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Watch! July/ August 2021

Watch is the official magazine of CBS, a glossy, entertainment focused magazine that gives readers a window into the world of glamour and celebrity through their favorite stars. From revealing profiles of TV's biggest talents to behind the scenes features, Watch goes where no other magazine can. Every issue is jam packed with interviews, previews, fashion spreads, celebrity vacation features and trips down memory lane through the CBS library. With the access of TV Guide, the glamour of Vanity Fair and the know-how of Entertainment Weekly, Watch is your one source for the best in television and entertainment.

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pretty special

WELCOME TO OUR FIRST-EVER BEAUTY ISSUE! This month’s cover features the absolutely stunning and delightful Arielle Vandenberg, host of the hit show Love Island. We had a blast getting to know her better, and we know you will, too. We’re also bringing you this season’s best lip and nail colors, fragrances, and fashion—everything you need to celebrate summer in style. And speaking of summer, it seems like we all needed this one more than ever, the Watch team included. In the spirit of this special issue, I asked team members for their “most beautiful” places to spend these long and lazy days. Chris Ross, Director of Photography: Maine, particularly having lobster rolls with my family at McLoons Lobster Shack on Spruce Head Island after a refreshing swim in the Atlantic. Sasha Charnin Morrison,…

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hot show summer!

BIG BROTHER Julie Chen Moonves is one proud momma. “Every season, I feel like I get 16 new kids,” she said in a recent Clubhouse conversation. “Meeting these new personalities, watching them bond and compete, some fall in love and get married and have children. I always say we have a better success rate at marriages than The Bachelor!” The secret to lasting showmances? “You know the bill of goods you’re getting after living with that person for three months, 24/7. You can’t run and hide.” And while you can expect the unexpected during BB23’s 90-minute live move-in premiere, the Chenbot did tease this summer’s theme: the BB Beach Club. “What I’m really looking forward to is for the Big Brother houseguests to be going on vacation and all of us…

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suit up!

AFTER THE YEAR EVERYONE’S HAD, one thing is for sure: You deserve to have a summer filled with fun in the sun. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, soaking up rays in a backyard, or going for a dip in the ocean, embrace your shape and feel confident in these suitable swim picks for all body types. FOR PHOTO CREDITS, SEE PAGE 66…

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2 suitcases to paradise

Winner Justine Ndiba: “No amount of setting spray would keep your face from melting in the Vegas temperatures. I did a light face every day, but the one thing I wish I had more of were lashes!” 20 swimsuits (“Because I knew that’s what I would be in most!”) Several pants, skirts, and shorts sets 4 workout sets “that I barely used” 6 pairs of shoes that go with most outfits 3 pajama sets (“I wish I’d brought sexier ones.”) A few necklaces and lots of statement earrings Runner-up Cely Vazquez: “I basically packed my entire life and fit it into two suitcases!” A “million” colorful bathing suits Dresses (“I am a fashionista.”) 2-piece sets Workout sets “My bling” (rings, necklaces, bracelets, body jewelry) Setting spray (“The heat never stopped me from having a full face on. The first thing I did each…

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glow rider

CELEBRITIES MIGHT have supernaturally perfect skin, but they’re just as human as the rest of us. To achieve that healthy glow, slathering on SPF, staying hydrated, and getting a full night’s sleep is just the beginning. While they’re in the makeup chair, stars often get the scoop on the dewiest skin care products and most effective makeup tricks—which is why we asked their makeup artists for their best glow-getter tips. One such example? Don’t highlight all over or you’ll resemble a disco ball. Also, put away the powder highlighter. It won’t create a believable glow. “Powders don’t give off luminosity or bring light to the face. They have a shimmer effect,” says celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno, who thinks skin should look juicy and radiant instead of just shiny. “Look…

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bucket list

BREAKING NEWS: THE BUCKET HAT IS THIS SUMMER’S essential. Easy to fold, delightful to wear. Hair up or down. The perfect hat to shield you from summer sun or rain, it’s universally flattering and affordable. And if you’re like me, menopausal Morrison, you’ll crave something on your head for a cooldown when the mercury rises. Plus, everyone else in the family can and will want to wear it. Cotton, straw, logo’ed, printed, bright, double-sided, subdued, dyed, patterned, adjustable—aka extremely versatile. If you can’t decide on one, do what I do and buy multiples!…