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What Hi-Fi? November 2020

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision is the world's leading independent guide to buying and owning hi-fi and home cinema products. Our comprehensive tests help you buy the best equipment for your cash, with the magazine's advice sections giving you step-by-step information on how to get even more from your music and movies.

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how to combine stereo and surround sound in one av system

So you’re lucky enough to have the space, money and marital understanding to set up a surround sound system at home. Fantastic news! But what about that hi-fi system you already own and love? Or what if hi-fi sound is just as important to you as those surround sound movies? The truth is that, when it comes to twochannel music, even the best AV amplifiers can’t hold a candle to the vast majority of stereo amps. And that’s why the general consensus has always been that you need to decide whether your priority is stereo or surround sound, and sacrifice one for better performance with the other. But there is a way you can have your cake and eat it. It’s not particularly difficult either, though it can be expensive if you’re…

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positioning your speakers

Read more at… www.whathifi.com/features It’s no good spending hundreds of pounds on your new speakers if you then don’t allow them to perform properly. Take care with positioning to get them to sing. Wall or in the open? Where’s the best place to position a speaker? Some speakers might sound better against a wall, while others prefer to be out in the open. Whatever your specific requirements, your speaker choice should primarily take into account how much space you have to house them. Use a stand Speaker stands keep the speaker cabinet rigid. This allows for more of the drivers’movement to be translated into sound and not wasted through vibrations. If your stands are on a carpet, make sure you have spikes to ensure stability. Tweeter height The higher-frequency sounds from a tweeter are more directional, and…

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Buying some decent equipment is only the start of your journey to a home cinema system to be proud of – and to enjoy for many years to come. The best place to find a shortlist for the kit that should count for you is, naturally, in the pages of What Hi-Fi? magazine or online at whathifi.com. Here, though, we’re going to assume you’ve made those decisions already. This supplement is about what you do with your new kit once you get it home. If you don’t set things up properly, even the best equipment on the planet can be made to look decidedly average. Worthwhile investments Getting your television and surround sound system to perform to their best abilities takes a bit of effort – but it’s an investment that will pay…

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cd players & transports

View offers whf.cm/BBCDPlayers Up to £1000 Cambridge CXC £299 Awards 2015 If you already have a DAC (the CXC is useless without one) we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this transport over a standalone CD player. Type CD transport Outputs Coaxial, optical Marantz CD6007 £399 November 2020 No one can accuse Marantz of pushing the boundaries on the CD6007, but it has taken an already excellent CD player and made it a bit better Type CD transport Outputs Coaxial, optical Musical Fidelity M2sCD £699 June 2020 Musical Fidelity’s CD player sounds expansive, detailed and delicately layered - a resoundingly listenable proposition. Type CD player Outputs Coaxial, optical Cyrus CD t £895 Awards 2015 An exceptionally talented transport, the CD t offers a level of insight, transparency and clarity you’d struggle to find elsewhere at this price. Type CD transport Outputs Coaxial, optical £1000 to £2000 Naim…

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View offers whf.cm/BBPortableMusicPlayers Up to £200 Amazon Fire HD 10 £150 Best tablet under £200, Awards 2019 A cheap and cheerful tablet that’s good for the money and has a lot of the functionality you’d find in more expensive efforts. OS Android Size (hwd) 114 x 190 x 10mm Storage 8GB £200 and above Apple iPad (2018) from £319 Awards 2018 The latest iPad receives a muted update, but it still continues to give you that elegant and intuitive experience we expect from Apple. OS iOS Size (hwd) 240 x 170 x 8mm Storage 32, 128GB Apple iPad Mini (2019) £399 Best tablet over £200, Awards 2019 The looks haven’t changed, but under the skin improvements make the latest iPad Mini even better than before OS iOS Size (hwd) 204 x 135 x 6mm Storage 64, 256GB…

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View offers whf.cm/BBProjectors Up to £2000 Optoma UHD40 £1199 Best projector under £1500, Awards 2019 A ‘4K’ projector that brings top-tier technology to a budget price point, this device boasts punchy colours and insightful detail. Throw ratio 1.21:1-1.59:1 Inputs HDMI x2, VGA, 3.5mm Speakers Yes LG CineBeam HU80KSW £1967 December 2019 An all-in-one, do-it-all 4K portable projector that does its thing with aplomb. You can have the CineBeam up and running in a matter of minutes. Throw ratio 1.3:1 Inputs HDMI x2 Speakers Yes £2000 to £10,000 Epson EH-TW9400 £2549 Best projector £1500-£3000, Awards 2019 The perfect compromise if you want a super-sized faux-4K picture on a budget. The picture vibrancy and sense of depth are impressive. Throw ratio 1.35-2.84:1 Inputs HDMI x2, USBx2 Speakers No Optoma UHD65 £2999 Best projector £1500+, Awards 2018 It may not have the bells and whistles of a…