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forces of fashion

October 11, 2018 in New York City To buy tickets, go to VogueForcesOfFashion.com. CHANEL and are registered trademarks of CHANEL, Inc.…

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kid wonder

ASK ANY PHOTOGRAPHER TO name the one thing that ignited their creative fire, and they’ll likely point you in the direction of their first camera. A filmmaker by training, Tyler Mitchell—who captured Beyoncé for this month’s issue—has an entirely different story: His love of images was sparked on the wheels of his first skateboard. “Of course there’s the surface-level cool and rebel spirit about skateboarding,” says Mitchell, “but the thing that makes skaters like artists runs deeper than that: It’s not a sport that’s built on competition, it’s one that thrives on community.” With the help of skater friends in Marietta, the Atlanta suburb where he grew up, Mitchell saved up to buy his first camera—a Digital SLR Canon—in ninth grade. Inspired by the dreamy aesthetic of Spike Jonze’s early…

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eyes wide open

SEPTEMBER, FOR US, ALWAYS starts in March. That’s when we return home from four weeks of shows and start planning what has traditionally always been our biggest issue of the year. Yet the fall 2018 season didn’t feel like it was business as usual, just as life these days doesn’t feel that way either. In all my time editing Vogue, this period is like no other I’ve experienced before, and for good reason: If fashion is radically different, it is because our world is so radically different. As we sat in meetings after the shows, we spent most of our time talking about how what we wear needs to reflect the times it’s being created for. We barely discussed trends—in fact, trend is now pretty much verboten in the office…

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backstage beauty reimagined   with maybelline new york

The Fall/Winter ’18 runway pulled inspiration from across the globe, as well as the decades. The most prevailing constant: strong women. Through the lens of female empowerment, beauty inspirations came by way of deconstructed glamour, eighties R&B, and the smooth texture of a suede glove. Here, Maybelline New York’s top makeup artists forge a new mood with beauty interpretations that go from runway to the real world, and are as fresh as ever. CUSHNIE ET OCHS: CARLY OCHS Cushnie et Ochs’ Fall/Winter ’18 show—which happened to be their ten-year anniversary show—was a stunning display of their signature architectural aesthetic, inspired by Zaha Hadid, with cool cutouts, column silhouettes, and, amid their signature neutrals, lush cameos by hot-pink satin, air-light feathers, and sumptuous fur and velvet. Makeup artist for Maybelline New York James…

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taking flight

Audrey Gelman climbs the curling marble staircase of a stately Haussmann address in a vintage paisley sundress, the clap of her Gucci mules kicking up a thin layer of dust. It is the longest day of the year, and she and Lauren Kassan, cofounders of the women’s social-and-co-working club the Wing, have been touring Paris real estate since 9:00 a.m. They will visit eleven locations by the end of the day. This one is a corner building on the Champs-Élysées with exquisite marble work in the stairwell and Rococo wall murals in the conference rooms. The first-floor tenant is Ladurée, the megalith macaronier whose pastel hues match the Wing’s decor. There was a time when a box of the meringue cookies was a coveted gift from France; now that Ladurée is…

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daphne and the giant peach

We have to talk,” the doctor in my local Brooklyn E.R. says, pulling up a chair up next to my bed. He’s holding CAT scans, presumably mine, slightly fanned like a messy hand of cards. I know as well as anyone that the phrase he’s just uttered is never followed by good news, but my thoughts skip around looking for options while my mouth says, “OK.” “There is a large mass growing in your brain,” he says. His expression is pained as he points to a sizable black blob at the upper right of one scan. “I’m 80 percent sure it’s something called a meningioma, which occurs in the outer layer of the brain, the meninges, and is benign. If it is that, it’s the best kind of brain tumor to…