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Yachting Monthly

Yachting Monthly January 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Yachting monthly is at the heart of the British yachting market and is for people who actively sail their boats - whether cruising across the channel, around the coast or further a field in blue waters. It provides an entertaining mix of vital information for cruising yachtsmen with all levels of experience, which maximises their enjoyment, increases their skills and gives them the confidence to broaden their horizons.

United Kingdom
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a great skipper?

Is it the ability to pull off impressive feats of seamanship and come alongside with aplomb that makes the best skippers? Or does it have more to do with navigating the rocky coastline of interpersonal relationships within the narrow confines of a small yacht at the mercy of the weather’s vicissitudes? Many of us sail with friends and family, rather than a disciplined race crew, and how much we enjoy our time spent on board and the degree of harmony between the crew is often a greater mark of success than miles logged or hardships overcome. We talked to three of the world’s best skippers – Pete Goss, Dee Caffari and Conrad Humphreys – about how to skipper a boat in such a way that crews remain motivated and willing to…

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expert skippers…

ON HAPPY CREW-PAGE 36 PETE GOSS ‘Sailing hard can put your family off sailing. Go easy and agree what would make a good cruise.’ DEE CAFFARI ‘Eating and sleeping are two key points that result in tension. We’ve all been in that ‘hangry’ state. It’s the worst.’ CONRAD HUMPHREYS ‘Everyone brings something to the table, so focus on what people can do rather than what they can’t. Give people a particular job.’…

3 min.
demands for yacht defect accountability

The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) has launched a campaign to set up an international database of known yacht faults. It is also calling on the industry to do more to highlight latent defects, rather than waiting on boat owners to report them. The IIMS’s CEO Mike Schwarz, together with vice president Geoff Waddington, has written an open letter to the industry urging manufactures to act responsibly. They said that while some manufacturers act correctly, providing repair teams to rectify problems, others take a ‘damage limitation attitude and approach’ which ‘is not good enough when the safety of life is potentially being put at risk.’ The IIMS also believes a database of vessel faults would help the surveying profession and is asking surveyors to submit their findings. It stressed it wasn’t a…

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clampdown on illegal charters in greece

Sailors looking to charter in Greece are being reminded to check they are booking with a licensed operator. The warning comes as Greek authorities continue to target illegal charter yachts. Owners of private yachts with paying guests can be fined up to €60,000, while commercial operators can be fined up to €25,000, with a risk of criminal prosecution. Boats can also be impounded until fines are paid. Barrie Neilson, who owns Greek charter company, Sailing Holidays, said the Greek Ministry of Shipping was now searching the Internet and UK and European magazines for charter adverts and then checking their records to ensure boats were properly licensed. Around one to two boats a day are being impounded. The crackdown is not just to recoup unpaid taxes but also about safety, in relation to people…

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news in numbers

19 UK marine products were nominated for prestigious DAME Design Award 2019, a third of all nominations +200 More than 200 yachts, ranging from 34ft-117ft, are expected to take part in ARC 2019, sailing from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on 24 November bound for St Lucia 11 Veteran solo circumnavigator Jon Sanders has left Australia for his 11th circumnavigation of the world. He will be collecting daily water samples to help further research into microplastics Transat woes A collision with an unknown object ended HUGO BOSS’ debut race in the Transat Jacques Vabre. Alex Thomson and Neal McDonald were forced to detach the IMOCA 60’s 4.5m long keel before sailing 800 miles to the Cape Verde Islands…

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maib wants guidance on keel maintenance

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) wants all yacht manufacturers to provide mandatory guidance on the inspection and maintenance of keels. Currently International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) standards recommend guidance on keels be given, but it is not a requirement. The MAIB’s recommendations follow the capsize of the Comar Comet 45 Sport yacht, Tyger of London off Tenerife on 7 December 2017. A passing yacht, St Barbara V, rescued all five crew and there were no serious injuries. During its investigation the MAIB discovered that the UK registered charter yacht lost its keel because it hadn’t been manufactured in accordance with the yacht’s design intent. Specifically, the stainless steel keel rods forming the frame and their interconnecting plates had been only partially welded to the underside of the top plate, resulting in…