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint. Started by Novak in 2009, it’s the first commercial green roof farm in the country. “I came on as a vegetable farmer with the idea of finding creative ways to grow food in the city,” says Novak, 35. “I expected to grow produce, but instead we grew an entire national movement.” Eagle Street sells its harvest on-site—calendula and chili peppers are the two main crops—and Awesome Sauce, made from the peppers, is sold in local stores. A secondary advantage of the green space? It’s a permeable surface for storm-water catchment and mitigates the city’s heat-island effect. “A beekeeper from Hong Kong came to check…

3 min.
redemption’s son

Fashion Culture Beauty There are many reasons why Jack O’Brien’s revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s dark 1945 musical Carousel, now in previews at the Imperial Theatre, should be at the top of your theatergoing list—from the beguiling score, which features such classics as “If I Loved You” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” sung here by the likes of Jessie Mueller (Beautiful; Waitress) and Renée Fleming, to the choreography, by New York City Ballet wunderkind Justin Peck. But for me, the main reason to ride this Carousel is Joshua Henry as the magnetic but good-for-nothing ruffian Billy Bigelow. After Tony-nominated performances in The Scottsboro Boys and Violet, among others, the ridiculously handsome, charismatic, and golden-voiced Henry, who acts as beautifully as he sings, is poised to take his place as a Broadway…

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all the frills

MOLLY GODDARD WHEN THE BRITISH DESIGNER MOLLY GODDARD FOUND herself at loose ends four years ago—her academic career at Central Saint Martins had stalled—her boyfriend persuaded her to take one more stab at it. Just make the kinds of clothes you love, he told her, put them on your friends, and let the chips fall. Her younger sister Alice would do the styling; her parents would help with staging. “Really, we just threw a party—all my girlfriends were there, with my dresses over their jeans,” Goddard says, laughing. Long story short: Dover Street Market was in the house that night; they took one look at Goddard’s utterly individual, oversize tulle frocks, and placed an order. “I made 86 pieces at my mum’s house, sewing from 8:00 a.m. to midnight for months.” Goddard’s…

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alfresco adventures

1 Mombo and Little Mombo, Botswana Sister safari camps within Botswana’s Okavango Delta just got a major facelift: Mombo and Little Mombo, the flagship lodges operated by the African wildlife virtuosos at Wilderness Safaris, were entirely rebuilt. Inside Mombo’s nine tents and Little Mombo’s three, copper tubs and Belgian linens evoke a bygone age of exploration, while outside, leopards, elephants, and black and white rhinos roam. Deborah Calmeyer, CEO of tour operator Roar Africa, says, “It’s luxury in the bush.” 2 Awasi Iguazú, Argentina Perched within the Atlantic Forest in Argentina’s northern Misiones province, Awasi Iguazú is located just 20 minutes from Iguazú Falls, a waterfall system so large it makes Niagara look delicate in comparison. The lodge’s fourteen villas are designed so “you feel like a guest in the home of a…