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Founded back in 2000 VW Camper and Commercial is the original VW Bus magazine out there. Written by approachable, passionate bus owners, it has an established reputation for quality writing, drawing on a wide knowledge base, and for bringing together some of the best and most inspiring buses from around the world.

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Email editor@volkswagencamper.co.uk Address Editor, VW Camper & Commercial, Jazz Publishing The Old School Higher Kinnerton Chester CH4 9AJ www.volkswagencamper.co.uk Well we are back to dark mornings, and the frequently cold, wet summer has morphed into a cold, wet Autumn, though I am still hopeful of a bit of late sun and looking forward to Brighton Breeze. Given the way the weather patterns worldwide seem to be going I just hope we don’t have a gale blowing us off the seafront! One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Camper is finding very rare or unusual VW buses, campers and commercials, and this issue we have unearthed something unique. In the sixties VW Australia had a separate bodyshop at the Clayton plant for producing special models, like the unusual Box Container Van. As…

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blue meanie

Built in 1965 as a standard nine seater Microbus (Model 225) with sliding sunroof option, as well as front safaris, 6 pop out windows and US spec bumpers this bus had had a hard life, Ray recalls thinking, “What a piece of work! Apart from the body damage the body work so horrible it was clear who ever did the work had no idea what they were doing. The front nose appeared to have a broken nose of a boxer!” Being a factory sunroof someone had also cut out all the sky light holes making the bus a 19 window, all the glass was tinted blue, all the electricals were missing, and the front window channels were filled with bondo. A bodged swing mount for a TV hung precariously in…

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news and products

DISCOUNT OFFER Alyssa is also offering 10% discount off the campervan collection by using the code VWCC10 at the checkout. Offer valid worldwide until 5th December 2017. Silver Splits! Award winning international Jewellery designer, Alyssa Smith, has just added some solid silver Split Camper charms and pendant necklaces to her collection. Highly detailed, these miniature silver campers are bound to be a hit with Bus lovers (or VW widows / teenagers) and would make ideal presents, especially with Christmas approaching fast! Alyssa specialises in a range of themed miniature solid sterling silver masterpieces, including her hugely successful motorsport collection, which includes race track outlines, scooters, racing cars, Moto X bikes and car parts, but she also offers a whole range of other lovely items. Founded back in 2010, using her bedroom as a workshop,…

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rarest of the rare

VW Australia produced its own version of a box container van from 1962, based on a Panel Van instead of a Pick Up. The box section was made from sheet steel and offered a massive 7 cubic meters load capacity as well as headroom of 1.8 metres. Access was via twin doors at the rear and a single side door. Only 123 of these were built, and this is the only Bay version known – in fact until now it was generally believed that Container Vans were all split window models. Records indicate that the last two produced rolled off the production line in August 1968 so possibly they were Bays, but the version featured here dates from March1970 – was it a one off special order perhaps? It was certainly…

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bus doctor

Got a problem or a query? Steve Leatham answers some of your questions… Email info@volkswagencamper.co.uk Address Bus Doctor, VW Camper & Commercial, The Old School Higher Kinnerton Chester CH4 9AJ Steve Leatham has been working on and restoring VW buses since 1997, tackling just about every job over the years. He has been resident Bus Doctor for the mag since 2003. Lazy Pumps Dear Bus Doctor, I am having issues with lazy pump jets on one of my Weber 36 IDFs. Basically I can’t get them to squirt until about 2/3 throttle. I have tried the adjuster nut which makes no difference one way or the other. This has been happening since I took the cover off the pump diaphragm to have a little look about inside as I was having a different issue before. Do you…

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camper mail

Email editor@volkswagencamper.co.uk Address Camper Mail, VW Camper & Commercial, The Old School Higher Kinnerton Chester CH4 9AJ Camper mail is sponsored by JustKampers, and each “Letter of the month” will receive a complimentary £25 JustKampers gift voucher! You cannot be serious! Hi guys I’ve always enjoyed your magazine with its blend of show reports, readers buses and ‘how to’ articles as well as the bus doctor, unlike other magazines which seem to be just ‘look at how much money I’ve paid someone else to do up my camper’ But I couldn’t believe the article about converting your bus to electric power, is this some kind of joke? Are you seriously telling me to lose all the storage space under my rear seat, limit the distance I can travel to 60-70 miles in a day, and…