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Setting the standard for over 100 years has made Vogue the best selling fashion magazine in the world.

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Angelina JOLIE PITT The Oscar winner has an elegant, unflappable style that reflects the life she leads as mother, director, actress, and activist. When it comes to daytime dressing, she often opts for classic tailored suiting, but it’s on the red carpet that she steals the show. There she’s all about no-holds-barred Old Hollywood glamour. Go to Vogue.com to see our slideshow of her sartorial hits. Blue JEAN BABY If the resort collections showed us anything, it’s that the anonymous skinny jean has been pushed aside in favor of a multitude of denim options that can both anchor and elevate your look. Whether it’s a classic dark denim pant, a frayed jacket, an embroidered dress, or a statement jumpsuit, something sexy, versatile, playful, and dependable is offered this season— basically, everything you want…

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the real deals

As we were finishing this issue, we were also busy with the New York spring 2016 collections— my congratulations to Peter Copping at Oscar de la Renta and to Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, who treated us to absolutely wonderful shows. What united the best clothes that we saw during the week—what Vogue’s editors and I kept coming back to again and again—was their authenticity, their realness. Perhaps it’s the world we live in today, but the ability to connect with the realities of how we want to dress for life now has become more urgent than ever. Escapist fantasy has its place in fashion, of course, but currently it feels just a little out of step with the times. In New York, those few designers with…

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talking back

59.2k EYE of the BEHOLDER The August issue found Vogue cover–veteran Nicole Kidman at a moment of professional and personal equilibrium (“A World Apart,” by Jason Gay, photographed by Peter Lindbergh). Adoring praise from her fans filled our inbox, but reaction across the Internet fixated on the Patrick Demarchelier cover, reigniting the always contentious debate over photo-editing. Did Kidman look natural? Marc Jacobs, who designed the actress’s sequined look, proudly posted the cover on Instagram and took on the chorus of naysayers with characteristic brio: “When were you last given a cover of Vogue?” 938,104 VIEWS OF KIDMAN’S VOGUE.COM VIDEO Nicole Kidman on your August issue is like sunshine to a blooming rose. She is one of the very few actresses who deserve a VOGUE cover. J. SHAWN COMPTON, GRUNDY, VA SHE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE HERSELF…

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MIA Wasikowska “I’m a big fan of fashion and always feel privileged to wear these clothes. At home in Sydney, I hardly have situations that warrant it.” THE STEAL OF THE MONTH SUBJECT ON DRESSING UP (PAGE 236) Theo WENNER “With every outfit and hat Emily put on, she became a slightly different person with new mannerisms. When she put on the glasses and beret, she turned all of a sudden into a clumsy nerd.” THE PHOTOGRAPHER ON WORKING WITH RATAJKOWSKI FOR “HOT HEAD,” PAGE 248 JILL Demling “Even though Angelina wrote, directed, and stars in By the Sea, it’s clear that her role as a mother takes top billing.” VOGUE’S ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR ON JOLIE PITT (“REBEL WITH A CAUSE,” PAGE 208) LUIS LAPLACE and CHRISTOPHE COMOY “We try to make our intervention as invisible as possible. The key is…

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all the pretty horses

I learned how to ride horses when I was 56. This was totally unexpected. At the time I lived right next to a stable in upstate New York; that is to say, horse country. But I never felt the strong attraction that some girls have for horses; I never felt any attraction at all. On the contrary I found their faces and body language—unlike those of cats or dogs—completely unreadable, which made their size, power, and beauty flat-out unnerving. I understood their glamour as well as the ranking and competition that went with it—but for me the whole point of an animal companion was not glamour; I wanted to be soft and cuddly with a pet. I could see no way to cuddle with something as enormous and hard-bodied as…

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I was ten when I discovered that I have the blood of a witch. Enthralled, my mother and I watched the 1985 television movie Three Sovereigns for Sarah, which begins with my ninth-great-grandmother Sarah Towne Cloyce—played by Vanessa Redgrave at the height of her powers—confronting a panel of magistrates to clear her name and those of her older sisters, Rebecca Towne Nurse and Mary Towne Esty, who’d been hanged for witchcraft in Salem a decade before, in 1692. It was with no small amount of pride that I embraced my heritage: I may have been the only girl in Kansas who identified more with the Wicked Witch of the West than with Dorothy. Women who spoke their truth were rare in my experience. “Pass the barbecue sauce, Meg,” my father joked,…