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Founded back in 2000 VW Camper and Commercial is the original VW Bus magazine out there. Written by approachable, passionate bus owners, it has an established reputation for quality writing, drawing on a wide knowledge base, and for bringing together some of the best and most inspiring buses from around the world.

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Jazz Publishing
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Email editor@volkswagencamper.co.uk Address Editor, VW Camper & Commercial, Jazz Publishing The Old School Higher Kinnerton Chester CH4 9AJ www.volkswagencamper.co.uk Well, unsurprisingly Santa did not bring me a fire truck for Christmas, but he did send me this picture of a mint, fully original 1966 version at the Utah Classic VW show, which is as good as it gets till I win the lottery! (Watch out for an upcoming feature on this beauty). Nor did I get a two tone California, but there are some lovely pictures inside this issue of them at the IAA in Hannover! But I did get my two front teeth, which is all I really wanted! So now I can smile at people again without scaring them or looking like a stand in for that Corsodyl ad! Christmas must have…

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lucky thirteen

It was this look that immediately attracted Lee Taylor when he spotted it for sale looking sorry for itself on a trailer at Dubfreeze in 2013. Lee recalls, “It was love at first sight, I just could not resist it!” As well as being a desirable 13 window Deluxe Microbus (the no sunroof or skylights version) it had also been fully welded in all the right places and had kept its original features, though it did have an incorrect engine lid along with a donor cargo door fitted. But before we go into how the deal was struck it’s important to bear Lee’s VW heritage in mind. Fate took a hand when at nineteen he and a mate flipped a coin to decide whether they should buy a boat or a…

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product news and shows

Pretty Splitty Artwork “Absolutely awesome, I can’t stop looking at it!!” was the exclamation of Jason Webb upon seeing the commission piece of his beloved green Split camper ‘Barry’. The piece in question was a spectacular 48x32” coloured pencil drawing which took over 48 hours to create. The commission was brought to life by ‘Pretty Splitty’, a Nottingham based business who focus on paintings of Camper Vans. Pretty Splitty is run by Alice Shaw who left her career as a Primary School teacher to pursue her dream of being a full-time artist. With her two great passions being painting and Campers; it made sense for her to combine the two. Alice’s love for the VW Camper first developed on family trips to Cornwall; wistfully watching them pass by on the winding Cornish…

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rescue, restore, relax

Most people would have simply walked away when faced with what was basically a rolling shell painted lots of different colours and with no doors, windows, seats, engine or interior apart from front seats. Not Jon Withers! The only thing remaining from its former life was the original Devon pop top and he recalls, “She looked very sorry for herself. We had been to look at loads of other campers in better condition than her but there was just something about her that made us want to take her home, so we did!” The body was basically sound but the first problem was getting it from Brighton back home to Dorset. A 1.6 engine, basically rebuilt with parts lying around the seller’s garage floor, was fitted along with windows “and…

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bus doctor

Steve Leatham & Simon Baxter answer some of your questions… Email info@volkswagencamper.co.uk Address Bus Doctor, VW Camper & Commercial, The Old School Higher Kinnerton Chester CH4 9AJ The Bus Doctor is sponsored by Mail order parts specialistswww.GermanCamperCompany.com Double Seat Hi BD I am looking for a cab double seat that is compatible with my late bay. The problem I face is finding a way of having a double seat on the passenger side to accommodate a seat for a little person who is 18 months old. If anything comes to mind could you give me a shout please your help would be much appreciated. Kenny The bay pick up trucks have front bench seats, might be worth a search on Ebay. I did a quick search and at time of writing there were two for sale, though…

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camper mail

Email editor@volkswagencamper.co.uk Address Camper Mail, VW Camper & Commercial, The Old School Higher Kinnerton Chester CH4 9AJ Camper mail is sponsored by JustKampers, and each “Letter of the month” will receive a complimentary £25 JustKampers gift voucher! Letter of the Month Winner Mystery Object Hi Dave I have met you at various events (last time at Vicky farm). Not that you would remember but I am looking for a bit of info for a friend that was given a VW piece that I think is quite rare. It’s not a car or bus but a 11cm high VW production souvenir, I think it was presented to the team that helped get VW up and running after the war. It’s made from turned wood and stainless steel topped with a Beetle model and the collar is engraved…